We Got Married: YY Couple (August 23, 2014 – Episode 234)

WGM 234 cover
Script: They really can’t take pictures. A snapshot with a dam that’s not even visible.

My other lovely Park Se Young couple–YY Couple–meet up for a morning jog, and already, Woo Young has some choice things to say about her see-thru attire. Heh. What’s he going to do when he realizes just how many kissing scenes Se Young has with Lee Sang Woo?

Let’s take a look at the YY Couple’s adventure in this 234th installment of We Got Married

You can watch the full raw episode here for part I and part II.  


WGM 234.1
Script: Anticipation. Anticipation

As I mentioned in the introduction, the YY Couple meet for an early morning job, and Woo Young already shows signs of jealousy as he claims Se Young’s attire is a bit too short and too “visible” for the general public. Heh. He’s totally fine if her attire is just for him, the little scamp! LOL

After their jog, they are unexpectedly given a mission envelope, which contains 500,000 won for them to spend on a summer vacation trip. Naturally, the two are thrilled and can’t believe that they’re given this boon in addition to their recently acquired new home.

WGM 234.2

So how do these two plan to spend their surprise summer vacation? Since Se Young bikes really well–I love how her biking abilities were blended into Glorious Day episodes–they decide to go on a biking trip. Hmmm…I get the feeling Korea’s going to be seeing a lot of biking couples in the next few months if they’re not around already. 😉

And as befitting of our child-like couple, they can’t seem to stop horsing around, goofing off as they wait for the subway designed specifically for bicyclers.

WGM 234.3
Script: What should we eat?

Once they’re nicely situated inside and on their way, their conversation turns to food…of course. Heh.

WGM 234.4

After they decide on splurging on eel, the two take pictures, using Se Young’s new cell phone extender.

WGM 234.5

And once they get off at their destination, they can’t believe how cool the weather is and how exhilarating the bike ride is.

WGM 234.6
Script: Se Young who rides expertly without using her hands

To show how excited they are, the two start to ride without hands…and that’s when we learn that Se Young rides really well. When she tries to engage Woo Young in a who-rides-better game, Woo Young doesn’t even attempt to play the game. He simply concedes defeat…and fully acknowledges that Se Young is better than he at everything. Aw…poor Woo Young. 🙂

WGM 234.7

They arrive at their first destination–a dam–and Se Young pulls out her extender and cell phone for a picture-perfect moment. Woo Young plays at fishing and catching dragonflies with the extender while he waits for Se Young to set up her camera.

WGM 234.8

Aw…these two are looking cuter and cuter together with each subsequent episode! *resists urge to hug them and pinch their cheeks*

WGM 234.10

Stopping at a rest stop, Woo Young buys one water bottle and manages to get it away from Se Young. Fearing sabotage from his wife, he holds her back as he drinks the cool water…so she can’t do anything to interrupt his drinking. Heh. She’s trained him well. 😉

WGM 234.11
Script: Eel Eel Eel!

Like a little kid, Woo Young shouts, “EelEelEel!” as soon as Se Young opens the menu.

WGM 234.12

He’s so excited when their seafood pancake–their appetizer–arrives that he stuffs a piece quickly into his mouth and suffers in agony as the hot pancake burns the inside of his mouth. *shakes head* The screen flashbacks to his ramyun incident back at the sauna. Se Young quickly hands him a cold cup of water and apologizes for not blowing it cool for him…all the while telling him not to spit out his food again. LOL

WGM 234.13
Script: Are you sure?

When Se Young attempts to feed him a piece of the pancake, Woo Young asks if she blew on it to cool it down. To humor him, Se Young blows on the piece a few times before feeding it to him. Heh…these two….

Of course, Se Young’s impish side makes another appearance as she tastes a piece of hot chili pepper. When Woo Young asks her if it’s spicy as she tries to feed it to him, she feigns no, reassuring him that they have a similar tolerance for spicy foods.

WGM 234.14
Script: It’s really spicy

Of course, Se Young was completing putting on an act–ever the consummate actress–and as Woo Young reacts to the chili, she allows herself the luxury to now fan her burning mouth.

WGM 234.15
Script: Now she confesses. It’s really spicy

Oh Se Young…You’re so cruel playing such jokes on Woo Young, who just never seems to really learn. Heh.

WGM 234.16
Script: She’s caught well and good. Take out the chili pepper.

Woo Young quickly shows, though, that he does learn the wily ways of his crafty wife as he catches her shoving a few chili pepper pieces into his food and tells her to take them out. *nods in approval* Good boy, Woo Young! You’re catching on. 😉

However, as Se Young insists on feeding him eel after eel, Woo Young becomes suspicious and wonders what’s up with his wife.

We quickly learn exactly why Se Young was feeding him all that food and trying to get him in a good mood: She’s planning on taking him paragliding! We’re reminded of their time at the amusement part and how Woo Young didn’t really like heights.

Surprisingly, Woo Young shows that he’s still a man she can trust and lean on as he coolly agrees to the paragliding…even when it eats up the bulk of their funds.

So…let’s do a quick count of the funds. They started off with 500,000 won and with all the travel and meal expenses, they end up with 381,500. The paragliding costs them 280,000, leaving them 101,500 won with which to pay for their sleeping accommodations and the travel back to Seoul…not to mention whatever food they need to eat as they return. Hmmm…should be interesting to see how they deal with the remaining funds. 🙂

As for their trip up to the top of the small mountain/hill for their grand paragliding adventure, it’s a sheer tortuous 25-minute ride in a truck that has them wondering if they made a wise decision, proving once again the truth behind the adage, “No pain, no gain.” 😉

Preview for next week:

Woo Young helps Se Young practice her lines for her Jung Da Jung role and erupts in a jealous fit as he realizes just how “close” Da Jung and Jae Woo have gotten over the past few episodes.

WGM 234.18
Script: He erupts at the increasingly affectionate scene

Oh yeah, next week is going to be quite fun as we see Woo Young’s green-eyed monster make its first full appearance.

WGM 230.1

We had a glimpse of it in Episode 230 as he asked Se Young who she liked more…Woo Young or Lee Sang Woo?

WGM 232.1
Script: You stayed up the whole night again? With…that Seo Jae Woo guy?

Then in Episode 232, he asked in concern why she looked so tired and then quickly asked if she spent the entire night with that Seo Jae Woo character since Se Young had corrected him in Episode 230 that it was Seo Jae Woo, not Lee Sang Woo. LOL. Yup, next week’s episode is going to be a fun one to watch! 😉

Until then…have a “glorious” weekend, Twinkles!

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