You’re All Surrounded – Episode 13

Ahh, what is this…all in the family, Korean style? Okay, that’s my prediction but not all is clear as of yet. Interesting episode with more on the love front and more mysteries to be revealed. Sorry for the lateness. My next recap will be much sooner but I am determined to finish this series; kicking and screaming. Let’s get started… 

Recap: Wearing his Detective hat, Eun Dae Gu shows up at the residence of our horrible excuse for a human being, Yoo Ae Yun’s home. Not only is she sub-human but turns out to be none other than Assemblyman Yoo’s only, spoiled beyond belief daughter. As Dae Gu is showing her his badge, the man drives up. Dae Gu is holding up his cell phone to show her the video evidence. Amazingly, this woman is so full of herself (I’m really struggling to keep this clean), practically denies it. But I love her son, his expression (and future comments) give you the feeling that there isn’t a lot of love in that family. Dae Gu inquires about the victim who has gone missing.

This woman doesn’t care! I’m really holding my words and temper describing this scene so I’m going to skip through most of it, not because it wasn’t pertinent but because I was LIVID during the entire scene. But I have to give kudos to the son who gives Dae Gu high praise and the thumbs up symbol of approval on the way out the door.

Needless to say, Daddy Dearest is extremely angry and goes into damage control mode. As he yells at his daughter the fact that this is an election year (which is obviously more important than beating a woman nearly unconscious for the world to see) but you get the vibe that this is not the first time that Dirty Daddy has had to clean up his daughter’s messes. As is the norm in the drama world, lawyers have to be called and attempts to remove the video from the internet begin in haste. Too late really.

Dae Gu is still in amazement at the scene he just witnessed as he has stepped out of the Yoo residence. He immediately calls the station house on news about Soo Sun’s mother. Ji Kook informs him that they are still trying to reach her but have been unsuccessful so far. Everyone’s concern (including mine) deepens.

Soo Sun cannot reach her by the cell phone as she is not answering. TL Seo and Tae Il are investigating where she was last seen but her whereabouts have still remain unknown. Finally, with a veritable drama sigh of relief, Soo Sun’s mother answers the phone and her daughter asks her “Where are you? I know you’re hurt” Thankfully, her mother answers her questions and Soo Sun rushes out followed by TL Seo who leaves the rest behind to explain things to Dae Gu when he comes back.

The scene is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes that a drama could ever have. So Sun finds her mother tucked away in a hotel/room house. She is huddling in the corner, in a ball. The minute she turns her mother around, not only does Soo Sun’s heart must lurch with pain but I know the scene took my breath away. Her mother seems ashamed to be found like this and to have caused her daughter so much trouble. Okay, here is where cultures are definitely different. I’ll explain later. Soo Sun is trying so hard not to cry and her mother is insisting that she shouldn’t have come that she deserved the beating she got. HUH? Thankfully, Soo Sun has a different point of view and tells her mother that “What did you do to deserve that beating?” Her mother won’t answer her questions at all. TL Seo gets her to speak about the events and we get to see the dang gone beating again!

The gist of what her mother signed was a document exonerating both parties for seeking compensation on the bag as well as any for damages in reference to the incident at the department store. Soo Sun’s mother is puzzled by this statement but it all comes clear to us viewers when Yoo Ae Yun picks up the damaged bag and proceeds to beat the woman down while unknowingly being filmed by one of the attendants. Like I wasn’t ALREADY upset watching it the first time!

Soo Sun and TL Seo convince her to go to the hospital to get herself checked by a doctor. Soo Sun goes to the empty waiting room and begins to weep in earnest. The fellows come at that moment to witness Soo Sun’s silent weeping; I say silent because had that been me…

Later, we see everyone is standing within the mother’s hospital run. Soo Sun’s mother surrounded by all of her “sons” and all of them deeply concerned and sorrowful. Of course, once they leave, Ji Kook is the first to show his anger on the situation while Dae Gu looks like a tea pot about to boil over with anger. The three vow to do some serious investigating.

The next morning, the dutiful sons attend their mother’s needs. Son Tae Il is up early making some tasty porridge. While Soo Sun is gently bathing her mother, Dae Gu comes in shyly hiding a beautiful bouquet of flowers behind his back. Soo Sun reminds her mother that Dae Gu is Ji Yong. She tells him to call him mother for now on. So sweet. He gives her the bouquet and she exclaims how beautiful they are (they were). Shortly, Tae Il and Ji Kook come in and she is happy to see her other sons. Tae Il gives her the porridge he made and while she is attempting to eat it, the process causes her pain (and raises my ire all over again).

Soo Sun takes the fellows to eat lunch. The food, as usual, looks delicious. The team begin discussing the case but Soo Sun insist that they eat. With Dae Gu’s bowl in front of him, Soo Sun starts putting fresh chopped scallions into the bowl. Is it just me or did I sense that green onions are not a favorite of Dae Gu? However, this being the new and improved Ji Yong, not only does he eats it but proceeds to dump even more into the bowl, earning looks from both Tae Il and Ji Kook. The faces that Dae Gu made as he ate, made it obvious that it definitely wasn’t a fan!

Back at the station, the team is going over the document that Soo Sun’s mother signed. ae Gu notes quickly that there isn’t a statement saying that the victim doesn’t want to punish the perpetrator. They further discuss the contents of the document but I’m not sure how far this will go, legally. TL Seo believes that the document was signed in a “forceful environment” therefore the settlement is invalid but we will see. The team is holding out that they find a cooperating witness. Ji Kook mentions the first would be identifying who uploaded the video. The team splits up with Dae Gu and Seo returning to the Yoo residence.

The two return to the Yoo residence and proceed to ring the door bell. The maid answers and says that the lady of the house is not at home. The two decide to wait and minutes later, the devil herself pulls up. TL Seo tries to identify himself and the witch totally ignores him to continue talking on the phone then walks into the house as if they are gnats to be swatted at. Devil Yoo turns to her assistant and tells him to investigate everyone and report to her immediately; especially that young one (meaning Dae Gu). She has the nerve to say that she is “bothered” by him.

At the station house, TL Seo is called into Chief Cha’s office. He seems to be worried about the fact that the perpetrator is Assemblyman Yoo’s daughter. This always gets under my craw whereby the rich or so-called powerful are portrayed as somehow “above the law”; somehow exempt from prosecution. Chief Cha has the nerve to tell him not to make such a big deal out of this case. REALLY? TL Seo asks him whether they contacted him or something. Well, that is obvious but he ignores the query and Seo stands firm. Chief Cha runs to Chief Kang’s office to talk about his encounter with Seo. Cha claims he is concerned because the victim was the mother of one of the team members and he (Seo) will go “overboard”. Then he starts rattling off their recent cases like they had something to do with the crimes! What an IDIOT! But one point I had to laugh when Chief Cha was mentioning all kinds of drama scenarios ending with birth secret (BINGO!!).

As we have expected, the video and news articles are piling up about the incident. Assemblyman Yoo and his political team are discussing their plan of attack to block or cover up the incident as much as they can. So far, the perpetrator hasn’t been identified as the daughter yet. Chief Kang enters her office just as the phone begins to ring. We can all guess who is on the line but what exactly will he tell her to do? It is funny how the Assemblyman is concerned with the fact that Dae Gu came to his house. The conversation continues and Chief Kang literally gets threatened by the man and the phone call ends. Then Chief Kang makes an interesting statement: “Yoo Ae Yun is always the problem. I just solved the Cho Hyung Cheo case..” Wait..What?

Interestingly, Seo goes to visit Cho in prison. He asks him how he has been and Cho says he is blending in. Seo sent money and food but tells Cho that he doesn’t think this case is over (You’re right). Seo tries to convince Cho to give him information as he is hiding something. He is right in his assessment as someone did try to kill the man. Seo also mentions the Masan station and that Cho doesn’t know anyone there so there is definitely more people involved and Seo doesn’t believe that the CEO was the one who wanted Ji Yong dead. Unfortunately, nothing penetrates and Cho says to not visit him and not to dig deeper otherwise someone else will get hurt.

Seo catches up with Dae Gu who is staking out the Yoo residence, bringing food and drinks. The conversation that he had with Cho is going through his mind. Seo asks why he hasn’t turned on the A/C but Dae Gu says who turns on the car during a stakeout? Seo reaches into the bag and hands food to Dae Gu who refuses it and then tries to hand him a drink but Dae Gu again refuses promptly reminds him that there is no restroom to use. We have to assume hours later, the hunger takes over and Dae Gu is eating the food but also you can see how hot they both are after sitting there for so long. Finally, out of desperation, they turn the car on and the relief on both their faces is funny.

TL Seo asks Dae Gu abut his visit with Cho and why. Of course, this illicit a “Why did you go?” query but Seo bats back a “I asked you first” answer. What? Did you really expect Dae Gu to answer? Of course not!

Seconds into this conversation, there is a knock on the window and we see Cruella Yoo’s attorney at the car window. The 3 adjourn to a nearby coffee shop and begin discussing the document signed. The men are arguing back and forth over the legality of the document settlement that Soo Sun’s mother signed. Dae Gu smartly brings forth his argument which initially give the attorney pause (guess it didn’t expect someone familiar with the law) but eventually the attorney counters every argument. The attorney tries to say that the settlement was signed AFTER the assault but we all know that isn’t the case but without a witness… We all know the rich have paid off all possible witnesses and we know there is no other evidence. This definitely puts Seo in full attack mode. Dae Gu proceeds to “KakaoTalk” Group the team with a message for Ji Kook to get the information on who posted the video.

Meanwhile the Devil’s Mistress Yoo receives a call from the attorney about the person who uploaded the video. As she is practicing her golf swing, she doesn’t care and tells him to take care of it. Even gives us a roll of the eyes showing us her total disinterest in the whole thing. This woman needs to be in JAIL!!

Ji Kook has now gotten the information from the cyber and video team, then sends a message to Dae Gu. We also see Eung Do pumping information from the janitorial service at the department store to see what they have heard about the incident and what people are saying. The last task of questioning some of the other sales clerks (females) is left to Tae Il; who else?!! The woman are so enamored with his handsome self, I’m quite sure they will get information from them. All it takes is a handsome face and a smile.. They quickly identify that one lady quit right after the incident named Kim Jin Kyung.

This sends Dae Gu and Ji Kook to her apartment complex. As they are looking for her, a woman with a suitcase and a baseball cap walks by mysteriously. She almost gets away but they chase her down and it is Jin Kyung. Once they return to her apartment, they try to convince her to talk about the incident but she refuses. After being confronted with the evidence, she admits to uploading the video but then immediately stops talking. There is just no convincing her otherwise.

The next scene between Soo Sun and Chief Kang put me into a “cat toy” throwing mood. Instead of visiting Soo Sun’s mother and inquiring about her health and wishing her a safe recovery. This poor excuse of a leader has come to plead with Soo Sun. You say why? Well, the woman has come to do her nasty work of covering up the dirty deeds of the Assemblyman’s daughter. She is literally telling Soo Sun to help her squash the whole investigation to protect the police force. ARE YOU KIDDING?!! This was another scene Im not going to dwell on because those cat toys aren’t handy right now.

She returns to her mother’s hospital room, only to find Dae Gu there entertaining her with his attempts to do magic tricks. She smiles as some tricks fail but he is trying so hard and is making her mother smile and happy. When his final attempts works, he puts the trick necklace around her head. Again, this makes her so happy. It was a nice scene to take the bad taste of the last.

The two later go outside the hospital for a walk and chat. Soo Sun asks him what bring him to the hospital this late. He tells her he feels guilty because he yelled at the video uploader today (not that it would have made a difference). He apologizes. Soo Sun asks him how did he survive it all. It has only been 2 days and every time she sees her mother’s face, it gets hard to bear and she hits her chest soundly. He tells her he never managed it; just went through it. He then hands here music to listen to as it helped him. She thanks him and he walks away. I don’t know who is singing, you will have to tell me but the translated lyrics brought me to tears:

Who will understand how I feel?
Who will know how I feel?
It feels like everyone is laughing at me.
There’s nobody I can rely on.
I told myself that it’s okay now.
I thought I got used to it….

and it goes on with a beautiful answer by the male vocalist:

I’ll be on your side.
I’ll tell you it’s okay.
I’ll tell you that everything will be okay, and that you’ll shine.
That you’re precious to me…

Ji Kook, you don’t stand a chance! And off to the distance, we see Dae Gu still standing there, watching as Soo Sun cries, wanting to comfort her but chooses to remain at a distance.

Back at the squad room, the rest of the team are continuing into the night on Soo Sun’s mother’s case. Ji Kook decides to send Soo Sun a KakaoTalk message and can’t decide which emoticon to attach to it. He asks Tae Il for his advice but then ends up sending the wrong one. Tae Il receives a call and steps outside.

Tae Il is sitting at the bench and up walks TL Kim who shares a beer with him. It seems they have become close buddies since the missing person case they worked on together. They are just talking and he thanks her for being an ear when he was talking about his troubles and his brother. He asks for a friendly hug and as expected in all KDramas but who comes walking up: TL Seo. Not knowing who it is that Tae Il is hugging, he embarrassingly tries to walk by until the woman let’s Tae Il go and turns around. You could drive a freight car through the man’s shocked expression. Misunderstanding land! He turns and walks away saying that he doesn’t want to talk about it but she stops him.

The next day, Dae Gu is waiting for the Night creature Yoo at her Gym/Spa. He confronts her on wanting her to come for questioning on the assault case. Needless to say, she doesn’t take this well or that he follows her onto the exercise floor also.

She calls her assistant and asks for those reports that she requested on the police officers. As she is reading through the reports, she comes to Dae Gu’s folder. In the background you hear her say how Dae Gu looks so familiar but it is not until she sees what his name was and the picture from the younger days that the shock expression comes onto her face. The woman literally gets scared and the last thing we see is her calling Evil Daddy that she just found how who Dae Gu was! WAE?!!!

Musings: Well, not sure what to say more about that episode. One thing is for sure, I think we all can guess who really was responsible for Ji Yong’s mother’s death? Any guesses? I’ll throw some nouns at you and see if you can figure it out: evil, depraved, wicked, disgusting.. Are you getting the picture? My guess is that Daddy dearest might have been doing the clean-up work for Daughter Dearest. I’m sure of that!

I had already lost total respect for Chief Kang but when she came to Soo Sun and basically told her to take one or should I say her mother should take one for the police force, that is when I emptied the entire cat toy supply at the television screen (this is how I vent when I watch dramas; throw cat toys. The cats enjoy it).

We also saw some movement in the romance department, of sorts. I must say, that song (you tell me who it is) was simply beautiful and really did bring out the sorrow in me. I still haven’t watched episode 14 so don’t expect me to know what happened (or not).

Let’s see where the story goes now. I kind of hate when they throw in these nonsensical cases in the middle of the issue we are really concerned about; however, filler must be provided. This drama sure would have been better with 16 episodes. Just saying.

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  1. can i know what is the name and singer of the song in this episode? i really liked it…and it brought me to tears too :'(

    1. At what point in the episode? I know where you can listen to the OST but I’m not sure which song you are referring to?

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