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The infamous Na PD of 1 Night 2 Days and the Flowers series (Grandpas over Flowers, and Noonas over Flowers) has created another hit variety show titled Youth over Flowers, and the second “season” of the series features our lovable trio from Answer Me 1994Yoo Yeon SeokSon Ho Jun, and Baro. And unlike their predecessors of Season 1–Yoo Hee YeolLee Juck, and Yoon Sang–these three guys from AM 1994 make backpacking through Laos a true adventure.

*screeches to a halt*

Did I just imply that the “older” guys didn’t do that–make their trip into an adventure? My apologies…I can’t say that since I didn’t watch their segments, can I? LOL. What I can say is that I’m quite enjoying traveling through Laos, albeit vicariously through these guys, and discovering a deeper appreciation for the country. If nothing else, their zest for backpacking, trying new things, meeting new people, and jus basically getting out of their comfort zones is contagious! And the bonding…! The rest of the AM 1994 is sure to be jealous that they couldn’t go. Let’s take a quick look at just a few snips of today’s episode…

You can view the raw episode of this week’s episode (Episode 9) here

Youth 2

As a birthday gift to Son Ho Young (a belated happy bday to Son Ho Young!), the staff pay for the go-cart rentals since the guys are on a tight budget, and they quickly take advantage of their unexpected boon…yes, they even love the mud–or poop water as they call it–as it splashes across their faces and clothes.

Youth 3

Baro gets completely drenched in the stuff so that for a split second, we can’t even see the youngest member of the trio. LOL

Youth 4

At the conclusion of the first leg of their journey today, Yeon Seok asks Ho Jun if he’d like some BB cream to look presentable for the cameras, and Ho Jun quickly parries back that there’s no need; he’s already been slathered with natural BB cream. Heh.

Youth 5

When they arrive at their first destination, a little lagoon, the guys are quick to wash off the mud with many carefree jumps into the water. Ho Jun surprises everyone by landing exactly on top of his inner tube. Yes, apparently he can’t swim and likes his tube. Aw….

Anyhow, I hope this little glimpse into the newest season of Na PD’s brainchild tickles your hearts as you keep them company on their  adventures.

Here are some YouTube clips from tvN in case you can’t access the raw video:

Clip 1: Go-carts!

Clip 2: At the lagoon

Clip 3: Heart-to-Heart Interviews…to heartwarming!

Until next the next post, Twinkles…!

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5 thoughts on “Youth over Flowers: Laos”

  1. Kyaa!!! Thank you for posting about this show. I love how adorable these guys are. You can really feel the genuine friendship and bond that they have. Plus, I admire how Yeon Seok take care of Baro and Ho Jun. But, the skinship! The skinship! Are all korean men like that, Grace?

    1. Woohoo~! I’m so glad that you’re loving this show, too! 🙂
      Yes, some of the guys in Korea can be like this; the culture is very community-oriented and quite affectionate. When I went to visit Korea during the 90s, one of my friends who lived there kept holding my hand as we walked. 🙂 The only equivalent that I can think of in the States are guys in the locker room/sports teams and how they’re affectionate with each other.

  2. *jumping up and down like a loon* give me more cuteness!! I need more!!! Also I need to go to this place, I always wanted to backpack in Asia, this country looks like it be fun for it.

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