We Got Married: Woo Young – Se Young (June 14, 2014 – Ep. 224)

WGM 224.1
2PM members strike a pose…even in the midst of a game of Twister. Gotta love these boys!

I’m back with a revived corner of We Got Married…at least for the summer or until my beloved Young-Young couple finish their run on the show. 🙂

Since I’ve been enamored with Glorious Day, I’ve also been keeping up with just the Se Young – Woo Young segments of the series…you know, just to keep up with the other “Se Young couple.” 😉 After all, I’ve got to keep an eye out for her, given that she’s portraying the other half of my lovable turtle couple!

You can watch the raw video of the episode here


The episode resumes with Se Young and her two girlfriends pairing up with Woo Young and his two 2PM buddies for a rousing game of Twister. As “fate” would have it, Woo Young gets paired with Se Young.

Coincidence? Heh. I think not! According to the show, it’s “fate”! And Woo Young declares that Se Young can’t marry anyone else now; they’re meant to be. Pffffft.

WGM 224.2

Like the caring wife that Se Young portrays, she continues to look after Woo Young. How? When his shirt starts to slide down, she casually walks over and pulls his shirt back to cover his back…and continues to hold it down for him until he’s in a “better” position.

WGM 224.3

Unfortunately, Woo Young is the first to lose, and the couple submit to a “punishment”: a backhug from Woo Young while he whispers “My princess” in Se Young’s ear. Pfffft. The studio commentators wonder if this is a reward or a “punishment.” Heh…I’m inclined to agree with them. I’m not seeing much of a punishment here. 😉

WGM 224.4

Of course, Woo Young stutters as he says, “M…my…my princess” and Se Young just about dies from embarrassed delight.

The couple then receives a mission card–this time in a red envelope–that tells them they are to go on a camping trip. Given the choice of going to the mountains or to the beach, Se Young and Woo Young opt for the beach and drive off, Se Young at the wheels this time.

During the drive, Woo Young turns on their recently completed duet, and the two of them excitedly sing along as they cruise down the highway to their destination. They really do sound great together! I can’t wait to get my hands on the recording…one of these days! *determined*

Along the way, they stop at a rest area and play a series of “competitive” games for food and snacks.

Poor Woo Young…in almost every single game, he’s shown up by Se Young, who just seems to be better than he. *sigh* Poor guy. LOL

The female commentators wonder if this isn’t humiliating for the man, and the male commentators agree but then add that the man will soon start to depend upon the woman in complete trust.

And wouldn’t you know it? Woo Young starts to do exactly that as they sit down to eat. According to Woo Young, a “HUGE” fly sits down on the sauce that he poured on one of the snack dishes–spelling out his and Se Young’s name–and as he yelps, Se Young quickly gets up, smacks the fly dead, and then carries the offending insect in a napkin for disposal in a nearby trash can.

Woo Young is left duly impressed while Se Young tries to quickly move on to the next topic, not wanting to dwell on bugs or the fact that she just killed one…on national television no less. Heh. The two agree that Woo Young has married well. *chuckles* Agreed! Woo Young has definitely “married” well. 😉

This becomes even more evident when they reach their destination, and they are tasked with the mission to set up their own tent. Woo Young makes a veiled comment about how she’s experienced at setting up tents–Oh! He’s making a reference to her tent scene with Lee Sang Woo/Jae Woo!–and as we suspect, Se Young is a pro.

WGM 224.5

Mission completed, the two take a moment to rest, and Se Young–ever the loving “wife”–dabs the sweat beads off of Woo Young’s forehead.


I know that some of you may stage a minor revolt at the sight of Se Young with another man, but she’s so adorable that I couldn’t resist blogging about her with Woo Young as well. In my defense, I think that it’ll be interesting to see how she interacts with other male co-stars…to see whether she has just as much chemistry with Woo Young as she does with Lee Sang Woo. From what I hear, she’s a chameleon actress, a perfect fit for any male co-star with whom she pairs. I believe a number of you adored her in her role as the young queen in Faith.

In any case, I hope you’ll join me in this little romp each week. Woo Young reminds me a bit of In Woo, and it’ll be fun to see how Se Young–although she’s not Da Jung–interacts with an “In Woo”esque character. 😉

Until the next segment then!

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10 thoughts on “We Got Married: Woo Young – Se Young (June 14, 2014 – Ep. 224)”

  1. She is a chameleon! I remember how much I shipped her and the king in Faith, heck when all else went crazy with that show, those two remained to be the reason for me to watch that show! Also in school 2013, I think I shipped her with lee jeong suk, Kim woo bin, and even Daniel Choi. I am glad that she can have chemistry with anybody, but at the same time still be down to earth and kill a fly on national tv 🙂 Girl power!

  2. Se Young is just awesome. i came to know her through faith and since than she has charmed me countless times. can’t get enough of her. to tell you the truth, i can’t help but ship her with all her co-stars. but rite now my fav is her pairing with jaewoo… hehe n am glad i can watch her in We got married and be more charmed by her girl power. Se Young is simply DAEBAK.

  3. other than seyoung’s experience with lee sang woo in glorious day, she built tent with park shin hye too in camping log back in 2013 🙂

    i am sure gonna read your wgm review on top of all the glorious day fiesta. thank you!

  4. I love SY and WY together…so much so I felt guilty watching Glorious Day…LOL…but it’s guilty pleasure, so it’s double dose for me every weekend. I love their bickerings and when they make up and take care of each other…thanks for sharing your take on them!

    1. They are TOO cute! Oddly enough, I, too, feel a bit guilty rooting for Woo Young when I watch WGM and then for Jae Woo when I watch Glorious Day. LOL

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