You’re All Surrounded – Episode 7

Wow! You are actually going to get this early for once! Saturday, I’m heading to the Green Festival in downtown Washington, DC for the day. Looking forward to the festival, but not the drive to get there. Anyone who knows me, I complain profusely about the traffic in this area but it should be fun otherwise!

Reveals! Reveals! Secrets! Secrets! And looks like someone can’t forget that drive-by kiss! Not a lot going on in this episode but more development for the stories ahead. Let’s get started… (And I like the new 15 logo! Don’t ask me why!)

Recap: Memories, like the corner of my mind!! That’s how the episode begins with poor, still kiss shocked Soo Sun reminiscing about the kiss earlier in the squad room with Dae Gu. The first is always the proverbial “deer in the headlights” kiss; I guess for first kisses, this is exciting and oh so memorable. Poor girl! She can’t sleep because of the memories.

But what better way to get your mind back to the present with a visit by dear ole Mom! MOM! Of course, Soo Sun is not expecting her mother to visit. Soo Sun’s mother informs her that she just arrived at the Seoul train station and wants the directions to her house. As Soo Sun does things backwards, she calls the male rookie squad members to her rooftop abode to beg them to let her stay there while her mother visits. To refresh your minds, Soo Sun was conned out of 3 months rents by the owners of her previous living quarters so she has been living on the police roof. Ji Kook and Tae Il immediately agree; however, Dae Gu remains the staunch negative vote. Even threatening to jump from the roof illicits a “Go ahead” from Dae Gu. She quickly informs him that it’s too late; her mother is already on her way to the apartment.

You have to love her Mom! She goes right in and cooks the most delicious looking BBQ (I swear one day I have to try eel once!) and side dishes for the boys who she is affectionately calling them “her sons”. She even goes so far to feed Dae Gu and sneaks in a little motherly (ahem) pat on the butt! Lucky woman!

As Tae Il is garnering points with Mom by plying her with wine, she reaches over and caresses his face exclaiming how he isn’t wearing any makeup. Is this a euphemism for being handsome or just having great skin? She then comments how looking at Tae Il and Dae Gu is like an “eye cleansing”. Couldn’t agree more! Poor Ji Kook! Left out again! Soo Sun’s Mom is surprised that the Government has become so “forward thinking” in letting the sexes live together these days.

Moms obviously likes Dae Gu! She’s fed him twice in this scene!! After Mom goes to bed (Dae Gu has given up his room for the night), the rookie squad adjourns to the rooftop with beers and a spectacular city lights view. Soo Sun smiles and thanks them for allowing her to stay. For the first time, they have a normal conversation on whether they are happy with being a detective; the joys and a time to reflect.

TL Kim is returning for the night and who but TL Seo is waiting for her, outside her apartment building. At first you think the awkwardness is going to continue and she will just walk past him but instead she reminds him how she doesn’t like these kind of things; we assuming like waiting on her to make sure she made it home safe. For once, the two have a conversation. All in all, TL Seo basically admits to his ex-wife that he still has feelings for her (Awwww!) and asks her if they can start again?

New mystery! Tae Il is sitting at his desk and suddenly pulls out a picture from the drawer. His look is so sad! As the camera continues, we see that it is a picture of a man that he puts on his desk. Mysteries of mysteries.. What does this mean? In the background, you still hear TL Kim’s voice talking about the pain of love. What exactly are they trying to tell us here?

The next surprise is Soo Sun in her rooftop tent and she pulls out one of her boxes which contains a white file box. In one of the drawers, she pulls out what can only be the “missing” pendant that Dae Gu (then Ji Yong) wrestled from the man with the black boots some 10 years ago at the school.

So the mystery is solved. The mysterious men never got the pendant they were looking for. This brings back her thoughts to the police station when she walked in on Dae Gu wearing glasses and made her thought of Kim Ji Yong while earning her the kiss she can’t forget (okay, what’s the song playing in the background? Anyone?) and a surprised look from TL Seo who was about to walk in on them. He says “What’s going on with them?” while Soo Sun is wondering if Dae Gu likes her or he is a pervert. Looks like the kiss worked like a magnet, totally erasing the fact that she called him Kim Ji Yong! Mission, Accomplished Dae Gu!

At the same time, Dae Gu is back at the apartment getting ready for bed and brushing his teeth. That poor toothbrush and his teeth get a serious work out as the memories of the kiss flash through his head also. What is he brushing away besides his enamel? (and another song!!)

Soo Sun drops her mother off at the station and we hear how her mother is concerned about her and that “temper”. She assuages her that she is being good and runs off to work. Dae Gu is sitting at the doctor’s office. He asks for sleeping aids as he has been having problems sleeping lately. When he gets to the police station, he sees Soo Sun running to the elevator. At first, he turns around but then changes his mind and walks to the elevator. Poor Soo Sun! She is frantically pushing the close elevator door button to no avail! Of course we get the awkward silence but luckily Ji Kook races to the elevator, just in time and promptly puts himself between them.

Ji Kook makes small talk, asking about her mother’s return and her living arrangements. He earns a look from Dae Gu when he offers to Soo Sun to come and stay with them. Seconds after they leave the elevator, the mysterious black booted killer is shown lurking in the hallway. As we expected, he is curious about what exactly is Dae Gu/Ji Yong doing? And my question is where is security? This is a police station! You can’t just walk into a police station here where I live without being confronted by the desk personnel (How many want to bet he used to be a cop?)!

The morning team leader meeting with the Chiefs is kind of prickly. It is obvious that Chief Kang is still perturbed with TL Seo about the incident with Prosecutor Han. She squarely warns him if there is just one more reckless action, she will be the first one to kick him out.

It is coffee break time and Ji Kook followed by Tae Il are heading to the break area to grab a cup of java. They meet another one of the detectives at the machine, and at that moment, Tae Il receives a phone call and steps away. The detective drags Ji Kook to the couch area and begins pumping him for information. The detective warns Ji Kook to not be so good to him (Tae Il) as he might misunderstand him. What? How? Ji Kook has no idea what the man is talking about. It seems the rumor mill has it that Tae Il is gay. What?! How? Of course this totally flusters poor Ji Kook who walks away.

Minutes later, Chief Cha walks down the stairs and happens to spot Soo Sun’s belongings hiding behind a plant near the stairwell. TL Seo walks up and she explains to him about her circumstances and he tells her to make sure she moves her stuff to somewhere that cannot be seen. He tells her to hurry up because they have a new case to work on.

We begin with a look at the clear board that contains all of the information about the case that involved a fight which developed into an assault of a male victim, the case is called the Han Sung cart bar assault case and the witness will be there to identify the suspects.

On the night in question, a young man, extremely drunk walked into the cart bar and knocked into the suspects. The young man became extremely agitated and proceeded to throw things at the suspects after they spoke angrily at him. A fight broke out and the young man ended up on the ground being kicked by the suspects. Although the young man was beaten down, one of the suspects grabbed one of the cart bar’s proprietor’s knives from a container and stabbed the victim while he was still laying semi-unconscious on the ground. Wow! Brutal!

The proprietor has agreed to come in and look at a line up. TL Seo states that they hope they find the criminals especially with the victim still in the hospital in a coma. The elderly lady comes to the station and looks at the suspects. Even though she has been reassured that the men cannot see her, when one of the suspects she recognize comes in, she refuses to identify him. TL Seo notices her reactions and tries to convince her to change her mind and identify the man. She still refuses. She basically tells him she is afraid of reprisal, true but…

It is at that moment that Dae Gu forgets that he is a police rookie and interrupts the proceedings thusly telling the woman that she doesn’t have to speak. True but wait a minute, you are a cop! That is your duty to convince witnesses to crimes. Everyone in the room is stunned. As the woman leaves, TL Seo momentarily follows her but to no avail. When he returns, the man is furious with Dae Gu and almost throws a chair at him (again, I’m betting that his son died when Dae Gu/Ji Yong’s mother did). TL Seo tells him to get out and put in his resignation. Dae Gu takes this moment to start sounding off about other cases in which the witnesses suffered from retaliation from the suspects. Dae Gu goes for the throat by mentioning the case with his mother. Talk about if looks could kill! Even Eung Do is speechless! Me too!

Moments later, Dae Gu goes to the outdoor exercising area and angrily punches the equipment that surrounds him. I’m not sure if he is angry for losing his cool or just angry in general.

Meanwhile, back in the precinct hall, TL Seo is livid! Enough is enough! He pulls out Dae Gu’s folder and begins to read through. He tells Eung Do that he doesn’t want him working on anything and he needs to be transferred immediately. Eung Do tries to convince him otherwise, but it only takes one look for him to discontinue with his line of thinking. TL Seo also wants to know why does this young man has such disdain and animosity for him? Reading through the paperwork, he sees that Dae Gu is an orphan that was at House of Happiness. He also tells Eung Do that the witness reacted to suspect #3, Noh Jin Suk. The DNA rules out Noh as the knife wielder but he was there and knows who suspect #2 is so guess what time it is? Stake out time! Let’s follow him and see if he leads them to the other suspect.

The rest of the rookie squad comes to the break area where Dae Gu is sitting with snacks. Ji Kook suggest that maybe they need to get a charm to put into their office as Dae Gu and the Team Leader are always fighting. HA! Up walks Eung Do that calls Ji Kook and Tae Il to follow him. Even though Soo Sun isn’t invited, she follows them anyway, leaving Dae Gu behind.

The team follows suspect Noh to his apartment and begin their stake out. But not long into it, they decide they are hungry and are eating black bean noodles. Side bar- I’ve never eaten them before but every time I see someone eating them, they sure are messy! Every one is digging in, talking and joking. Wait, this is a stake out right?

Still fuming from his encounter with Dae Gu, TL Seo is walking from his desk but suddenly TL Kim walks pass (she is smiling!) him and hands him a little post-it in the shape of a heart (Awww). The note says “7:00. At the place where we first met” (Double Awww)! This gives us a bright smile from TL Seo and the first step of healing their relationship.

TL Seo’s phone rings (which also rings for Dae Gu) and guess who? That’s right, the black booted killer. He tells TL Seo to meet him at that place from before. Of course, we don’t know where that place is but TL Seo leaves and Dae Gu follows.

The scene goes back to the squad that are still talking and eating. Looks like only Ji Kook is occasionally looking up at the apartment to see if the suspect is around. Eung Do asks the rookies did they know that Dae Gu was an orphan? It seems like not one of them did! Ji Kook and Tae Il figured he was from a family of wealth because of his attitude. Soo Sun speaks up that she knows his mother had passed only. Dae Gu has been pretty closed mouth about himself with the others so this is not a big shock to me but the rookies are and I think they start to feel a little bad because they really don’t know anything about him. Great job, team!

Dae Gu follows TL Seo and they end up at a very nice, indoor shopping mall, Wang Shinmi. As I am not familiar with the sights of Seoul, this mall must cater to the international folks because I can read all of the store signs! As Dae Gu follows TL Seo in the hopes of finding out who and where the black booted killer is, TL Seo walks straight into the suspect Noh. Wait, isn’t he at home? Apparently not. Seo calls Eung Do to inform them of what a lousy job they are doing and begins to chase after the suspect who eventually catches on that he is being followed.

The chase finally ends in the subway area under the mall. TL Seo has chased the man down to the awaiting subway cars but he didn’t actually see where he entered. As TL Seo looks through a couple of cars, and not seeing the suspect, he exits and the doors close and we see as the cars pass, the suspect is on the train. TL Seo doesn’t take it well that he lost the man and Dae Gu is watching from a distance. I’m quite sure he is upset for 2 reasons: they lost the suspect AND he didn’t get a chance with the black booted killer. Side note– I haven’t seen subway cars glassed in like this since the airport ones. We don’t have that here! It sure would cut down on the suicide by subway cars!

When the team returns to the station, Soo Sun and Eung Do are being throughly taken to task for eating and talking instead of suspect watching. As he should!. Apologies all around. Eung Do decides to send Dae Gu and Soo Sun to suspect Noh’s hometown: Nanjeung-do. They are told to find a place to stay and camp out there, if necessary to make sure if suspect Noh shows up, they apprehend him.

The two disembark on the ferry. Such a nice day for a ride but the two are still uncomfortable around each other; that kiss again. They stop at a supermarket and Soo Sun has inquired of the owner whether suspect Noh has returned. Dae Gu gives her a look but she assures him that she was discrete. As they came on the last boat, Soo Sun assures him that they won’t have to be on the look out until tomorrow morning.

Back at suspect Noh’s apartment, Ji Kook and Tae Il are still there. Tae Il receives a call from Eung Do who is checking up on them. He tells him that Noh hasn’t returned and the call ends. The two start talking about Dae Gu and rationalizing that maybe he acts that way because he had scars growing up alone. So Ji Kook vows that they should be good to Dae Gu from now on.

I guess the conversation that Ji Kook had earlier with the detective comes to mind. He begins to try to pump information out of Tae Il. So, Ji Kook comes up with this idea that as they are friends, maybe they should tell each other a secret that no one knows. Tae Il agrees. Ji Kook decides to go first and says that someone has entered his heart; Tae Il correctly guesses that it is Soo Sun. Ji Kook laughs embarrassingly. He then asks Tae Il for his secret. The writer decides to tease us just a little longer by having Tae Il lean over and whisper his secret! Well! That isn’t fair!

Back on Nanjeong-do, the home-stay that they find needs a little work and the woman who runs it only has one room available but it doesn’t have a door. As she thinks that Dae Gu and Soo Sun are lovers, she wishes them a good night and walks away smiling. This leaves both of them flustered and Soo Sun stammering but the woman still walks away with a smile. Dae Gu decides to sleep outside on the bench, leaving the room to Soo Sun.

Soo Sun steps out later and asks Dae Gu if she can speak with him. They go to the outside bench and Soo Sun tells him that she has to tell him something. She begans to tell him how difficult it was to pass the civil service test. In other words, she is telling him how important this job is for her and that she wants to do well and how much she really likes the work.

She finally blurts out “Do you like me?” She tells him she has no desire to date. Dae Gu, in turn, asks her if she is asking this because he kissed her? Dae Gu says “I guess this is what dumbfounded is” and to not worry that he doesn’t like her. Okay, but that will confuse her even more because you did kiss her. She asks him why did he kiss her and Dae Gu tries to stumble out an answer but then doesn’t answer her question. He tells her if she wants she can kiss him too. This stuns and confuses poor Soo Sun even more. She decides to let it go as she didn’t know he was an orphan. Just then Dae Gu’s phone dies and he exclaims “There goes my sleep”.

Later that evening, Dae Gu has to go to the bathroom which consists of a darken and dank outhouse in the woods. Grown man as he is, he is too scared to go and decides to try and wait it out. Ha! That doesn’t work so he goes and wakes up Soo Sun so she can hold the flashlight and talk to him. It is at that moment that Soo Sun in her boredom reminds us once again how she cannot sing or dance. We get an off key/off step dance routine that makes Dae Gu flash back to when they were in school again. We also are treated to the first full smile from adult Dae Gu/Ji Yong since this show began.

We are treated to another flash back to the kids when they were in school. I wasn’t sure if this was purposely done or what. Teen Ji Yong, seeing Hye Ji for the first time, I think as well as teen Soo Sun coming into the eatery to pick on the popular girl to the shock of everyone.

Musings: Ten years didn’t improve Soo Sun’s dancing and singing skills. What else did I learn from this episode? The budding interest between Soo Sun and Dae Gu has begun. As both deny it, there is no question that the one kiss they shared still lingers in their minds. Soo Sun’s mom coming for a visit was a nice reprieve but I guess we will see if it has any relevance later. Right now, I don’t see any as she didn’t know Kim Ji Yong at all.

Secrets are coming out. But what they are, still remains secret. One thing that is interesting is that Soo Sun has the pendant. That means not only did she see the man chasing Ji Yong but she has the missing evidence and has kept it this whole time. I wonder why? We all want to know what is the secret that Tae Il whispered to Ji Kook and who is the man in the picture? Inquiring minds want to know!

I think we all were happy to see the end of the cold war between TL Seo and his ex-wife, TL Kim. Now, let’s hope he shows up for their appointment tomorrow.

With Dae Gu and Soo Sun alone on Nanjeong-do, they will either get closer or maybe she will finally figure who he really is. But the previews definitely show us that TL Seo will realize who Dae Gu is. The question will be “Will he let Dae Gu or even Eung Do know that he knows”. I’m done. See you next week!

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