Wednesday What?!: June 25th

Wednesday What Green

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 🙂

As more and more Twinkles congregate around Glorious Day and discover/rediscover their love of Lee Sang Woo, I thought that I should test just how well some of you know your Lee Sang Woo dramas. 😉

So for this week’s challenge, I give you something featuring our Mr. Eye Candy 2014. I’m curious to see how you do with this picture. The game’s afoot! 😉

LSW Wednesday What

You know the drill, Twinkles. The challenge is to name the following:

1. The series…fairly easy.

2. The scene…a bit harder.

3. The episode…must be a true Kdrama aficionado. 😉

So…who’s going to be titled this week’s TRUE Kdrama fan? 🙂 Last week’s title went to twingtwang who correctly identified the picture. You can read the detailed answer here. The basic answer is below:

1. A Gentleman’s Dignity

2. Scene in which the four men protect their Yi Soo by telling her evil stepbrothers that she has four oppas.

3. Episode 16.

Needless to say, I am duly impressed that the correct answers were submitted in 43 minutes of the post going live. *amazed*

Today’s picture should be relatively “easy” if you’re a true Lee Sang Woo fan. 😉 So…who’s ready to play? I’m curious to see if one of you can beat our best record yet of 7 minutes for the series and scene or 43 minutes for all three answers. Good luck! And yes, I agree that LSW looks good in this picture. But then again, when does the man ever not look good. 😉

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15 thoughts on “Wednesday What?!: June 25th”

  1. 1. First Wives Club

    2. SeJo is on the plane leaving Korea, HwaShin arrives at the airport and misses him, calls him to leave the plane as she can’t join him. He sits there and jumps up only when the door is being closed.

    3. Episode 104

    1. Nayong! *jawdrop*

      That’s amazing!

      Ok now for the crucial question – is this worth watching? 104 episodes and more . . . Oof.

      1. Hi shl

        They showed this drama on Singapore TV, did you not catch it then?
        I bought dvds to watch this drama, very good subs but not so good quality dvd but hey as long as I can watch it I am not complaining!

        It’s a good drama about how these ahjummas cope when they find out their husbands cheat!
        The script is fantastic and so is the cast!
        Hilarious moments and ranting moments are there to keep you entertained!
        I recommend it! Jingja:P

        1. Hi Nayong!

          Unfortunately I missed it when it was screening. But I don’t watch much tv as hubby and kids monopolise the set!

          However I did see my MIL with the vcd set! I think one of her friends loaned it to her. I shall go check it out 😀

          Thanks for the recommendation!

      1. Welcome to our community, nourmth!
        Unfortunately, this drama is very difficult to find, especially subbed. I have yet to find a site for this and am currently contemplating whether to just buy the DVD set. 🙁 Sorry, I can’t give you better news…

        1. Worth every cents as this is my 1st drama watching LSW ‘ S acting.
          Brought my English Sub drama set from ioffer. com
          Been watching it at least 3 times already and share the drama sets around friends who are interested in him from this drama…
          What more can l say..

          1. *sigh* Between you and Nayong, I may very well succumb and purchase my own copy of the DVD. LOL

      1. 🙂 I was thinking “dashing,” but “charming” works, too! 😉
        So glad that you love this scene! If this is your first comment, welcome to our community, Christina!

        1. Thank you…I have following him since then.
          Moved on Don’t Hesitate, Life is Beautiful, The Road Home and so on.
          LSW ‘s very hard working..he’s getting better and better in each drama..
          Love his mesmerising smile and charming personality in all his dramas..
          Awesome! Awesome! Fighting Sang Woo..

          1. When this drama 1st shown in Singapore… I was thinking another boring drama and since there was nothing else for me to watch, l had no choice till LSW shown up around 33 episode, then l was paying attention and didn’t failed to return home to watch it..since then it was history watching Korean dramas series again..

  2. 1. Fwc
    2. In the airplane
    3. Episode towards the end of the drama. Hehe. When he wanted to leave because of his broken heart.

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