You’re All Surrounded: Teaser Highlight and Press Conference


Awwwwww yeah! The teaser highlight to You’re All Surrounded has hit the airwaves, and I just took a look at the video.

Let’s just say that I’m excited and hope to be able to bring you recaps of this series. Here’s what I was able to ascertain from the teaser highlight…


Eun Dae Gu (Lee Seung Gi) knows both Yeo Soo Sun (Go Ara)–love her name’s meaning!–and Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) from his childhood in Ma San. His mother was killed by ruthless villains after agreeing to testify for Seo Pan Seok’s case; Pan Seok had promised to protect her and her son. Hmmm…that protection didn’t go as planned, did it?

Dae Gu also know Soo Sun because she had teased him about being the illegitimate son of a mistress, but he later discovers from his mother that she had conceived him before she and his father had been able to marry. Rather than live a life without a memory of her beloved, she had opted for the challenging life of raising her child on her own…despite the social stigma.

Neither of the two remembers him, but he certainly remembers them.


By the time Dae Gu and Soo Sun meet each other as rookie cops, along with two other trainees, Pan Seok is determined to make sure that none of them survive the next 3 months with him to become full-fledged inspectors.


Yup, I sense a lot of tension between Dae Gu and Pan Seok, but can we honestly blame Dae Gu after Pan Seok failed to protect him or his mother? Pan Seok is going to have to deal with a whole lot of sass from Dae Gu! Heh…should be fun to watch!

So far, just from the highlight teaser alone, I’m thinking that this series is going to make 2014 quite fun…at least for the next few months!


I mean, look how adorable these four looks already, mimicking the Beatles’ famous sidewalk pose. 😉


Oh, and we mustn’t forget the flash of abs from Mawiie’s Lee Seung Gi. *snickers* Mawiie, in her comments to April 26th’s “Eye Candy” post (here), claimed that Jo Seung Woo has  made her forget Lee Seung Gi. Heh.

Wanna bet? 😉

I think it’s safe to say that this series is going to have a buffet of goodies for everyone! Drama, comedy, action…you name it, it’s got it! 🙂

Here’s the video from SBS…if you dare to watch! Be forewarned, though. After viewing this, you may just start to rearrange your schedule from next week on around this show. 😉

Also including a clip of the press conference. Enjoy! Sorry, no subs. 🙁 First episode airs May 7th! I’ll see you then! 😉

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  1. *speechless* Jo Seung Who??! Oppa yah forgiveme for my temporarily change of heart. It was ephemeral. He was singing in an uniform it wasn’t my fault DDDD:

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