You’re All Surrounded – Episode 17

Everyone has at least one secret to hide in this episode and we have the “Who’s the Daddy?” issue sponsored by … Wait, and we have to give out a couple “Father of the Year” awards too. But at least love is in the air and flourishing. Let’s get started…

Recap: We picked up with a beat up and injured Tae Il in the hospital. In the pursuit of the pendant, Sleaze Queen Yoon Ae Yun had her hired henchmen beat the dickins out of our handsome rookie detective and here he lays. Eung Do comments that if the blade had gone centimeters deeper, they wouldn’t be in a hospital room but the morgue. Everyone from the squad comes to visit him and as expected, Dae Gu feels totally responsible because he wasn’t there when he got attacked. With the pendant gone, everyone is concern because they are afraid that the case will now be closed.

Tae Il slowly awakes to the relief of everyone! And like every stabbing victim in the world, he not only tries to talk but sit up as well (okay, I’m being facetious here). Tae Il speaks and recognizes everyone; big sigh of relief. Tae Il apologizes for losing the pendant. As expected, Dae Gu reassures him that this is not the issue right now.

As Eung Do and Seo are leaving the hospital, Eung Do asks Seo whether the Chief showed up and what was said. Instead of responding, Seo walks away.

Our newly formed couple, Dae Gu and Soo Sun are walking outside to her new apartment. Dae Gu asks her how is the new place and she says it is good. Suddenly Soo Sun grabs Dae Gu’s hand and tells him to get some rest and not think about anything.

Devils be GONE!! Okay, Chief Cha had me in stitches during this scene whereby he went to the neighborhood shaman and got these blessed red beans! He proceeded to toss them all around the squad area where TL Seo and the team sat. “Go away, bad spirits! Too many bad spirits!”

Hostage! Beating! Mother’s assault! And another assault! Go away, spirits! Chief was on a roll! I LOL but understand! The team has had a lot of bad things happened lately. But this was a funny, funny scene!

TL Seo goes into Chief Kang’s office. He apprises her of the attack on Tae Il and that the pendant was taken. He asks who’s behind all these like he doesn’t already know the answer and I’m not sure why he really expected her to give one. Her response? You should have given the pendant to the prosecutors. Seo responds that if Ji Yong (Dae Gu) finds out about her involvement in this, how do you think he will feel? She smartly says how would he believe you with no evidence? Seo says he won’t say anything to him for now but threatens that he will do everything to reveal the truth.

So now begins the harassment phase of Bag Lady Yoon Ae Yun. TL Seo goes to her gym and shimmies up to her while she is on the treadmill. This makes her unhappy, like we care. Seo compliments her on her robbery skills! Seo informs her that they have a witness that places her at Ji Yong’s mother home on the day of the murder. Naturally, this surprises her (with this woman’s track record of getting rid of people, not sure I would have told her) and he tells her to be prepared for the arrest warrant. I liked his snide remarks for her to run some more so that she can be prepared for a nice long interrogation session.

Minutes later, Soo Sun walks up with the Interrogation Request and puts it in front of Yoon Ae Yun. Again, Seo suggests that she comes in voluntarily before she is arrested. As soon as Seo and Soo Sun walk away, Yoon Ae Yun gets off of the treadmill and rips up the request. Soo Sun returns and picks up a few pieces and reminds her how the document was paid with taxpayer money. She also tells her that even though the pendant might be in her house, she doesn’t have more places to hide. How many want to bet the son hands over the evidence? I’m serious! There is NO love in this family, at all!!

Dae Gu goes to one of the places his mother used to work at before her death. He is showing one of her co-workers a picture of Yoon Ae Yun and asking whether she had seen the woman before. She tells him, no and begins to talk about his mother and what a great person she was. She mentions all of the volunteer work she used to do.

It is during this conversation that the woman pulls out a picture from one of the events to show Dae Gu. In the picture is his mother with a man. Upon closer inspection, Dae Gu is shocked to realize that the man is none other than Yoon Ae Yun’s husband; Shin Ji Il! The woman tells him how the man in the picture and his mother liked each other but then his mother suddenly quit and left Seoul. She goes on to say how she heard that Ji Il married into a rich family. Then she asks him what is his father like? Well, what we all already suspected is confirmed: Shim Ji Il is Dae Gu/Ji Yong’s father; no surprise here.

In deep thought as he sits along the river, Dae Gu realizes that his mother lied to him about his father’s death. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the man he thought dead was alive and living well. I imagine the feelings of abandonment must be running high right now. He starts thinking back to when Soo Sun yelled at him outside the middle school how his mother was a mistress to a married man as well as when he would ask his mother whether his father was really dead. But alas, that is not the case.

This revelation naturally takes him to his mother’s memorial where he has a conversation with his mother about the latest events and things that he has learned. Of course, he wants to know whether she lied to him about his father being dead. He vows to bring the guilty to justice and again is sad for not protecting her. It is definitely a sad moment for Dae Gu.

Back at Tae Il’s hospital bed, he is going through mugshots to hopefully identify his attackers. Dae Gu comes in and tells him he should be resting but Tae Il ignores him and continues looking through the book. Dae Gu grabs his arm and begins to put the beads on him that Eung Do gave him. As you remember, these are supposed to protect the wearer from harm.

Then “Father of the Year” candidate #1 comes in with his entourage. It turns out that the Chief Doctor is none other than Tae Il’s father. This sorry excuse for a man and father proceeds to tell Tae Il to hurry and get out of his hospital. Really?! No, really! Then walks out. Tae Il shocks the crew but informing them that that man was his father. Yes, stunned looks all around on that piece of information.

Tae Il takes this moment to tell us all the mystery that we (okay me) have been wondering about. A couple years ago when Tae Il was still a doctor, he was told to come home as soon as possible because his brother and his fiancee were coming to dinner. What greeted Tae Il when he got there was his brother and another man kneeling on the floor. It turns out that instead of his fiancee, the brother brought his male lover instead. What?! The brother was gay?! Needless to say, the parents, especially the father didn’t take this well.

A stunned and disgusted Tae Il turns and runs back out the house. His brother follows and in the act of trying to follow his little brother, he is killed in an accident. Tae Il recounts how he felt so guilt about his brothers death that his desire to continue being a doctor also died. It is for that reason that his father has basically disowned him and as expected his dead son! It turns out it was his brother that wanted to be a detective. I liked how the crew ignored the story and just went on as if nothing happened.

Outside the hospital, Dae Gu is again thinking about what the woman said about his father. Soo Sun finds him deep in thought and sits next to him on the bench. Dae Gu takes this time to give us another “couple moment” when he lays his head down on her lap. He tells her she looks fatter than she looks (yeah, right) and decides to take a nap. He asks her about her father and Soo Sun shares fond memories about him. After a time, Soo Sun decides to shield the light from Dae Gu’s face by blocking out the street light. A nice quiet moment shared.

The next day, Dae Gu goes to Cha Sung Group and takes a moment to speak to Shim Ji Il. He shows him the picture of him and his mother and asks him how does he know his mother? At least the man is surprised to know that his mother is dead. Dae Gu also tells him how a pendant was found on the scene but the man acts like he has a meeting to go to. He does take the time to ask him how old he is. Now, this man runs a company and it is quite obvious that he can do simple arithmetic so when Dae Gu finishes telling him his age, it is obvious to ALL of us watching that he realizes that this young man is his son. But what does “Father of the Year” candidate #2 do? Absolutely nothing! Unbelievable! And what makes this even more disgusting is that the revelation that his wife, Yoon Ae Yun was seen on the day of the murder even MORE disgusting and there is no reaction from this man! NOTHING! I was appalled watching this scene!

Now son #2 (sorry, I cannot remember his name) sees his father as well as Dae Gu were talking and leaving. It must be that brother kismet because he has always been drawn to Dae Gu from the beginning. Son #2 stores this in his memory banks for later. You’ll see.

Dae Gu returns to the prison to once again talk to Cho Young Chul. He tells him how he found the pendant. Well, he basically tells him everything that he knows. The fact that Yoon Ae Yun owned the pendant, she killed his mother and that he is Shim Ji Il’s son. But the question he has for him is “Why?” You definitely see a surprise look come across Cho’s face momentarily. Cho’s response is that he shouldn’t dig any deeper or they will both end up dead. Dae Gu tries to get him to answer but Cho gets up and leaves. But there seems to be a spy watching Cho. Boy, these people have eyes EVERYWHERE!

There is a moment at the Yoon residence where wifey is busy drinking her sad existence away and sad sack husband comes in. Again, there is no love in this family as she screams and he ignores which ends up with her hurdling her nasty words at him as he continues to ignore her. Makes you wonder why they married in the first place!

The next morning at breakfast, as expected, son #2 mentions whether the father saw “the Awesome Dude” yesterday. The mother inquires who that is and is surprised when the son mentions him as the guy who came to arrest mom, Dae Gu. Papa Yoon looks up from his breakfast with a surprised look and Yoon Ae Yun asks Shim Ji Il about it and he basically blows off the encounter. After Ji Il leaves, Yoon Ae Yun tries to pump more information from the son. He jokingly asks her if she did something bad again? He’s cute! The only sane person in that family.

Someone is obviously worried now. Yoon Ae Yun is pacing the floor and wearing down the carpet. We finally see what transpired 11 years ago in a flashback. It seems that Dae Gu’s mother and Shim Ji Il ran into each other and it was witness by Cruella De Yoon. Just the sight of them talking together, innocently, sent this woman into a jealous rage that she went to Dae Gu’s mother house to confront her. Why? Because she told her never to be face to face with the man again! Yes, that seems unreasonable to think that 2 people living in the same country wouldn’t possibly run into each other but what sends this woman over the top is that when she visits her, she sees the picture of Ji Yong and she is good at math to immediately figure out who’s son he is.

Now, this is when the woman goes crazy and tells her how she has a lot of nerve having her husband’s child! Yeah, really! Yoon Ae Yun goes into an uncontrollable rage and slaps her but when her back is turned, she picks up the vase and hits the poor woman over the head! As she thinks she killed her, she calls “Daddy” to come and take care of her mess. So now we know the story and the events that brought us to the present situation. This woman better end up is prison clothes at the end of this drama!!

Dae Gu returns to Cha Sung Group to continue his conversation with Shim Ji Il. FOY candidate #2 offers his condolences for his mother’s passing. He speaks highly of his mother to Dae Gu but he makes it perfectly clear that the relationship between his mother and him was over many years ago. Well, dang! Is this man making it obvious that he has no intentions of recognizing Dae Gu as his son? And to the man’s face? Yup! There is no doubt in my mind that is exactly what he is doing, to the point of denying that they dated as well as his wife’s involvement in the case.

A dejected Dae Gu is again at the river. His sadness is palpable as he first overlooks and then screams in anguish. It is bad enough that his mother lied but to have his father, who is alive, to deny his existence, that truly is a hard pill to swallow as we might say. My heart went out to Dae Gu in the scene. Very, very sad.

After collecting his thoughts, a cool headed Dae Gu returns to the squad room and tells TL Seo that there is a way to get Yoon Ae Yun to admit her guilt. How? A confession. Really? Even I’m intrigued. As the pendant nor the witness’s testimony is enough to prove guilt, Dae Gu states it is only through her confession that they can get a conviction. Eung Do doesn’t see how they can get this but Dae Gu says by putting her into an extreme emotional state, she will confess everything. Ji Kook asks how and so they call in the expert: TL Kim. They devise a plan to learn everything about Yoon Ae Yun; her habits, pet peeves, everything. What they can’t learn from people around her, they use the internet to find out information.

The crew take it to the streets whereby they go to her salon and learn about her fear of sharp instruments, to the spa and her annoyance with people being late. Tae Il is looking over videos and chatting with TL Kim over Kakao Group (PPL time). TL Seo catches the back and forth; yeah, he has something to say about that!

TL Seo visits the Congressman to inform him of the Interrogation Request that was given to her. The gist of the conversation is that he is suggesting that the daughter come to the station and if she doesn’t; damn his job, he will make sure everything comes out about him and his daughter. Seo also mentions about his son death and the fact that another person lost and witnessed their mother’s death. The Congressman just sits there smirking like an idiot!

As expected, the Congressman calls on Chief Kang for another clandestine meeting. He is mad about the investigation but he also reminds her of her part in all this especially that she gave Ji Yong’s location all those years ago and knew he was going to be killed. Chief Kang’s response is that she can no longer protect his daughter and that she must come in for the interrogation. Papa Yoon is not a happy camper.

It is strategy time and the team assembles to discuss how to interrogate Killer Yoon (Hey that sounds like Killer Toon!). TL Kim instructs Dae Gu how to sit back nonchalantly and then tosses all of the sharpened pencils on the table because they will be used to invoke her fear of needles and pointy objects and they do the pencil pointing practice. Dae Gu also takes this moment to tell everyone that he knows why she killed his mother. Everyone leans in to hear the answer but we don’t get to see it as the scene changes. So the question is, did he tell them? Or not? When they leave the squad room, Ji Kook asks Dae Gu if he is okay. He turns, looks at them and then walks away. As the rookies walk away, Eung Do states that he is afraid that Dae Gu will just disappear again.

Back at the Yoon residence, Yoon Ae Yun tells her father he is crazy to think she will go in for questioning. He tells her to go as it is a formality and with her lawyer. Of course this doesn’t sit well with Drama Queen Yoon but Daddy Dearest tells her she has no choice. She yells how Dae Gu should be killed but Dad says it is too late as hubby has already met him and if he disappears now, he will be suspicious. Personally, I think it is safe to say the man might not care! The woman then vows to kill Dae Gu with her own hands! Good luck with that!

The next day, the team are waiting for Yoon Ae Yun to come to the station and they personally escort her in. And so the games begin as the team makes her wait…and wait…and wait. They are all in the observation room just watching her as her irritation increases. She yells and TL Kim determines it is time to start. As Dae Gu leaves the room, Soo Sun grabs his hand and gives him encouragement for the time to come. Dae Gu enters the room with stacks of papers and a cup of nice, sharpened pencils. He asks her to remove her sunglasses and he grabs the pencil cup but instead pulls out a pen. Yoon Ae Yun’s eyes did widen big time at the pencils! Dae Gu does ask her if he is more like his mother or his father. Then he pulls out the picture of Shim Ji Il and his mother together. Well, the cat is out of the bag, baby! Yeah, he knows!

Musings: There were moments of interest during this episode. We all had figured out that Shim Ji Il was the Daddy; however, I’m not sure if any of us were prepared for his reaction (or no reaction). The man is definitely not a winner for me! The revelation that he had another son, the man didn’t seem to care nor did he care that his wife may or may not have killed someone. Now that was amazing to me! Denying Dae Gu’s his parentage was one thing, but to hear that your wife may have killed someone and barely a flicker? No words to describe my utter disgust at that moment.

Doctor Daddy, I’m not going to dwell too long on his sorry excuse for a father. So, he would have killed his gay son, Tae Soo with a golf club had Tae Il not run out of the house. It kind of makes you wonder what he DID do to the boyfriend. Things that make you go hmmmm. However, it was doubly sad that just because his only remaining son decided to no longer be a doctor, you disown him too? I can think of some better reasons to disown your child; changing professions isn’t one of them.

It was a sad moment when Dae Gu realized that his mother lied to him for all of those years. To think that his father was alive and kicking but she never told him, must have been upsetting but after that flashback and to think what type of abuse she was subjected to from Yoon Ae Yun, I totally understand but I still felt sad for him.

Lastly, I did like how everyone worked together in coming up with a strategy on how to deal with Yoon Ae Yun. Dae Gu is right. This woman is a firecracker and the least provocation will have her blowing up in a heartbeat! I can’t wait to see it!

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