You’re All Surrounded – Episode 15

Kiss-a her! Kiss-a her! Besides the pendant, that is about all I remember about this episode. Let’s get started….

Recap: As the crew watches from the squad-mobile, our two undercover lovers are amazing the crowd of gangsters, thugs and looker-on’s with a sizzling kiss. Not only am I amazed, because it came out of no where and continued into the next episode, but so is the crew. Poor, besotted Ji Gook just look so desolate while Detectives Eung Do and Seo looked shocked. EUng Do makes a comment on how well they are acting while Seo goes for the “not eating the rabbit” response. Huh? I had to think whether that was a mistranslation or what. Someone help me out there. Tae Il reassures poor Ji Gook that is is just business….right… I think we all forget what they were undercover for after that but whoever they were on the look out for never shows. I literally had a brain fart as to why they were there. I know I watched episode 14. I think…

Once they returned to the van, TL Seo snidely tells everyone what a good job they are doing and cackles like a crazy person. Poor Soo Sun still looks stunned and Ji Gook, dejected. Soo Sun deflects the conversation by saying she wants to treat everyone to dinner. Eung Do tells them to go the fried chicken place across from the station and they (Eung Do and Seo) will join them after the team meeting.

Why is this picture here? Because I SOOOO want to go to South Korea just to eat the absolutely delicious fried chicken they always feature! I’ll just hide that from my vegan daughter! When was the last time? I’m just getting hungry thinking about it. So it is beer and chicken for everyone (but me). Tae Il makes small talk and inquires about Soo Sun’s mother. They talk more about how they wished they could have arrested and put cuff’s on Yoo Ae Yun’s wrists. Yeah, even I feel cheated. But Soo Sun goes on that as her mother is happy about accepting the apology (which she filmed), everything is right with the world.

Poor Ji Gook, whose mind is still on that kiss, tries to interject it into the conversation. It was kind of funny because it was looking for that response. He brings up the fact that it was just business anyway.

That evening, two people, two different reactions to the same kiss. As both Soo Sun and Dae Gu are tucked in their beds, they both ponder the day and that kiss. Poor Soo Sun is confused and still dumbstruck (hearts are pounding) while Dae Gu sits up in his bed with a big smile. She is in trouble..

When TL Seo returns to his apartment, he is welcomed with the sound of dripping water. It seems like the plumbing pipe above has burst and the water is making its way through the ceiling and walls. Maintenance comes and informs him that he will have to vacate the premises for a few days. So carrying a couple of paper cartons, he heads out.

He first goes to Eung Do’s apartment; however, my man is one busy baby making machine. With 4 children and 1 on the way, even I would have second thoughts. So the kids greet him as well as the wife farewell because Seo is definitely not staying even though shelter is offered.

Seo heads to the police apartment complex where the rookies are staying. Ringing the doorbell, all of the fellows wake up just in time to see Seo comes in and make himself comfortable on the couch. Ji Gook tries to offer up the bunk bed in Dae Gu’s room but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Seo spends some time looking through the papers that he brought in. He enters Dae Gu’s room and sees the projected program on the wall. He is all father like, tucking the covers around Dae Gu. It is a nice moment. Later, Dae Gu comes out and spots all of the papers. They seemed to be from his mother’s case. It contains information he knows and some he doesn’t. When will Dae Gu realize this man wasn’t involved?

The next day, when Dae Gu and Soo Sun cross paths, she, for the most part, is still uncomfortable from the kiss. Whenever he gets close, she shies away, finally pulling out a ruler to remind him to keep his distance. But all he wants to do is give her breakfast and milk. Hmmm, product placement time! She runs off and thanks him leaving him perplexed.

TL Seo goes out and visits the old detective (Woo)from Masan who mysteriously quit right after the murder to open his own chicken shop (doesn’t take much for people to lose their humanity in dramas, huh?). Seo comes there using the picnic as an excuse but the visit and Seo’s quiet enquires unnerve the man (but the chicken looked good!). He also meets up with a Joong Tak as he returns from Brazil (was he at the World Cup, ya think?). Joong Tak was another detective on the force. He asked about when Soo Sun visited the police station and who she had talked to but how he never got that information.

Joong Tak remembers the phone call and taking the message. At first he doesn’t remember who he gave the not to but what comes next surprises Seo. Joong Tak tells him that he wrote the message information down and gave it to none other than then Detective Kang (now the Chief). Seo is stunned!

Later that afternoon, some of the Gangnam Police crew go out for a picnic and games because they came in first for cases solved for Violent Crimes division; even the Missing Persons team is there. Seo is giving Chief Kang the squinty, evil eye and then the games began. As I never go to my own company picnic, I won’t go into detail on the games played. Let’s just say it is some type of musical chairs without the chairs and ultimately Seo and Dae Gu end up the losers.

On the pass the post-it game, Chief Cha and Eung Do end up locking lips when Eung Do drops the post-it.

During the relay race, it was nice to hear the familiar sounds of the music from “Chariots of Fire”. Nice touch, music director! Of course, who else but Dae Gu’s team wins. He is such a competitor! We also get the shared looks between Soo Sun and Dae Gu as well as Seo staring at Chief Kang.

That evening, it is more celebration of food and drinks. “You’re all surrounded” is the cheer! Eung Do is full of praise and remembrances since the rookies came to the station. Even Seo gives them a little praise with the added “you’ve got a long way to go” added into the conversation. Soo Sun reminds him how he said they’d never be detectives. Ji Gook quips in also. Everyone is basically drunk. Eung Do chuckles that the rookies are no longer afraid of Seo. Looks like it to me. Seo doesn’t see the humor.

Seo disappears back to the station which leaves Eung Do boldly asking Soo Sun and Dae Gu whether or not they are dating. He says that kiss was real, wasn’t it? Soo Sun vehemently denies it saying that Dae Gu isn’t her type. But Dae Gu pipes in that it wasn’t business to him. For him, it was real. Soo Sun runs off to the bathroom to talk to herself.

Later in the men’s room, Dae Gu is confronted by a drunk Ji Gook while being pulled back by Tae Il. Even Dae Gu is slapping himself for that admission.

At the rookies apartment, Seo is revisiting conversations that he had with Chief Kang, starting with when Dae Gu was placed under him, the fact that Kang had supported Dae Gu while he was at the orphanage and other conversations that he had, to include when she had warned him off of Dae Gu’s assault case.

Dae Gu comes out of his room and seeing that Seo is still awake, they strike up a conversation. Dae Gu asks him about the papers and how long he had been collecting the information, Seo’s response is about 8-9 years. Seo began to believe that the killing was a murder for hire by a hit man but he had nothing that mentioned Cho Hyung Cheol. Dae Gu asks whether he had seen Cho again and Seo suggests that they go together. Before Dae Gu retires, Seo calls out his real name and again apologizes. For not protecting his mother.

The next morning at the Yoo house, we get a pretty funny exchange where the son, I really cannot remember his name, fondly reenacts when Dae Gu visited, even repeats what Dae Gu said to his mother and slyly handing her a business card. She calls him an idiot. Me? I like him! There is absolutely no love in this family.

The next meeting between Congressman Yoo and Chief Kang at the skeet range is full of double entendre and warnings. Looks like threats were flying both ways as well as bullets.

Finally, Soo Sun is moving out of her tent abode! The fellows come to help her move. Ji Gook gives Dae Gu a weird look when he comes up to help. Again, the uncomfortable silence between the two; Soo Sun and Dae Gu. When Dae Gu goes in to grab books and lightly touches her back, Soo Sun is definitely unnerved, fanning herself profusely. Suddenly, she grabs the paper file box off the little table and out falls the pendant. Dae Gu is surprised and upset that she has had it this entire time. She relates back the story of 11 years ago when she went to that part of the building to apologize. She went to the science lab and among the glass mess found the pendant. She also relates how she saw the man with the scar; all in flashback.

At the precinct room, Dae Gu is grilling Soo Sun about when she found the necklace and is obviously upset. Eung Do asks Seo what should they do with the pendant? Pass it to the prosecutors? Seo even goes as far to say that their private investigation should be kept from Chief Kang too. Dae Gu immediately asks why, Seo doesn’t answer but Eung Do mentions that the chief is a person of principle; she might not go for them continuing the investigation. As evidence in this case has been disappearing left and right, Seo decides that they should consult an expert themselves.

The expert turns out to be the ex-wife, TL Kim. She basically tells the team the necklace is obviously expensive and definitely not a name-brand item. She believes it may have been made exclusively by a designer for a client. Kim suggests posting it on jewelry auction sites, some professionals might recognize it. We get another couple moment between Seo and Kim (why bother? Just saying.)

The team posts on various auction sites and makes inquiries on other sites. THe team takes pictures of the pendant and go to various jewelry stores that cater to customers. An appraiser mentions that the diamonds aren’t significant but the necklace is definitely an unusual design.

We also get a moment when Seo is sitting at his desk looking at a picture of himself and Cho. Minutes later, Chiefs Cha and Kang walk by. Seo continues to stare and stare as the thoughts from the last few days are mulling through his head. Seo and Dae Gu make an attempt to visit Cho at prison but as he had stated after their last visit, he refused. Soo Sun calls Seo as they have had a hit on the pendant and the designer is identified. The designer, Henry Jeong, made it as part of a 2002 limited edition collection. The team was also told it was made specifically for the wearer as it reflects their personality (hope they will explain this later, I like details). It just so happens that the designer who usually is in France is currently in Korea for a gallery display.

Here we get to meet Henry, all bling-ed out and well… definitely a colorful character. As Henry is a true professional, he recognizes his work and can even pull out the record books from 11 years ago to tell Dae Gu and Seo who the pendant was made here. And with no surprise here, it is none other than Yoo Ae Yun!

So the duo returns to the Yoo’s residence and TL Seo takes pleasure in tangling the pendant in front of Yoo’s face to her surprise. And the episode ends.
Musings: Well, not going to say that there was a lot of movement in the story; the romance (of sorts) is kicking off. The kiss from the previous episode continues on and the embarrassed two are confronted about what is going on. We already knew of Chief Kang’s duplicity in this whole mess. I think she is taking dedication to duty a little too far; however, her exchange between herself and the Congressman doesn’t bode well for her future. No, I haven’t seen episode 16 so I have no clue what has happened.

We did have the discovery of the pendant and the owner which we pretty much could guess at this point because it is obvious now just how much Yoo Ae Yun is involved. I do like the Yoo son, he is funny and sad at the same time; again, there is no love in that family. Other than that, this was pretty much a filler episode which is why it took so long to write this recap. I swear, episode 17, I will be much quicker…maybe.

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