Wednesday What?!: August 6

Wednesday What Green

Woohoo~! Summer session is officially over for me, and not a moment too soon if I want to catch up and clear off some blog posts on my “to do” list. The sooner I do so, the better.


Three words: The. Three. Musketeers. 😉

In the meanwhile, it’s finally Wednesday, and you know what this means! The game’s afoot, Twinkles! 😉

Wednesday What 08-05-14

You know the drill. The challenge is to name the following:

1. The series…fairly easy.

2. The scene…a bit harder.

3. The episode…must be a true Kdrama aficionado. 😉

So…who’s going to be titled this week’s TRUE Kdrama fan? This week continues my little jaunts back in time to a series that sucked me in and took complete control of my life for a few months. In fact, I have it on record that it consumed a good number of female viewers in Korea as well, including one of my old college friends currently living in Seoul whose husband jokingly threatened to throw out their television if she didn’t start paying more attention to him.

*happy sigh* Yup, it was THAT. GOOD!

As for last week’s picture, as I expected tessieroo was able to guess all three components of the picture in a little over a day. I admit that I was puzzled by how “long” the solution took, but apparently, a good number of you don’t remember the series. Hmm…interesting. I wonder why since I absolutely loved Rex and Sang Mi in the show. *sheepish grin* I confess to a classic case of second-lead syndrome. In any case, here are the answers to last week’s puzzle:

1. Over the Rainbow (aired back in 2006)

2. This is the hilarious scene in which Rex feeds Sang Mi a late-night snack, completely dumbfounded by his realization that he’s in love with her. As she eats, he tells her that he dislikes girls like her, delineating each point about her that he “dislikes.” *rolls eyes* Talk about pulling on a girl’s pigtails to let her know that he likes her, right? *shakes head*

3. Episode 15

I’m curious to see how long it takes for someone in this community to correctly identify all three components of this week’s picture. It shouldn’t be too difficult this week, right? 😉

Happy guessing, Twinkles!

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday What?!: August 6”

  1. No, I’m not trying to join in the guessing game since I only started watching k-dramas last 2007 and I haven’t get a chance to see all those dramas out there. But I want to know, is that Jo In Sung?

    1. Wow, that’s great recognition. I was trying to figure out if that’s Kwon Sang Woo 😀 and then I thought it looked a lot like In Woo in Glorious Day. Haha. Time to watch more dramas!

  2. I know the drama but not the episode
    Grace, you recommended me this drama few years back!
    1. Spring Days
    2. I know Eun Sup asked Jung Eun to shave him but I really can’t remember which episode

    Just loved Jo In Sung here ( my first time seeing him) and Ms Go is so young and pretty

    Anyway, lets see who will know the episode!

    1. This is so funny because I was just wondering if I should try watching this the other day. I guess I should 🙂

  3. Spring Days
    When Eun Seop follows Jeong Eun back to her island. They play act at being a married couple . Around episode 16?
    One of my favorite dramas. Actually have the boxed set.

  4. Greeeeaaat. Now I am going to have to watch Spring Day. I don’t have time!?!?! The semester is starting soon and I have yet to prep for classes. . . but . . . Go Hyun Jung is one of my favorite actresses EVER, but I haven’t gone back and watched many of her older things (only been watching dramas since 2011)! And then to find out she was in a drama with Jo in Sung and Ji Jin Hee? If you guys like her, you should also try H.I.T.; it is a crime drama but very good. Ha Jung Woo was in it before he became a movie star.

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