You’re All Surrounded: Episode 14


As one case comes to a close, our rookies have a bitter pill to swallow: because justice isn’t always righteous, especially when politics and money are involved.

Episode 14

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Upon realising that Kim Ji Yong (aka “that woman’s son”) is alive and kicking, a panicked Ae Yeon calls her father. His silence confirms that this is information he’s known all along and she actually has the gall to sound hurt, wondering why he’s kept this from her.

Dae Gu is waiting for her in the parking lot and when she ignores yet another deposition request, he vows resolutely to keep on coming back until she agrees.

Back at Casa de Evil, Ae Yeon sniffs that her father isn’t as sharp as he once was, if he let things get this far. He promises to take care of the situation, which pleases her, because this whole murder thing is just so annoying.

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Soo Sun is mulling over Chief Kang’s request to drop the case for the good of those she loves when she comes across her mother in the hospital’s chapel. She’s talking to Soo Sun’s father and reveals that Soo Sun had yelled at her for taking a beating.

“She told me that my face is a lot more valuable than ₩50 million. She said she’ll pay it immediately even though her salary is so small. And she promised me she’ll bring that woman to justice.”


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Her decision made, she meets with Chief Kang to explain, but first calls Dae Gu to ask him to take care of something for her. The chief walks in just as Dae Gu picks up and in her haste, Soo Sun fails to hang up on the call.

She apologises, because despite knowing that the chief must’ve had a good reason for asking, Soo Sun can’t drop the case. Chief Kang not-so-subtly tries to guilt trip her by reminding her that this is for the good of the station, but Soo Sun stands firm and says that rather than covering for crooked politicians, their job is to protect the innocent citizens they serve. Chief Kang smiles crookedly and says she understands, whilst looking like she’s on a slow train to hell.


Having heard their conversation, Dae Gu confronts Chief Kang and when he expresses his disappointment in her, she admits her wrongdoing. She lets slip that it was because of the congressman and Dae Gu wonders why it always seem to come back to that one man.

Soo Sun and the boys try to keep Mom from finding out that there’s a video of her getting beaten up – and that it’s gone viral – by confiscating her cell phone… supposedly for the sake of her health.

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Gook takes it upon himself to search for every video posted on social media sites and request that the page owners remove the video. Tae Il decides to help out and soon the two of them have spread the message across the interwebs. When Dae Gu finds out that Gook has pulled an all-nighter to help Soo Sun and her mother, he doesn’t say anything – instead, he pushes his banana milk Gook’s way and when the boys joke about it, Dae Gu agrees that Gook is awesome. Omo. Is that… actual emotional growth I see? *wipes tear*

Pan Seok questions the detective in charge of Jo Hyung Cheol’s case and is surprised to find that the prosecution have decided to accept his version of events, without the need for any further investigation. The captain interrupts their talk and wonders why, with so many important cases on their plate, Pan Seok’s team is focussing on the silly bag assault case. Pan Seok takes issue with that; just because Mom’s injuries aren’t severe doesn’t mean they don’t hurt. The captain has no valid response to that, and stalks off in a huff.


They run into yet another problem with the case, when they discover that the original uploader of the video has disappeared, and the other attendants who were in the room won’t talk, for fear of reprisals.

As per their suspicions, the young woman, Kim Jin Kyung, has indeed been hidden away by the Yoo family. After confirming that she’s made no copies of the video, Ae Yeon confiscates her cell phone and orders the staff to keep an eye on her.

The team scour local hotels in search of her and as Soo Sun is spending time with her mother, Dae Gu is stuck with Pan Seok. At lunch – after Pan Seok makes the mistake of putting vegetables in Dae Gu’s soup, eww – it’s question time. Both agree that things don’t add up in Jo Hyung Cheol’s case; the problem is, he won’t talk, and they’ve no further avenues for investigation. Dae Gu demands to be the first to know if there’s any news and Pan Seok has to remind him that he’s the team leader here, hmph. And then he carefully places all the banchan (side dishes) around Dae Gu’s plate – minus the onions he so hates. Heh, and aww.

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The good guys have acquired a list of the Yoo family’s holiday homes, but the sheer number and distance between each one has them slumping back in their seats. Luckily, Dae Gu has an eidetic memory and flashes to a photograph on the Yoo family’s mantelpiece. In the background of one of the pictures is a lake, and on that lake, a ferry boat. The gang quickly ascertain that this must be where they’re keeping Jin Kyung – why, I don’t know – and a search of the name of the ferry gets them a location: Lake Sapyeong.

Unfortunately, nothing on their lists matches the location and they’re just about to hang their heads when lo and behold – a phone call! It’s Ae Yeon’s son, Ki Jae, calling to ask if Dae Gu has arrested his mother. Frustrated, Dae Gu grits out that he hasn’t, to Ki Jae’s disappointment – but while he has him on the line, he asks the boy if the family have a home near the lake. Nope – but Ki Jae does.

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They’re about to head off when Soo Sun appears, content to leave her mom alone as most of the videos have now mysteriously been removed. The dynamic duo arrive at the lake house just in time to see Jin Kyung walking out the door, suitcase in hand. Upon catching sight of them, Jin Kyung turns tail and bolts back into the house.

Dae Gu can’t convince her to have a word with them, so Soo Sun has a go. She reveals that the woman who was beaten that day is her mother and thanks Jin Kyung for posting the footage; without it, she’d never have known what really happened.

It does the trick, and Jin Kyung emerges, asking for a ride to the airport. She hands Soo Sun her fare: the log-in information for the website, which has a longer version of the video… starting with Mom signing the endorsement.

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The video, hard as it is to watch, clearly proves that Mom in no way agreed to take a beating, let alone signed a document waiving her legal rights. So Dae Gu heads back to the Yoo household. Ae Yeon isn’t home, of course, but the congressman conveniently arrives as Dae Gu is about to leave. Dae Gu doesn’t mince words as he tells the older man to ensure his daughter shows up by the following day – or he’ll be back with an arrest warrant.

Oh, and asking Chief Kang to meddle won’t work this time as the evidence they’ve collected is formidable. He has one last thing to say to the congressman: that he was once a great detective, respected by all, and he’s still a legend to rookies such as Dae Gu, who hopes to no longer be disappointed by those he’s held in such high regard. The congressman watches him walk away and muses that Dae Gu’s a little too passionate – he might just burn himself alive.

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The congressman’s attorneys give him conflicting advice as the detectives pace and watch the clock, until finally he makes a decision. Soo Sun takes a call from her mother and races over to the hospital, to find the congressman bowing in front of her mother, apologising for his daughter and explaining that she suffers from severe depression.

They arrive too late: Mom’s already agreed to drop the charges. The congressman leaves, gleeful and grinning, and although Soo Sun and the boys are disappointed by her decision, Eung Do points out that Mom is satisfied, and that’s the important thing, right?


Not content to leave it at that, Dae Gu stalks back to the House of Yoo with a warning for Ae Yeon: she may have gotten away with it this time, but next time he’ll catch her himself. He tells her to remember his name and she scoffs, wondering which of his parents he takes after. She alludes to his mother’s death when she mentions his passivity in the aftermath of what he’s experienced, and Dae Gu, stunned into silence (or perhaps simply too enraged too speak) watches her leave.

The congressman, none-too-happy with this turn of events, delivers a warning to Chief Kang: call off Dae Gu… or else. She apologises and agrees to do as he asks.

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Now that that’s sorted, Pan Seok has a few words for Sa Kyung about the whole divorce thing: he signed the papers because she asked him to, an answer which has her rolling her eyes and walking off without a satisfying conclusion to the conversation. Yeah, I don’t get it either, but let’s just move on.

… To Tae Il, who suddenly feels it’s necessary to clear up the nature of his relationship with Sa Kyung. They met last year in London and although he fell for her, she barely acknowledged his existence. Tae Il claims he’s not made any advances towards her, because he doesn’t play games he knows he can’t win. Well, that’s… good to know, I guess.

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Then we’re onto the next case, which is a drug op, as Pan Seok helpfully informs us. The rookies are to infiltrate a coffee shop (WUT) filled with gang members; Dae Gu and Soo Sun will pose as a couple, and Tae Il and Gook as friends. They memorise the face of the man they’re supposed to find, then head off in couple formation.

They can’t find Waldo amongst the gang members littering the café and Soo Sun poses cutely so that Dae Gu can inconspicuously photograph the gangsters behind her. Out of nowhere, the café staff walk up to our couple with a cake, wishing them a happy hundred day anniversay. They play along, but things get serious (no, not really) when a gangster suggests they kiss. Soon everyone’s playing the peer pressure game and Soo Sun decides to just get it over with.

She briefly presses her lips to his, then pulls away, but that’s not enough for Dae Gu, who grabs her and tugs her back for a deeper kiss. The team watch in various stages of shock (and horror, in poor Gook’s case) as the pair kiss and kiss…




I’m really not sure what to say about this episode. The first three quarters were consistent enough, if a little frustrating, as it was fairly obvious Ae Yeon wasn’t going to get her just desserts – not with another three weeks of airtime to fill.

But then we have the final ten to fifteen minutes of the show, which seemed more like a jumble of random moments the writer had wanted to include in previous episodes but couldn’t quite fit in. (Newsflash, writer-nim: it doesn’t fit here, either. So stop trying to force it. Please, please stop.)

The episode itself wasn’t bad, but I found it unsatisfying for the most part as we knew that neither Ae Yeon nor the congressman would be punished for their crimes (yet?). This episode does seem to imply (or perhaps I’m the only one inferring it) that Dae Gu’s father is a member of the Yoo family – I’m guessing Ae Yeon’s husband, as that would explain Ae Yeon’s desire to destroy both mother and child… though homicidal rage could simply be her natural state. Who knows?

As for the Pan Seok/Sa Kyung/Tae Il triangle that never was… I am, admittedly, a little confused. We know – or at least had been led to believe – that Sa Kyung’s coping mechanism after her son’s death was to have flings with younger men. This seemed to suggest that Tae Il was one such man, yet now… I feel as though everything we thought we knew about her is being retconned, to make her ‘purer’ in preparation for her big reconciliation with Pan Seok.

In summary: I’m not really sure how I feel about this episode, but on the plus side, as utterly shoehorned into the scene as it was, at least we got smoochies. Yay. :-/


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