You’re All Surrounded: Episode 8

In this episode, romance starts to bloom, and for more than one couple! Sadly, with the romance always come the misunderstanding and the dratted triangle. Some questions are answered, but new mysteries have also arise. But what else is new? It’s just another day at Gangnam police station!

Pan-Seok shows up at a restaurant, all suited up for his date with Sa-Kyung. He’s adorably excited, and sends her a text message, telling her he would wait for two hours and that she ought to work hard.

But Sa-Kyung wasn’t working at all. In fact, she is all dolled up herself, and waits for him by a popular dating spot: a bridge where lovers can write their names on little padlocks and attach it to the gate. Uh-oh, it seems that they don’t share quite the same memory of “the place where we first met”…

So Pan-Seok waits and waits… his excitement deflating as the restaurant empties itself hour by hour. He checks his messages, to no avail. Suddenly, a realization comes to his mind, and he storms out of the restaurant.

She’s starting to leave her spot, and is obviously furious at Pan-Seok. She ignores his calls for good measures, but he ended up finding her at the bridge, after all.

She refuses to listen to his excuses, but he finally manages to catch her attention when he says:

 “This is not the place we’ve first met! We met a week earlier at a noddle house, and I fell for you the first time I laid my eyes on you. We had our first date a week later on this bridge! Still, for making you wait, I’m sorry!”


Oh my God, that was adorable! I was totally expecting him to have forgotten about their first meeting, but it turns out that he was the lovesick puppy!

He suggests to salvage their date and names a bunch of restaurant, but she turns him down…only to tell him that she’d like to eat at the noodle house. Aww!

Poor Pan Seok is so excited and starts to run to join her, only to have his cramped legs give out. He stumbles on the ground and totally embarrasses himself, but all is good now, because it made her laugh.

On the island where Dae Gu and Soo Sun were went to track the suspect from last episode, she tells him stories of her childhood, and is surprised to see that he has fallen asleep. She chuckles at him because, he’d tell her that he couldn’t sleep, and pulls up his blanket so he won’t get cold. Aww! Seriously drama! We’re only 10 minutes in and I’m already dying from the cuteness!

In the morning, Dae Gu wakes up and sees that Soo Sun is still asleep. He stares at her with a new-found soften expression, which would have been creepy in real life, but hey, this is dramaland, so it’s romantic! Her phone rings, and he hilariously jumps out of sight. Can’t be seen with moony eyes, our Dae Gu!

The sweet moment is short-lived, though, because Dae Gu’s spy phone rings: it’s Mom’s killer, and Pan Seok sets up another meeting for the one he’d missed the day before.

That is enough to send Dae Gu back into his usual adrenaline rushed mood. He quickly tells Soo Sun that he’s heading back to Seoul first. On his way, his car crosses the path of our criminal of the week.

It takes Dae Gu a few moment to recognize him, but once the realization sinks in, so does the dilemma: if he goes after the criminal, he’ll miss the chance to see what’s the deal with Pan Seok and Mom’s killer. But if he heads back to Seoul right now, he lets the criminal they were out to catch go free.

He yells in frustration, but makes his decision: he turns around and goes after the criminal. Aww, yeah! I’m so proud at Dae Gu! His past self would never have chosen duty before his personal matters!

He finally manages to corner the criminal, but the latter won’t go down without a fight. He takes his knife out, and goes straight at Dae Gu. Not the face you bastid!


Dae Gu’s sacrifice is not without any effects, though. He knows fully well that he’d miss a great – perhaps unique – chance to shed light on the mystery of Mom’s murder, and that realization gives him the fire and drive to catch the criminal at all cost.

He takes down our criminal with an intensity I’ve never seen him display on duty (or at all). And the moment he puts the handcuffs around the guy’s wrists? Dae Gu smiles and laughs! That’s two thing you almost never do, and now you’re doing both? Is it my birthday? Snif!

Soo Sun must have received the news that Dae Gu caught the criminal, because the next thing we see is her joining him at the scene, with a first aid kit in hand. She’s as happy as ever, bragging about how “we caught the criminal”. At Dae Gu’s scoff that he did the job, she says that “partners are one body!” Ha!

She puts medicine on Dae Gu’s injuries, praising him for being a good detective and catching the criminal when he had to go back to Seoul for personal business. Aww, you can see him fall in love with her them and there!

Back at Gangnam station, Pan Seok asks Eung Do if he had checked on Dae Gu’s background. The latter didn’t have time to do it because of the case, but informs Pan Seok that the only thing he knows is that Dae Gu’s mom passed away when he was in 8th grade.

That new information, along with the way Dae Gu reacted the day before, is enough to make Pan Seok suspicious. He puts two and two and deducts that Dae Gu may be the missing Kim Ji Yong. Progression!

Dae Gu and Soo Sun walk into Gangnam station, and get a well-deserved ovation. Dae Gu even tries really hard to not crack a smile, but he finally gave in, and even fist-bumped Gookie!

Eung Do really is like a proud Mama Bear: he tells them to put the criminal behind bars themselves and to go eat delicious food. They are becoming a family!

Dae Gu sneaks out and calls his contact, the mysterious S. He tells the person that he’s lost Mom’s killer again, and that he’s afraid he won’t get another chance to catch him. The camera pans out, and we finally have a face and a voice: it’s Chief Kang! Wuuut!

She assures him that he’ll get another chance if he perseveres, and hangs up. The music turns ominous, and so does her expression. Hmmm…

Having his own suspicious about Dae Gu and Ji Yong being the same person, Pan Seok goes to the orphanage to make some inquiries.  The director readily gives him informations about Dae Gu’s past, but Pan Seok deflates when she tells him that he’s lost his parents in a bus accident. She denies that Dae Gu has had a new identity when he arrived, which means that she’s probably lying, per his wish in a previous episode.

Indeed, as soon as Pan Seok leaves, the director calls Dae Gu to inform him. She also tells him that the other man who was looking for him had a scar below his eyes. Bingo!

It’s morning time for our homies, and Tae Il fusses about the cold cereals. He tells the other two that he’ll cook them a hot egg dish. Dae Gu doesn’t say anything but silently puts back his cereals into the box (LOL!), but Gookie refuses and says that he’s done eating. Aw no! What is that secret that Tae Il told you that makes you act this way?

At the police station, Soo Sun has a question for Dae Gu, but she gets too close for his comfort.  He pushes her chair away, but she insists anyway, so what follows a sequence of Soo Sun rolling back and forth from her desk to Dae Gu’s. Teehee! She finally gives up, but when she looks away, he cracks another smile…only to lock eyes with Pan Seok. Busted!

Pan Seok and Eung Do discuss about the mystery of Dae Gu’s identity, and the former said that he’s been re-investigating the Masan’s case. The only possible trail left is the person who had blackmailed Mom.

They don’t get to go into further details, because Section-Chief Cha calls them back.

All the teams are gathered there, and when Sa Kyung walks it, Pan Seok turns back to his doofus-in-love self. He’s making these little gestures like those high school kids lovers who needs to “silently” communicate in class. It’s so adorkable!

Turns out that Section-Chief Cha’s car has been vandalized, and he’s sure that the culprit is among them. I’m not sure why we had this scene, but I’ll try to be patient and wait and see.

New case for the day! Team 3 is called to a murder scene. The victim lies in a puddle of blood, clutching his phone in his hands.

Dae Gu explains that the victim, an elderly man, was found by his visiting eldest son. The youngest son, who was living with his father, was also present in the house when the man has died.

As the on-scene investigation goes on, the brothers are fighting, each one accusing the other of killing their father.

The elder brother later explains to Dae Gu and Soo Sun that his brother started to have problems after repeatedly failing to get a job after graduation. Since then, he’s been freeloading at home, playing video games all day long. He gets so immersed into his virtual world that he refuses to eat and gets violent towards their dad when he gets disturbed. Yikes!

Hyung said that his brother probably killed their father, and never realized it: for him, it’s just a kill in the game. Little bro does look suspicious, but so does the hyung…

In the other interrogation room, Tae Il and Gookie are interrogating the younger brother. The latter fiddles nervously, and tells our rookies that whenever Hyung comes home, it’s only for a reason: he wants Dad to buy insurances from him. Hyung is an insurance salesman, and he’s also been in financial trouble lately. Little bro continues his story, and tells Tae Il and Gookie that he found Hyung crouching over Dads unconscious body.

The team reviews the important elements regarding the old man’s death: the cause of death is a head injury, and there was a piece of soap stuck under his foot. The victim could have slipped and fell accidentally, but the fact that the brothers were accusing each other of the murder is suspicious enough.

Tae Il adds that there were no fractured bones on the victim’s body. This also points toward the murder theory, since a person who slips would have had the reflex to break his fall with his hands, hence, the fractures.

The team goes back to the scene to pick up more clues.  Intrusion from an outsider is now excluded, and the fact that Little Bro was on logged on his game for the whole day is also confirmed. Additionally, Hyung was seen entering the building few hours before the murder

Our rookies discuss their hypothesis, and Gookie said that it’s unimaginable that someone would kill their parent for money. Hmmm….why does Tae Il look a bit uneasy?

Up in her tent, Soo Sun is studying the…physics of falling? Is there seriously such a reference book in forensic sciences? LOL!

Unfortunately, her reading doesn’t help. Ever the hard working girl, she is willing to find the explanation herself. What does she do? Gear up and go test the falling possibilities in the public shower, of course! (And that mattress? I hope you’re not sleeping on that after, because that’s pretty unhygienic!)

In any case, I guess that she’ll learn – her coccyx will, that’s for sure – that if the fall was accidental and caused by slipping, the major impact would have been on the lower back, not the head.

She has filmed the whole experiment, and shows her findings to Pan Seok. I’m sure that he knows all this already, but he’s nonetheless amused by the way she takes it so seriously, and perhaps even a little impressed.

Gookie, for his part, fails to impress Eung Do. The latter points out the flaws in his reports, and compares him to Tae Il. Already distancing himself from our resident flower boy since the secret (that we didn’t get to hear), Gookie doesn’t take it well and gloomily tells Eung Do that Tae Il is on another level, and that they should be compared. Eung Do: “What? Is he from another star?” Pffft!

Pan Seok finally meets up with Mom’s killer. The latter informs that he’s here to tie loose ends and asks if Pan Seok has found Ji Yong… Cue: creepy smile.

Dae Gu Is home reviewing the clues when he gets a text from Soo Sun. She tells him that it’s raining, which is basically her way to “subtly” asks him for shelter for the night. He quickly dismisses her, because it wouldn’t be Dae Gu if he were just and obedient puppy.

But of course, he comes out in the rain to fetch her, only to find the tent empty. She has left with Pan Seok, who has come to offer her shelter as well. That’s what you get for playing hard to get, buddy!

He goes to the women’s night duty room to look for her, but can’t make up his mind to enter. He finally gives up and goes home. His spy camera at Pan Seok is still turned on, and he sees their Team Leader walks in…as well as Soo Sun. Gulps!

Over at Pan Seok’s house, he assures Soo Sun that she can rest comfortably, and that he’ll go sleep somewhere else. He’s about to leave, when her stomach growls loudly, as if on cue. Heh!

They head over the kitchen to cook ramyun, and she fusses good-naturally over how he must never cooks. She accidentally gets a bit too close for comfort, and Pan Seok shifts away, perhaps more affected by the contact that he’d want to.

He finally gets away from the kitchen. He watches her cook with her usual enthusiasm, this time, seeing her in a new light.

Their dinner is interrupted by a ring at the door. It’s Sa Kyung who came by with food for Pan Seok. Oh no! Her face falls when she sees Soo Sun. Both Pan Seok and Soo Sun try to explain the situation, but their nervousness just makes everything look worse.

She’s not the only one affected by the situation: Dae Gu is also fumbling in his apartment right now. He quickly had to shift his focus elsewhere, though: They’ve found the man he was looking for – Mom’s blackmailer.

Unfortunaly for Dae Gu, he doesn’t find the man in the way he had expected: the blackmailer is dead, and Dae Gu is called in for identification. He looks for a scar behind the ears, but there are nene. Dae Gu won’t get more information from this man, but at least he knows that it’s not Mom’s killer.

Pan Seok has received the same information from Eung Do, and is heading to the morgue himself… which is when he runs into Dae Gu, who just got out.

“So you were alive, Kim Ji Yong,”


Yes! I’m so glad that Pan Seok finally knows! He’s had his suspicions, but now that Dae Gu’s identity is pretty much confirmed – for Pan Seok, nor for us – I can’t wait to see what next for them. Will Pan Seok simply assume that Dae Gu hates his guts because he’s asked Mom to testify? Or will he dig a bit further and discover that he was framed? If he was framed, that is (But he is, right? Right?!)

And what will Dae Gu do? He thinks that Pan Seok was out there to kill him. Now that his cover is blowed up, and that Mom’s killer is back, will he simply confront Pan Seok? And what does Section-Chief Kang has to do with everything? So many questions without answer!

I can’t say that I’m too pleased about Pan Seok’s seemingly developing crush on Soo Sun. It was written in the characters chart, so it doesn’t come off as a surprise, but I was hoping for the writers to not go that route, especially considering how they’ve also worked on his arc with Sa Kyung.

Pan Seok’s backstory with Sa Kyung was something we’ve uncovered bit by bit since the beginning, and it got to such a cute, low-key, yet heart-warming territory! Their second chance at love was just starting to bud, so it feels really out of place that he would start to fall for his subordinate, especially since he tried so hard to win back Sa Kyung!

I get that her hard work and never ending effort is starting to win him over, but the writers could have done it without having romance involved. He’s looking at the rookies with such fatherly care – heck, he even calls them his kids! – so it does feel a bit icky for me. Besides, Dae Gu and Pan Seok had enough misunderstandings between them, don’t let the girl be added to the amount of problems!


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  1. Thanks, Mawiie! I am enjoying reading the recaps of this drama, plus there are usually clips available on YouTube.

    I am with you on hoping Pan Seok’s ‘crush’ on Soo San goes nowhere. It wouldn’t do anything for the show. Liking the slow build up in each episode to the revelation of Dae Gu’s identity too. Can’t wait for them to start working together to solve mum’s murder.

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