Wednesday What?!: March 4

Wednesday What Green

Happy Wednesday, Twinkles!

It looks as though last week’s pictorial challenge was a silent lurker’s paradise. Heh. Here’s hoping that this week’s challenge fares with better results. 😉

Ready, Twinkles? The game’s afoot! 😉

WW 03-04-15

Obviously, with the imminent end to the series Heart to Heart this week, I have Chun Jung Myung on the brain. LOL.

You know the drill, Twinkles.

1. The series…fairly easy.

2. The scene…a bit harder.

3. The episode…must be a true Kdrama aficionado. 😉

So…who’s going to be titled this week’s TRUE Kdrama fan? Especially with this “blast from the past” picture that makes me want to watch all of Ko Hyung Jung‘s works again. 😛

As for the last challenge, Mawiie teased (here) that she knew the answer but would let someone else answer. Heh…we know how well that beh ruh (courtesy) worked out. LOL. So since no one ended up answering, I guess I’ll have to provide the answers, huh? 🙂

1. Gu Family Book

2. When Kang Chi brings Yeo Wool a flower and enacts a “Romeo-Juliet” moment for us. 🙂

3. Episode 15

Happy guessing on this week’s picture, Twinkles! Hopefully, this one proves to be more successful than the last. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday What?!: March 4”

  1. Hmmmm…. let’s see if I can answer this.

    1. What’s up, Fox?
    2. When he took her to the amusement park – he was giddy! What a kid!
    3. I lost it… I failed on this one tsk tsk tsk

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