Wednesday What?!: August 12, 2015


Happy Wednesday, Twinkles! Woohoo~! It’s Wednesday, and you know what this means! 😉

Last week’s challenge was quickly answered by Luthien, who proved that good shows are never forgotten by Twinkles! 😉  If you’re curious about the comments, you can view the comments here.

Now, shall we proceed with this week’s challenge? Everyone ready? It’s Wednesday, Twinkles! *blows noisemaker* And you know what this means. *wiggles eyebrows* The game’s afoot!

WW 08-12-15 2

You know the drill, Twinkles.

1. The series…fairly easy.

2. The scene…a bit harder.

3. The episode…must be a true Kdrama aficionado. 😉

So…who’s going to be titled this week’s TRUE Kdrama fan? I suspect that a good number of you will know the answer to this one, though. 😉 It was such a heartwarming scene, wouldn’t you agree? Hopefully, many of you are giving this series some serious love and know the exact moment of the above screen capture. 🙂 Happy guessing!

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  1. ahah I just watched this episode. Mrs. Cop, episode 4. Min Do Yeong caught a suspect earlier in the episode and she has been complimented by her superior Choe Yeong Jin that she admires. She is so happy about it.

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