We Got Married: Woo Young – Se Young (June 28, 2014 – Episode 226)

WGM 226.28
Script: We’re the best!

As much as I love watching Park Se Young on Glorious Day, she shines in a different way in We Got Married with her co-star/husband Jang Woo Young. Why are they so cute together?! I just want to tuck them into my pocket and carry them around, taking them out during my work week whenever I need a lift-me-up. 😉

Let’s just plunge right in and check out the next installment of their love story…

You can watch the raw episode here


With the octopuses successfully captured, the two turn their attention to shopping for the rest of the ingredients.

WGM 226.1
Script: First, it’s best to go with octopus pancake!

Riding a cute little bike/car, the Young-Young couple decide upon octopus pancake as their first dish.

WGM 226.2
Script: (Woo Young: My phone) Now, she just freely opens his cell phone. (arrow: Woo Young’s cell phone)

Once at the market, Se Young commandeers Woo Young’s phone and demonstrates just how close they’ve become. 🙂

WGM 226.3
Script: Wait a minute. He put too many…

Back at the campsite, Se Young looks dubiously at the package of dried anchovies that Woo Young is using as soup stock, asking him if he shouldn’t first wash the fish. Uh…yeah, you should really wash them first, Woo Young. Of course, Woo Young blithely tells her that there’s no need. This, in addition to initially pouring too many anchovies in the pot only to fish them out again, does not bode well for their cooking competition. LOL

WGM 226.4
Script: You didn’t receive it yet?

As they get ready to cook, they receive a phone call from their competition, who wonders why Woo Young hasn’t deposited the money for the “great” items that she sold him. Se Young, ever the “good” wife, pretends that they didn’t receive the packages yet.

WGM 226.5
Script: We don’t have a single bill of money!

Flustered by the probing questions, Woo Young hands over the phone to Se Young, who expertly deals with the sticky situation, lying telling the unni (Hong Jin Young) that they can’t possibly pay her now because they’re camping and have no money. LOL

WGM 226.6
Script: *pleased*

Of course, in the private interview, Se Young confesses that she has no intentions of ever paying for something that Woo Young had been swindled into buying. She brazenly claims that she’s got to protect her man. LOL The look on her face…! So devious! LOL

WGM 226.7

Conversation moves to discussion of the ongoing cooking competition, and Se Young–ever the consummate actress–pretends that they haven’t even gone shopping for ingredients and asks what the other team is preparing. When Woo Young makes chopping noises that contradict Se Young’s words, Se Young motions quickly for Woo Young to stop. Heh…she’s quite the competitor~!

WGM 226.8
Script: (Jin Young: hesitates) This…just…can I tell you?

Completely without guile, Jin Young hesitates at first about revealing her couple’s dishes but eventually ends up telling Se Young everything!

WGM 226.9
Q: Now that you’ve seen your wife’s acting…
Woo Young: Ah…my wife…she’s not your usual…

Observing his wife at “work,” Woo Young is simply amazed that he’s married such a competent wife. LOL

WGM 226.10

Having gathered all the necessary intel on their rivals, Se Young and Woo Young turn their attention to cooking. First on the list is “preparing” the octopus. At Woo Young’s squeamish attempts, Se Young competently takes over…again. Heh…Why do I never get sick of her showing her strengths? ;’)

WGM 226.12

In typical Young-Young couple fashion, Se Young has to do damage control with each dish that Woo Young ruins.

WGM 226.13
Script: As always, Se Young’s role is to sort things out (Se Young: Ack!)

When they prepare what’s to become the appetizer and Woo Young puts too much of “stuff” into the mixing bowl, Se Young decides to just go with the flow in support of her husband…even though it just kills her to do things in such a weird way. Heh.

WGM 226.14
Script: In one hour and thirty minutes, they complete three octopus dishes…!

Surprisingly, their entry for the campsite cooking competition turns out better than they expect…

WGM 226.16
Script: Anticipation

Woo Young waits for Se Young to take the first bite…and she exclaims how unexpectedly delicious the octopus pancake is.

WGM 226.17

When they move on to the second dish, Woo Young is so anxious to try the dish that Se Young has to tell him to calm down a bit. LOL

WGM 226.18
Script: Yes! You can cry.

As Se Young scoops out a serving for him, Woo Young asks if he can just cry…because he’s so overwhelmed by what they’ve accomplished. Se Young, in her usual Se Young way, tells him that he can…that he should. LOL

WGM 226.19
Script: Sigh~I can’t wait~

Se Young tries to wait for Woo Young to take the first bite this time, but her man just talks…and talks…and talks about the food that she finally tells him that she can’t wait any longer and takes a bite. LOL

WGM 226.20
Script: It’s as if the octopus is swimming in his mouth! (Meaning that it’s sooooo good!)

Woo Young talks just a bit more before he finally takes a bite of the soup. I think his expression above speaks volumes of his impression of the dish, don’t you? 😉

WGM 226.21

As Se Young continues to eat spoonful after spoonful of the soup, Woo Young pretends to cry after just his first bite…so overwhelmed by the flavor of the soup. The script above indicates the sound of tears. LOL

WGM 226.22
Script: Please pick us <3

After tasting their third and final dish, Woo Young cutely asks viewers to please vote for his couple’s dishes, making a “heart” sign to emphasize his request. Heh…too cute!

WGM 226.23
Script: (promotion) You can vote via Internet once the episode airs

As a way to promote their food and increase their chances of winning the first place prize–overseas trip together–they ask passers-by to taste-taste their food and give them their honest opinion as a sort of testimony for the voting viewers.

WGM 226.24
Woo Young: Even like this, do you think that you can marry me?
Se Young: (What’s he saying) I already married you!

With their mission accomplished, the two take a moment to relax on the beach, the hilarious moments never ceasing with these two as Woo Young takes off his baseball cap, and Se Young tries to hide his matted hat-hair from the camera’s view. Aw…ever the protective wife. Heh.

WGM 226.26

The two then decide to write each other meaningful messages with sparklers, and as Woo Young tries to write, “I think I married well,” Se Young beats him to the punchline–as usual–and tells him that she thinks he’s done well for himself with her, too. Heh.

WGM 226.27

He then cajoles Se Young into shouting “We’re the best!” with him, and despite the fact that the corny phrase makes her cringe, Se Young supports her husband by doing as he suggests.

WGM 226.28

So when Woo Young shouts, “We’re…,” she answers with “…the best!”


Aw…these two are absolutely adorable together. 🙂 Although I’m sure this persona of Se Young’s on this show is a bit staged, I can’t help but appreciate the various qualities that she has to complement Woo Young’s persona.

*warm fuzzies* They are seriously so adorable together! 🙂

Based on this segment, I think it’s safe to say that this couple has the competition won, don’t you? 😉

Until next time then, Twinkles!

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  1. Hehe…you’re right! Looking at the dishes and effort, they are absolute winners…but in terms of popularity, they are second among three…let’s just hope people do vote based on their dishes….they have all my votes and love, though!

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