Wednesday What?!: June 11th

Wednesday What Purple

I hope you’re all trudging through this week like troopers! 🙂

Given the recent news about Lee Seung Gi’s eye injury, I thought that it would be appropriate to feature him in this week’s “guess that scene” as a sort of get-well wish. If my logic doesn’t make sense to you, just go with it; I’m in the middle of finals week and can’t vouch for the things that come out of my brain these days. 😉 

Here’s our second “Wednesday What?!” picture. Please identify the episode and specific scene. 🙂 My suspicion is that the mystery will be solved in even less time than last week’s. 🙂

K2H - 8.2

However, if by Saturday, no one has guessed the scene, I’ll start leaving you clues…although I’m sure a certain sneaky little ninja will know the answer even if no one else does and preclude my needing to help. 😉

So…who’s going to be titled this week’s TRUE Kdrama fan? 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Wednesday What?!: June 11th”

  1. Aha! King 2 Hearts!

    When Jae Kang has been assassinated and Jae Ha is now king.

    I think this is when he’s staring at his brother’s portrait; he’s supposed to be selecting password/ password phrases for the voice-activated king’s log. I can’t remember the phrases exactly (Mawiie will know) but I think one of them was something like ‘are you happy/ satisfied’?

  2. Ack!!! Shl answered before me!!! I was in the timezone disadvantage, but I knew it I swear!!!

    It was indeed a scene in ep8, when he’s just assumed his new king function. He had to choose a new password for his video diary. shl was right: the password to activate the diary was ‘are you happy now’, and the one to deactivate was ‘what are you looking at?’ 😀

    On a side note, I hope my Oppa will get better soon 🙁

      1. Hi Mawiie & NewKDA!

        I was really surprised Mawiie wasn’t commenting first and figured it must be due to the time difference (it’s night where I am now).

        Anyway, you’re one better, Mawiie, cos I couldn’t remember the episode no.! I did remember that was the week that two episodes aired back-to-back, and they were gut-wrenching. Those episodes convinced me LSG could do more than play arrogant chaebol types. Wishing him a speedy recovery too.

        1. Hi unni! It’s been a while! I hope you’ve been well <3 I see you pop in about once a week now, which is a good sign since you usually drop by every month only! hehe

          Sorry Grace for hijacking the comment section for my social calls LOL

          1. No problemo! Why can’t our comment section be for these social calls? After all, we’re a community, right? 😉 This is community building! 😀

          2. Gosh! No one’s ever called me ‘unni’ before! Apart from being one of the youngest in my family, no one watches kdramas except me. Awww. You brought tears to my eyes 🙂

            I hope you’re keeping well too. Real life/ working life can be really draining sometimes. The clay! The clay! And of course, kdramas. Both of those should help you maintain sanity 😀

            ST, I love the community you’ve ‘founded’. Sounds like a hippie colony!

    1. I thought that you would appreciate this week’s selection. 🙂
      Next week’s will be a bit more challenging. 😉

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