We Got Married: Woo Young – Se Young (August 16, 2014 – Episode 233)

WGM 233.1
(Translation) In this way, the couple look.

It’s been a while since I last checked in with the Young-Young couple, and in the time that I’ve been away from them, they’ve grown surprisingly close! Truly!

And I don’t know about you all, but I’m really liking Park Se Young with Jang Woo Young together–even more than I did before–after watching them today…so much so that I’m seriously torn between wanting her with Lee Sang Woo and wanting her with her dear Woo Young. *goes into squee-fest* They are so adorable together!

You can watch the raw episode here (Part I and Part II) or here


“Homeless” for the past however many episodes, the two finish performing their mission–singing a congratulatory song at a wedding–and hope that the people at the wedding will vote for them to have a new home. They need to get a certain percentage of the votes–if memory serves me well, I think it was 80%–in order for them to succeed in their mission and receive a new home from the show.

Meanwhile, Woo Young takes Se Young back to their first meeting place, the chocolate cafe, to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

WGM 233.2
(Translation) Even so, wow~Thank you <3 (Woo Young had blown the heart candle into the chocolate)

There, Woo Young showers her with gifts, starting with a puzzle of their wedding…

WGM 233.3

…and ending with a warm hug at the conclusion of his birthday song to Se Young.

Thankfully, as “icing on the cake,” Se Young and Woo Young are granted a new home…More than 98% of the wedding attendants voted for them. 🙂

WGM 233.4
(Translation) New House Entry. *Chope!* (Korean sound of Woo Young licking/sucking on his fingers…again! LOL)

As a way to celebrate their new house, the two order chicken and enjoy a delicious snack together…until Se Young notices that Woo Young is licking the sauce off of his fingers…and then trying to feed her something using those very fingers that he just finished licking.

WGM 233.5
(Translation) The feeding of the licked radish that even love cannot overcome…

Of course, Se Young neatly avoids Woo Young’s attempts to feed her. LOL.

WGM 233.6
(Translation) Looking pleased: Definitely, one must get married!

And their segment ends with the two of them getting ready for bed all lovey-dovey as any newlyweds. Aw…


Due to my weekend schedule, I haven’t been keeping up with We Got Married recently, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I checked last week’s episode to find our little Young-Young couple so much closer than I last saw them. *beams*

They are too adorable for words!

Would Glorious Day fans get upset with me if I mention that I really like Park Se Young’s persona here a lot more than I do Jung Da Jung’s?

*sigh* Such a dilemma…I’m liking both Park Se Young + Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young + Jang Woo Young.

*shakes head* What a problem to have! LOL. Talk about silly first-world problems! 😉 Let me know if you’re also watching the Young-Young couple. I’d love to hear what you think of them. 😀

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  1. I watch them regularly and find them too cute for words. She’s more inclined to take the lead here, while he acts all cutsey. Yet he can be very supportive of her and tease her silly.

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