We Got Married: Woo Young – Se Young (June 21, 2014 – Ep. 225)

WGM 215.10

What did I watch during my workout session today? Yup, you guessed it! I finally got around to watching another episode of We Got Married. About time, huh? 😀 *cough cough* Let’s just say that a certain little 50+ episode drama has been keeping me quite occupied recently. 😉

In any case, this episode of our beloved Young-Young couple is adorable…as usual. Let’s take a look at how their onscreen relationship continues to develop!

You can watch the raw video of the full episode here (Part 1) and (Part 2).  


The episode picks up with Woo Young and Se Young finalizing their little camping area…which includes their trusty hammock and stuffed animals!

WGM 215.1
Script reads: *pat pat* The all grown-up baby Woo Young…

Exhausted after all the setting up, Woo Young takes a quick rest on Se Young’s lap. The peace doesn’t last long, though, as Woo Young brings in two oddly familiar and suspicious-looking boxes…

Oh no! He didn’t!

WGM 215.2
Script reads: “Shaking the tambourine in anger”

Yup, he did~! He bought all the “junk” from the other couple, and Se Young’s none too pleased.

WGM 215.3

Ever the “wise” wife, she has Woo Young try on everything…as punishment, of course. 😉 She has him wear the double-eyelid-creasing glasses and takes a picture of the moment for prosperity’s sake.

WGM 215.4

She then has Woo Young wear the drink helmet and “encourages” him to drink all of the cola in BOTH cups. Heh. She knows how to teach her man a lesson. 😉

WGM 215.5

However, Woo Young is not without resources of his own as he asks for water and then proceeds to act the baby by threatening to spit the water at Se Young. Of course, the commentators in the studio are aghast at the natural skinship that’s developed between these two. Hmmm…I’ll say. They’re no longer holding discussions about holding hands and such; they’re now just holding hands, among other things. 😉

WGM 215.6
Script reads: “Carbonated drink…Right now, I’m too tired, so let’s drink it later!”

Dizzy from all the carbonation, Woo Young borrows Se Young’s lap, and the two share a quiet moment together, Woo Young all the while trying to get Se Young to drink some of the cola in retaliation. Heh. Not happening, Woo Young! She’s much smarter than you!

WGM 215.7
Script reads: “*pleased* Our Woo Young is growing up quite nicely <3”

In their private interviews, Woo Young admits to this fact: “My wife is way above me.” Se Young happily reports during hers that “her” Woo Young is now growing up quite nicely. Heh.

WGM 215.8

However, the producers are not ones to let them simply rest and present them with a mission card. Their newest mission? Take part in a camping cook off against the other two couples for the chance to win a fabulous prize package.

WGM 215.9
Script reads: “Ack! What is this!!!”

The two decide upon an octopus dish and make preparations…by actually going to dig for octopus! Whoa~!

WGM 215.11
Script reads: “What is this, this feeling of despair…”

After digging…and digging…and digging, Woo Young falls back and watches as the professional octopus digger/ahjusshi comes to their aid and shows them how it’s supposed to be done. Heh.

WGM 215.12
Script reads: You stay put, punk!

Our little Young-Young couple refuse to be defeated and regroup for another strategic attack against the hiding octopus.

WGM 215.13

Mission accomplished, the two continue their hard work and are able to capture not just one or two…but three octopuses!

WGM 215.14
Script reads: “While capturing octopuses, she may kill her husband” (loose translation of the text with the Korean pun on the word “capture” and “kill” which are the same phrase)

Their segment ends with Se Young trotting off to see what the professional ahjusshi is doing all the while exclaiming how she loves hunting for octopuses. As for Woo Young, he sits numbly in the mud…in complete exhaustion and stupefied stupor. Heh.


As much as I’ve been gushing about Da Jung and Jae Woo, I still find myself ooooohing and ahhhhhing over this couple as well. I mean, how can I not when Woo Young and Se Young are so adorable together? We see a whole different side of Se Young that’s not readily apparent in her character Jung Da Jung. Or at least the onscreen persona that she’s presenting via this reality show. 😉

I know that I’m quite behind in watching their online romance unfold, but I’m determined to catch up now that I’m treadmilling again on a regular basis. 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll join me in keeping tabs on this couple as well. 🙂

Until Episode 216 then!

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  1. Hi! It’s me again…LOL….I love love love this episode so much…yes, SY is miles different from DJ…she’s so brave and brutally honest sometimes in WGM, making me fear for her reputation…haha….But I love that she has opened up a LOT towards his skinship…and showing more aegyo that WY loves so much. They are trying to match each other’s wants. As much as WY is a grown-up baby…I think only a true man can deal with such strong character that SY is…

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