You’re All Surrounded: Episode 17 Video Preview and English Translation

YAS Preview

For those of you following the You’re All Surrounded recaps, I thought that I would add to your fun by translating the video preview to tomorrow’s Episode 17. Enjoy!

You can watch the full episode here once it becomes available. 🙂 

Dialogue Translation:

Dae Gu: (resting his head on Soo Sun’s lap) What was your father like? (At least I think Dae Gu asks about her father)

Soo Sun: But why?

Dae Gu: Just because…

Pan Seok: (confronts Captain Kang) Who’s behind this? If Ji Yong learns of this truth, how do you think he will feel?

Young Guy (sorry, don’t know name *sigh*): (sees Dae Gu walk by) Jang-jang man?

Dae Gu: Do you know this person? Have you perhaps heard of the Masan Homicide that occurred 11 years ago?

Dae Gu’s Mother’s Killer: (grits his teeth) Kid, I beg of you not to dig any deeper. If you do, you’ll die and so will I.

Dae Gu: I beg of you! Please let me the truth about that day!

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