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I can’t believe the month of October is over after today and with it, the opportunity for more walks down memory lane for 2016. 🙁

Ah well, all good things must come to an end at some time, I suppose, and there’s always next year as bittersweet as this may seem right now. On the bright side, it’ll just make us anticipate the “Walk down Memory Lane” for 2017 all the more! 😉

For our fourth and final memory for 2016’s “Walk down Memory Lane” then, I thought it only fitting that we conclude this year’s stroll through our memories with the blockbuster of 2013. 🙂 Thanks for being a part of so many wonderful memories…!

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As expected, we get our happily ever after as the series concludes by tying up all loose ends and leaving us viewers with warm fuzzies for all the couples: Joong Won and Gong Sil, the VP and the aunt, Gong Ri and Han Joo, and Kang Woo and Yi Ryung. It’s been a crazy 9 weeks but worth every second of the ride…yes, even with the one-episode extension, which surprisingly worked well to help prepare me for this final episode and goodbyes to these lovable characters.

I’ll be returning in the coming week to finish my recap of episode 6 and 8 as well as write up a final thoughts post, so until then, I hope you enjoy this “finale” recap of our beloved series The Master’s Sun. It’s been a blast journeying with you through Gong Sil and Joong Won’s world! ????

Link to the actual episode: here or here  

Recap: The episode picks up from the Palace Hotel balcony where Gong Sil and Joong Won are seated across from each other.

MS 17.1

Joong Won notes the change in Gong Sil, who tells him that she no longer sees ghosts and that she had contemplated coming by to see him since she’s just returned to Korea from her travels.

MS 17.2

Miffed that she had only contemplated seeing him when she claims to be normal now, Joong Won tests her story by pouring her a glass a wine in congratulations for returning to “normal.” Since he’s about to go into an important meeting, he pours himself a glass of water. Suspicious of Gong Sil’s story, he asks if she was just contemplating seeing him or whether she was wondering if she can go see him. He taunts her by telling her that a glass of wine shouldn’t be a problem for her if she truly no longer sees or hears ghosts.

Trying to hide her discomfort–ah, so Gong Sil’s still susceptible to ghosts–Gong Sil, nevertheless, downs the glass of wine to show him that she’s normal now. Slightly surprised by her drinking, Joong Won then pours her another glass, which Gong Sil drinks before excusing herself and reminding Joong Won that he has an important meeting to attend.

Once back inside the hotel, though, Gong Sil talks to an alcoholic ghost, telling her that she really wanted to have at least one conversation with Joong Won without a ghost being involved. Aw…this is a wish echoed throughout the episode by both Joong Won and Gong Sil. Poor things….

As Gong Sil drives away in a taxi, the ghost takes possession of her body and asks the taxi driver to redirect to a new location and that she needs to stop by somewhere to get a shovel. Why? The tree roots in her burial ground are poking into her, and she needs to chop them off.

Luckily, Joong Won catches up to the taxi and honks/convinces the driver to stop, something the taxi driver is only happy to do since Gong Sil’s talk of shovels and burial ground is freaking him out.

MS 17.3

Joong Won assesses the situation and confirms that Gong Sil is still susceptible to ghosts. Shooing the ghost away, he then hugs Gong Sil’s unconscious body to him closely.

MS 17.4

He tells her that if it’s because of the ghosts that she stayed away from him, he’ll let her long absence slide and not give her a hard time about not contacting him sooner.

MS 17.5

And the next scene takes us full circle to the beginning of their relationship as the camera cuts to Joong Won and Gong Sil on his bed. The only difference this time is that it’s Joong Won who’s awake and smiling tenderly at Gong Sil’s sleeping form.

MS 17.6

When she wakes up and opens her eyes, Joong Won asks if she’s awake and wonders aloud if she thinks she’s dreaming of him again because she’s wanted so much to sleep with him. At her silence, he asks if she’s slightly disappointed that her dream is so chaste, because if so, he can easily remedy that and motions for her to come closer.

MS 17.7

Of course, this invitation has the opposite effect as Gong Sil jerks awake and asks what she’s doing in his bed. Pfffft. Joong Won comments that things have indeed changed. Gong Sil is asking the “normal” questions now.

MS 17.8

He then proceeds to tell her that she got drunk and got kicked out of her taxi. Concerned whether he knows her secret, Gong Sil asks if she was all right. Joong Won replies that he wasn’t all right. She had tried to seduce him using various means last night. He barely resisted. LOL.

MS 17.9

Recalling the four-ghost parade of the past, Gong Sil gets possessed by a little girl ghost who clamors for ice cream and then more ice cream. Joong Won stops her from raiding his refrigerator by telling her, “Our little Gong Sil will get sick…You’ll also develop a paunch.”

MS 17.10

Ghost #2? The dead cat from downstairs. Joong Won observes her position and wonders if she’s the cat from downstairs to which Gong Sil “meows.”

MS 17.11

When Gong Sil cat tries to scratch him because he tries to touch her, Joong Won covers the “cat” with a blanket to shoo its ghost from Gong Sil.

MS 17.12

Placing her safely in his bed while he takes the sofa, he’s disturbed a third time by a French-speaking ghost who wants to sleep with him. He tells her that he won’t be able to accommodate her wishes since she’ll go poof as soon as he touches her and tells her to please just go back to sleep on his bed…alone. There’s only so much he can handle, and right now, he won’t be able to merely sleep next to her, holding her hand.

MS 17.13

Of course, the ghost ignores him, fingers his cheek, and then slumps against his body as it is forced out of Gong Sil’s body. Pffft. Poor Joong Won.

MS 17.14

Seated across the breakfast table from her now, Joong Won reassures Gong Sil that she just acted drunk. Nothing odd happened other than the fact that he had a difficult time sleeping next to her drunken form, only holding her hand. At this, Gong Sil is relieved.

MS 17.15

He thinks back to last night and recalls what Gong Sil had revealed: Gong Sil confesses how much she had missed him. Joong Won asks if she didn’t just miss his sheltering ability, and Gong Sil stresses that she had really really really missed him. She just couldn’t come see him because she still sees ghosts. However, since that fact can’t be changed, she now plans on coming to see him as a “normal” person. Once he falls in love with her, she plans on telling him that she still sees ghosts.

MS 17.16

Joong Won logically points out that he’s already head over heels in love with her. What does the order matter? Gong Sil throws down his hand and insists that the order does matter. She doesn’t want to meet him as a shelter-needing woman. She’s even earned a great deal of money that he likes, but her plans are all ruined now. She groans her anguish at her ruined plans while Joong Won realizes the full extent of Gong Sil’s intentions: If she can’t get rid of her powers, she’ll at least try to date him as a “normal” person…at least for the time being.

MS 17.17

As Gong Sil gets up to leave, Joong Won asks if a “loose” woman like her shouldn’t give her number to him after last night. Gong Sil hotly denies being a loose woman to which Joong Won smiles and says that he figured the then “haughty” Gong Sil wouldn’t give him her number, so he helped himself to it while she was asleep. Heh.

Joong Won threatens to spread rumors about her being loose if she doesn’t answer his phone call. Heh. So petty, Joong Won. Gong Sil tells him to not call her; she’ll call him. Joong Won asks if he can at least text her, which she allows.

MS 17.18

As Gong Sil leaves, Joong Won tells Gong Sil to try her best to woo him; he’ll do his best to cheer her on. Aw…

As Gong Sil leaves, the VP sees her and returns back to his wife without calling Joong Won out to join them on a morning walk/jog. When the aunt thinks about setting Joong Won up again with a woman, especially since Joong Won’s going to be leaving for Shanghai soon, the VP tries to dissuade his wife, arguing that Joong Won seems to still be waiting for “Bang Sil,” a name which sours his wife’s mood. Since Joong Won’s not coming out, she tells him that she’s going inside as well.  She doesn’t feel like exercising now. The VP comments that she seems to put Joong Won first before him, and to his surprise and hurt, she agrees: Joong Won is first, he’s second. The VP jokes that he needs to have a child so that someone will take his side. Heh…foreshadowing? ????

MS 17.19

Later that night, Kang Woo meets with Yi Ryung at one of their usual “date” spots. She had sent her manager as a paparazzi spy to keep an eye on Kang Woo as he bodyguards a diplomat. At her complaint that they always meet in isolated places like this, Kang Woo tells her that this is just one of the ways that he can protect her, which completely perks Yi Ryung up immediately. She asks if Kang Woo really means it. She still doesn’t feel as though he’s hers. Kang Woo tells her that the endangered whale (Yi Ryung) doesn’t seem to understand the situation between them very well. He’s been protecting her for a while now. Pleased, Yi Ryung then asks Kang Woo to a movie…a movie premiere.

Meanwhile, Gong Sil begins her Woo-Joong Won Campaign. First step? Buy the boardinghouse building…only it’s no longer owned by the same man. There’s a new owner…

MS 17.20

…Yup, Joong Won! Heh. He tells her that he’s the new owner; he bought the property because he heard that K Group and L Group were interested in developing something there. He plans on hindering their plans by refusing to sell. Heh. He asks if she’s only come here to talk business after she’s ignored all of his texts inquiring when she plans to actually call him.

Completely ignoring his question, she mutters that she’s short on money if the price is raised and instead asks if he’s asking for a higher price on the building than its current market value. Joong Won replies that the higher price is merely a formality. Surely, she isn’t thinking about leaving again for Europe to make more money? (She had previously told him that she made a great deal of money in Europe chasing ghosts away from a haunted house and selling the refurbished house for a huge profit.) He tells her there’s no need. She has the number to the owner of the building, and he can personally assure her that he’s familiar with the man and that the man is a complete pushover. All she has to do is callhim, and she should be able to negotiate the price down to her price range.

Gong Sil curtly refuses to call–not yet–and tells Joong Won to think of his asking price. She’ll come see him again at a later time.

MS 17.21

As Gong Sil gets ready to leave, Joong Won grumbles for her to at least return his texts if she won’t call him, a request to which she agrees.

MS 17.22

Secretary Kim asks if Joong Won didn’t buy that building because he claimed it was the most comfortable place, and Joong Won confirms that it was for Gong Sil to enjoy upon her return. When Secretary Kim wonders if Gong Sil hasn’t completely decided on getting back together with Joong Won, Joong Won tells him that she has; she’s just insisting on following a certain order. Waiting and allowing her this order is just killing him, though.

At this, Secretary Kim comments that Joong Won’s not in the habit of waiting for something that he really desires. Joong Won wonders if it would be all right for him to push Gong Sil’s plans along at his speed. Secretary Kim smiles and reminds him that one of the reasons that Joong Won has kept him by his side is so that he can advise Joong Won on Gong Sil matters. Joong Won springs up from his couch and goes chasing after Gong Sil. Secretary Kim applauds Joong Won’s speedy departure with a clap and “bravo.”

MS 17.23

He finds her talking to the trash can ghost, whom Gong Sil asks not to tell Joong Won of her still-present ghost-seeing abilities. Joong Won asks her to lunch…to negotiate the price of the building. Gong Sil tells him that she’s already eaten. He then asks her out to dinner. Gong Sil tells him that she’s meeting her sister for dinner. Heh…foiled!

At this second refusal for a date, Joong Won grumbles that he’s a highly requested dinner date himself. Does she know exactly how many women his aunt has arranged to eat with him? Gong Sil asks how many, and Joong Won muses how many he should say to get a jealous reaction from Gong Sil. At his response, Gong Sil comments that he’s met a few then, but he ignores that comment and tells her that this is no time for dilly-dallying. Gong Sil needs to throw away her plan and just seduce him. Now!

Surprised, Gong Sil asks if she said anything when she was drunk. Joong Won confesses that she completely filled him in on her plans, which appeal to him greatly. He doesn’t really care if she can or cannot see that trash can ghost. Surprised again, Gong Sil asks if he knows, and Joong Won replies by asking if she’s still afraid and hates herself.

Before he can hear her response, though, a mother and daughter walk by, and the trash can ghost flips the trash can lid and then shocks Gong Sil by getting up from his seat by the trash can to follow the mother and daughter. Gong Sil comments that, like always, she and Joong Won just can’t seem to have an important conversation without some talk of ghosts interrupting them.

Joong Won, telling Gong Sil that he’s become friends with the trash can ghost, insists on accompanying her as she follows the ghost. And that’s how they learn the sad story behind the trash can ghost. The mother and daughter tell them that the father died after a few months of pining away in regret and anguish three years ago…when he accidentally threw away the winning lottery ticket in that trash can, the very trash can he now guards.

MS 17.24

Hearing that the daughter can’t afford to hold her wedding at Kingdom–the father had wanted to give his daughter the best wedding money could buy–Joong Won steps in, introduces himself as the CEO of Kingdom, tells the daughter and mother that the father had been a benefactor to him, and offers her a complete wedding package of her choice…compliments of the house in honor of her father. The daughter thanks her father as she gushes over the unexpected turn of events.

MS 17.25

Back at Joong Won’s office, Joong Won asks if their time apart had been meaningless then since she still sees ghosts. Gong Sil tells him that although her abilities remain intact, she now knows why she sees and hears ghosts. During her three years as a ghost, she had encountered numerous ghosts, to whom she had made promises to fulfill as a living person. Knowing this now–that she’s keeping her promises to them–she no longer fears or hates herself. She’s accepted who she is. Joong Won comments that she has, indeed, returned a changed woman. Gong Sil adds that Yoo Jin Woo also taught her how to deal with difficult ghosts.

MS 17.26

While Gong Sil talks with Joong Won, Jin Woo wonders if he was an effective and good guide to Gong Sil. He then tells Joon Suk that he, too, should take a leaf out of Gong Sil’s book and return to his body. Even if he doesn’t want to wake up and have to study for his college entrance exams, life is a test, something that he must face…for the good and the bad. Joon Suk ruefully smiles and disappears to return to his own body as well.

MS 17.27

Back at the office, Joong Won suddenly slams his hands down on his desk and leans over intently to look into Gong Sil’s eyes. He asks for confirmation that she merely used the photographer as a ghost consultant…that she didn’t treat her guide the way she did him as a safe haven. Pfffft. I was wondering when that jealousy of his would strike.

MS 17.28

Gong Sil asks why he’s upset when he’s been eating dinners with his aunt and other ladies while she was gone. Joong Won retorts that he hasn’t eaten with his aunt since Gong Sil left and that he’s waited sooooo long in hunger. LOL Gong Sil smiles and tells him that she’ll call and invite him then. At his question of when, she merely replies, “Soon.”

MS 17.29

When Joong Won tries to push her for a more definitive date–like now!–she brushes him off and reminds him that he should go talk to the trash can ghost. After all, he’s friends with the ghost now. Joong Won grumbles why she’s mentioning ghosts in the middle of their important conversation. Unfazed, Gong Sil tells him to talk with the trash can ghost kindly and send him on his way to the afterlife.

MS 17.30
As Gong Sil smugly walks away, Joong Won mutters that she’s definitely changed. She’s developed expert skills now to lift and lower him at will. Heh. He yells after her, “Call me!”

MS 17.31

On her way out of Joong Won’s office, Gong Sil runs into his aunt who takes her to her husband’s office for a talk. There, she learns that Gong Sil plans on holding tightly to Joong Won this time. She comments that Gong Sil seems to have changed, and Gong Sil replies that the aunt has changed as well. She then gestures to her stomach and comments that the aunt is now housing a young soul. At the aunt’s curt request to keep the information to herself since she hasn’t decided what to do about her situation, Gong Sil tells her that the soul is a weak one who needs love and protection. She tells the aunt that she’s merely telling her a story of one person loving another person.

MS 17.32

Joong Won goes to talk to his friend and tells him that it’s time to move on. Despite the heartache of losing the lottery ticket, the ghost’s daughter is now happy and about to have the wedding of her dreams. Shouldn’t he move on? Joong Won tells him that he himself has pushed aside all other “better,” regrettable opportunities to hold onto Gong Sil…because she’s his sun that’s shining high above the sky.

MS 17.33

She’s so bright that his eyes are blinded by her, and he’s so happy that he can die. Joong Won asks his “friend” if he thinks Joong Won will get married soon…earlier than his daughter. LOL. He prompts his “friend” to spin the lid in encouragement for his imminent wedding to Gong Sil. Aw…

MS 17.34

The aunt, for her part, starts to envision what her future might look like with this new little soul. She realizes that if she loses the baby, she may avoid the heartaches and difficulties associated with this new development, but as Gong Sil pointed out, she’ll also never experience the happiness that’s possible for her.

MS 17.35

Later that night, having dinner with her husband and as he plans their 5-year anniversary trip, she tells her husband that she won’t be going on the trip. He asks what she’ll be doing instead. She replies, “Having a baby.” Thrilled, he walks over to her, kneels before her, and hugs her tightly to him in celebration of their growing family. He assures her that he’ll help her as much as he possibly can and calls her “Chul Suk’s mom” in reference to her comment that she may not even remember his name. Aw…

Meanwhile, Kang Woo agrees to walk the red carpet with Yi Ryung, and Gong Sil finalizes the sale on the boarding house building with Secretary Kim. She mutters that Joong Won really didn’t budge on the selling price. Secretary Kim congratulates her on her acquisition and reminds her that he’s on her side.

MS 17.36

Joong Won, for his part, is dying…as he waits impatiently for her phone call. Heh…I guess this was why he turned off his phone during that Shanghai trip, huh? LOL. Irritated beyond his reason, he starts to talk to the French-speaking ghost as if she’s still there in his place. Should he again wait for her call tonight?

MS 17.37

When Gong Sil finally calls, he tells himself firmly to not answer until the phone has rung at least 5 times…

MS 17.38

…but he can’t help himself from answering after the count of 1…and expresses his displeasure that Gong Sil called so late.

MS 17.39

Teasing him a bit, Gong Sil invites him over to her place.

MS 17.40

Pretending to calmly accept her invitation, Joong Won promises to be over shortly…and jumps off the couch to shower and change.

MS 17.41

Gong Sil does the same as she plans her next phase of Woo Joong Won Campaign.

MS 17.42

Telling Joong Won that she disregarded his dislike for the sweet and prepared the evening her way–Joong Won tells her that he’s totally developed a liking for the sweet–Gong Sil invites him to sit down at her place. She now owns the building. Playing along, Joong Won sufficiently oohs and ahhs that she was able to acquire such a valued piece of property at such a young age.

MS 17.43

Receiving a bouquet of flowers from him, she then tells him that she has a weakness that he needs to know before they can celebrate with wine: Sometimes, when she gets drunk, she may act like a different person or thing. When that happens, he just needs to touch her, and she’ll be fine. Joong Won replies that he’s been informed.

She adds that he may have noticed from talking with her that she’ll sometimes look away or talk to something else. When that happens, he should just think of her as taking an important phone call. Joong Won tells her that if she receives an important phone call, she should answer it; he completely understands.

She concludes by telling him that she has a world of her own in which she can see and hear things that others can’t. Sometimes, she may cry or be sad because of things that happen in that world. If this happens, he should just accept that she’s just like this and be understanding. Joong Won points out that each person lives in a world of their own that others can’t understand completely. If he responds by not understanding her at times, he asks her to also understand him.

MS 17.44

Despite whatever difficulties she may bring into his life by staying by his side, she tells him that she doesn’t want to be alone or sad anymore without him. “I’m going to be by your side….because you are so special to me. I love you. (Joong Won’s face changes at these words that he’s waited so long to hear) By your side, I’ll love you a lot. I am Tae Gong Sil. Tae Yang. May I rise by your side?

MS 17.45

Playing hard to get, Joong Won asks if that’s the core of her message and invitation. If so, he refuses to accept her invitation…because an invitation is a temporary thing. He has no intentions of leaving. “I plan on living by your side…permanently.” Gong Sil smiles, and he shows her the sun pendant that he holds in his hand. “I have never let you go…not once…because you’re my sun and without you, my world will collapse.”

MS 17.46

At his response, Gong Sil thanks him for never letting her go and tiptoes to kiss him lightly.

MS 17.47

Joong Won answers with a kiss of his own.

MS 17.48

While the two lovebirds celebrate their relationship finally, Yi Ryung and Kang Woo venture into a new phase of their relationship. When Yi Ryung offers him her arm as support, Kang Woo takes it and places it around his and confidently faces the bevy of camera flashes for his girl.

MS 17.49

Pleased with Kang Woo, Yi Ryung asks him, “Kang ah, (her nickname for him!) can I kiss you here?” At his suggestion to wait, she tells him that she wants a good kiss later then.

MS 17.50

Gong Sil’s sister and her guy celebrate the next phase of theirs as well by commenting that they are soulmates. Gong Ri comments that it might nice to be able to recognize one’s soulmate by simply a touch, though.

MS 17.51

And this reference takes us back to how Gong Sil and Joong Won are definitely soulmates. Electricity passed between them on their first meeting.

MS 17.52

Gong Sil comments that her ghost-seeing abilities actually helped them recognize each other to which Joong Won agrees and thanks her supernatural abilities. She’s now decided on the next phase of her plan.

MS 17.53

Joong Won asks if they have to go to the ocean to see the sun. The sun rises anywhere and everywhere. At this, Gong Sil asks who asked her specifically to rise by his side. Joong Won reminds her that she has an obligation to seduce him; she needs to seduce him here and now. Pfffft. Gong Sil concedes that she did have one more tactic to use to bewitch him. Joong Won tells her to try it since it’ll be her last. Afterwards, he plans on taking over. Heh.

MS 17.54

Gong Sil tells him that when she was in the States, she met the deceased Steve Jobs. Had he been alive, he definitely would have changed the rising of the sun.

MS 17.55

At Joong Won’s insistence that she tell him because he’s her special person, she whispers the various things she learned from Steve Jobs’ ghost…and the series ends with the two kissing, whispering, hugging….

Musings: As I’ve said before, the Hong sisters excel in dialogue and scene revisits, and this episode is no exception. It showcases a number of references that prompt us to recall previous moments of our two lovebirds without having to watch the necessary flashbacks.

It’s been a topsy-turvy journey with these two adorable characters, and I’m certain that as this series seems to be–at least for me–the drama of 2013, the characters of Tae Gong Sil and Joo Joong Won will linger in my memory for a long time to come.

That’s unfortunately all I can say for now. Duty calls yet again. However, I’ll return sometime this week and next week to put my finishing touches on this beloved series–recaps of episodes 6 and 8 as well as a “Final Thoughts” post–before I bid this little world goodbye. Until then, Twinkles, I hope you enjoyed reading this recap! It’s been a joy traversing this world with you for the past 9 weeks! ????

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