Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 15

As I work on recapping Arang and the Magistrate Episode 19 and Episode 20 this weekend, I thought some of you would like to read another installment of “Walk down Memory Lane.” I hope you enjoy! And thanks for your patience as you wait for me to watch and recap. 🙂  And yes, I was one of those weirdos who was pushing for Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Hee as evidenced by my picture selections. LOL

Repost of the recap from October 19, 2010:

Today was quite hectic with two little kids and two adult guests running around, asking me for various things while I tried to grade, prep for class, etc. Needless to say, watching and summarizing while the little peeps were awake wasn’t even an option. LOL As much as I love having my good friend and her family visit me from Korea, it certainly played havoc on my daily routine. As it was, I barely finished getting my midterm exams written for tonight’s class. 😛

Anyhow, here’s today’s/yesterday’s episode. Normally, I would wait until Thursday or Friday to watch the episodes if things get this crazy, but I felt a certain urgency to watch and summarize tonight before heading off to bed, perhaps because I knew my SKKS friends were waiting. 🙂 Enjoy!

HIS = Ha In Soo (school president), K = Kim Yoon Shik, L = Lee Sun Joon, M = Moon Jae Shin, G = Goo Yong Ha, IBC = Yes-man (LOL my nickname for the guy still cracks me up)

HIS delivers a speech about how same-sexed relationships at SKK cannot exist and such. G looks bored as HIS tries to be self-important and declares that homosexuality within the walls of SKK would dirty the school’s name and so K and M, if found guilty of their charge, would have their names stricken from SKK records forever. He asks them one last time if the charges are true. K denies it and asks them to believe their innocence. When HIS asks her to reveal exactly what happened that night and K only stammers, HIS says they have no alternative but to listen to an eye-witness testimony. L steps forward. HIS asks L if he saw K and M that night.
HIS: Isn’t it true that they are homosexuals?
L: The homosexual…is me. (Chaos ensues)
HIS: What did you just say?
L: The homosexual is me.
Headmaster: LSJ is gay? Did he just confess with his own mouth that he’s gay? (Claiming that he knew L would create an accident of some kind sooner or later and fearing what L’s dad would say, the headmaster leaves. Prof. Yu wonders at the possibility of homosexuals at SKK, and not just one homosexual but several. Meanwhile, Prof. Jung merely drinks his tea and laughs. Prof. Yu demands how Prof. Jung could even laugh at a time like this. Prof. Jung chuckles and says that LSJ is an interesting fellow. The more he gets to know him, the funnier/more interesting LSJ becomes. He then suggests to Prof. Yu that rather than waiting here for the verdict, they should go observe the proceedings as well.)

L: That night at the storeroom, I was also with K and M. Therefore, if M and K are homosexuals, then it’s only logical that I am a homosexual as well. (Other scholars react to his announcement and G nods in agreement to the logic.)
HIS: Do you realize what you are confessing right now? With your own mouth, you are acknowledging that you are a homosexual. You have no defense if your name is erased.
L: If that is the law, then there’s nothing I can do. (Basic gist is that HIS asks if L plans on extricating his friends with this type of flimsy defense. At this L continues that there were other witnesses (referring to the three scholars) that night to verify his presence at the storeroom with K and M. He names them. HIS demands if this is true. L then asks why he wasn’t included in the rumors/accusations along with K and M. L concludes that it is because the rumors/accusations aren’t true. At this piece of logic, the other scholars at the hearing start to wonder if the rumors/accusations are actually true. L continues and asks if the accusers actually saw with their own eyes the inappropriate behavior of K and M. One scholar says that he didn’t but that he heard from another scholar and points to a classmate. This classmate stammers that he didn’t and points to the three scholars and says that those scholars said M and K were gay. G looks on in amusement as L continues his questioning. L then pointedly asks the three scholars if they actually saw at which point the three scholars quickly shake their heads in unison. HIS doesn’t look too thrilled that such an open-shut case is turning toward proving K and M’s innocence. L asks the entire student body/council if affection between men is such a bad thing. One of the council members tries to defend their actions, but L cuts him off and asks if he isn’t right. He says that there’s nothing disgraceful about cherishing a friend. Citing a Chinese proverb, L berates the council—scholars who should be following and upholding wisdom/truth—and says that it’s disgraceful and unwise to only see what they want to see and believe only what they want to believe and not even consider the truth. And when those very people irresponsibly throw innocent people into turmoil and only laugh in enjoyment without realizing their sin, they cannot be called true scholars. (ugh…I’m cutting his speech short. You guys get the gist) L concludes that no one has the right to point fingers when one person merely likes another person. “If that is the road to becoming an unwise scholar/twisted person, then I would rather choose the road to be a homosexual, too.” At this, G smiles and mutters to himself, “So that’s how it is, Sun Joon.”

The headmaster and professors, in relief, reenter their office. The servant asks if this means that L is not gay. The professors say that it appears so, and the headmaster says that it seems as though the charges will be dismissed.

HIS asks L if he thinks this is the end. Looking around the room, HIS asks K and M that he will once more ask them what they were doing that night at the storeroom, all alone that late at night. K looks nervous. HIS continues that that was the very night that HBS was reported to have jumped the walls of SKK. HBS was wounded and probably in search of a place where he could attend to his wound. As such, he probably went to the storeroom, a suitable place for his needs. There, he probably encountered K and M who were reported to be in an embrace. At this, L flashbacks to the scene he had walked in on in which K was leaning over M as though the two were going to kiss. HIS asks if HBS is the reason why they cannot freely discuss what happened that night at the storeroom. L’s voice is heard as he asks K to tell him what happened that night at the storeroom; scenes of K covering her tracks and leaning over M are seen. K says that it’s for M’s sake, so can’t L just believe her and help her. (L is starting to suspect the truth…that M is HBS.) The scholars start wondering if K is HBS. HIS coldly states that he gave K and M enough time to clear their names. He, with the authority vested to him by his position as student body president, demand that they take off their clothes to prove their innocence. At this, everyone, especially K is stunned. G looks worried since he already knows even without solid proof that K is a girl. M asks if HIS will be content with just M taking off his clothes (my previous suspicion from episode 14 proved correct after all). Isn’t that what HIS was after from the very beginning. K protests and G joins in on trying to stop M. At this moment, L turns to HIS and says that HIS must answer M’s question. Did HIS, from the very start, intend on using these false allegations of homosexuality merely as an excuse to try to uncover the identity of HBS? L points out that HIS just acknowledged before the student body that he never really believed in the accusations of K and M being gay. L continues on that these hearings are closed to the politicians and everyone else, including the King, because SKK councils were never to be used to influence politics or other agendas. That’s why only the student body president has power over the proceedings, and yet HIS has just demonstrated before them that he knowingly violated that rule. If M were to take off his clothes and there was no wound on him, then HIS must be prepared to suffer the consequences of his actions. The other scholars agree. The leader of the Soron faction then asks HIS directly if he opened the proceedings knowing that the homosexuality accusations were false. The council gets upset and asks HIS to admit the truth. L says that if HIS agrees to dismiss the charges, then the other scholars will overlook/forgive HIS’s mistake. G interjects and asks why they should stop. He smugly suggests, “Let’s finish what we started and take M’s clothes off. (such a great ploy, G!) The other scholars start arguing to stop the hearing. L looks to HIS and says that he’ll understand this as HIS’s dismissal of the case. G then stands and declares that there is still something left for them to do. The judgment of innocence or guilt is not given for the student body president to decide; it is the responsibility of the student body. How will they vote in the matter of K and M? The scholars all, including IBC and friend, vote innocent. G asks HIS to declare the results of the voting. HIS, with clenched teeth, announce that K and M have been found innocent, much to the relief of K and M.

As L leaves the hearing, he mutters to himself, “You’re pathetic. Exactly what were you thinking to misunderstand the situation (K and M in the storeroom) like that?” L walks away and K steps out of the building in search of L. Awaiting K, the three scholars who were primarily responsible for spreading the rumor profusely apologize. Meanwhile, M looks at K and seems to want to talk with her but merely watches from afar as she obviously searches for L. When the scholars ask if she’s now going to ignore them, she abruptly asks if they saw L. “He was here until just a moment ago. You really haven’t seen him?” M observes and the three scholars vigorously (and comically) shake their heads. She looks crestfallen and M smiles ruefully to himself as her interest in L becomes more obvious to him. (Poor M!)

Sitting alone in the darkened hearing room, HIS broods silently.

L is dressed in civilian clothes and about to leave SKK when G approaches him.
G: It was quite the event to hear such an upright man like L say he was a homosexual.
L: I was merely….
G: Ah yes, you were merely upholding what was right, correct? If you were really upholding truth, you shouldn’t have lied. Saying that you were with K and M all that time at the storeroom was a lie…a lie that is unlike you.
L: Did you know the events of that night, too?
G: (He merely ponders in a teasing tone what could have possibly prompted such a promising scholar to risk such a bright future) What could it have been? (L walks away while G follows) I hear you are getting engaged tomorrow. And to HIS’s sister. Was it because you needed someone who suited your family pedigree? (referring to L’s choice of Hyo-eun as his mate) Or was it because you just needed someone…as though you were running away from something. Even so, are you happy, Garang? Look here, look here. You can’t even lie right now. How do you plan on continuing to lie? For whose sake are you doing this? (G knows the answers to these rhetorical questions, the little stinker! LOL)

The headmaster is in a frenzy over the news that L plans on leaving SKK. He rants and raves about how it’s merely the emotions of a young man and that he’s surprised Prof. Yu would accept this so easily. Didn’t he ever get fed up with school and say that he was going to quit? Prof. Yu emphatically declares that he never did that in his youth, a declaration which immediately silences the headmaster. Prof. Yu continues that L is not a foolish young scholar but one who is at least able to think carefully before he acts. The headmaster still refuses to accept this and plans on directly meeting L to convince him otherwise. While Prof. Jung thinks about the meaning of L’s withdrawal from SKK, a servant adds that he heard L plans on studying at another place (a remote place up in the mountains). All look shocked.

K pretends to be reading at the library while she keeps an eye out for L. Some scholars sheepishly avoid her (in shame for having accused her). When a servant comes to announce the closing of the library, K asks if he’s seen L. The servant replies by asking if she hasn’t heard the news.

Back in G’s room, G says that there’s one good thing that happens when a hearing ends (referring to alcohol)…and then he drinks. Apparently, all the scholars, as a way of reconciling, go and get drunk. When M tries to take a drink, G takes the drink from him.
M: What do you think you’re doing?
G: Your wound…it hasn’t healed properly yet. (so no alcohol for M while M’s healing…how sweet LOL)
K: (enters the room) Did you know? I just heard that L left school.
G: Didn’t he simply request permission to leave for his engagement? What’s he up to? Surely he didn’t get offended/hurt by what I said to him?
K: The engagement…it’s set for tomorrow, huh? If he left without a word to his seniors, so much for his manners and moral code. He really is useless as a human being. (loose translation)
G: (observing K leave the room) LSJ, what’s he thinking?

M pauses at the door of his room. (Ack! He’s to spend the night with K…just the two of them! Do I hear hiccups LOL) He sits down on the porch outside his room while inside the room, K slumps down to the floor in despair.

Meanwhile, L is walking and recalling his last conversation with G when G asked him if he was happy. “You can’t even lie now.” Soondol teases L that if he can’t fall asleep the night before his engagement, he’s not going to be able to fall asleep for a fortnight when he gets married. Laughing uproariously over his own joke, Soondol finally collects himself when he notices that L’s not laughing. He tells L that his dad is looking for him. Inside his dad’s room, L’s father gives him a rundown of the events but stops and asks if L’s paying any attention. L starts to pay attention. L’s father continues and says that he’s discussed with the ByungPan plans to quickly follow the engagement with the wedding ceremony. Once L is married into the ByungPan’s family, BP will become a great strength to L in his future prospects, establish a strong family line, etc. L asks his father in a serious tone if the father is happy having lived his life in this way. L’s dad merely laughs and replies that L’s question doesn’t even deserve an answer when L presses his father for an answer. The dad says that he can’t believe that type of question, which is better suited for the mouths of lower people, would be uttered from the only son of such a prominent L family as theirs. He has never wasted a moment thinking about such a useless/pointless question like that.

The morning bell clangs and scholars rush to their classes. K stops by a tree and remembers how she strengthened her arm for the archery tournament while seated next to L. Inside the classroom, the scholars are commenting about L’s departure from SKK and saying that he’s such a rude guy for not even saying goodbye to them. One scholar repeats the rumors that L’s getting married, that he’s planning on going to study in a remote village up in the mountains. Another says that they really won’t have any cause to see L anymore then. The sunglassed scholar says that other than at an exam setting, they probably won’t ever see him again. Spotting K, they ask her if L didn’t say any word to her as well. Upset, she stalks out of the room only to be stopped by M outside the classroom, who wonders what’s happened to cause her to rush off like that.

Hyo-eun pretties herself for her upcoming engagement ceremony. She tells her maid to hurry because L’s going to be coming soon. When the maid says that L’s going to think she’s pretty, Hyo-eun asks for confirmation that L will really think of her like that. She declares that she’s going to be the perfect wife for L.

Outside her house, K watches for L from a corner. Soondol, carrying the engagement present/dowry from L’s family to Hyo-eun’s family, accompanies L. At the door, L stops and turns to see K. K quickly hides and then peeks out from her tree only to be spotted by L again. She again hides and after a few moments comes out from behind the tree to get a glimpse of L again. However, L has approached the tree by this time and talks to K.
L: I was right. I thought I was hallucinating.
K: What a coincidence?! (nervous laugh) What brings you here? I was on my way to the bookseller’s because he sent a message for me this morning to come see him.
L: The bookseller’s…(I can’t decipher what he says about the bookseller’s)
K: I see this type of lie doesn’t pass your notice. I didn’t get a chance to thank you for what you did at the hearing. Well, I thought we should at least say goodbye to each other. (L remains silent). Thinking that this may be our last time…that I won’t ever see you again…I wanted to see you just one more time. That’s why I was waiting for you. As your bosom-buddy/friend, as your roommate, or even as just one of the many people you pass on the road…however you may think of me, I just wanted to see you, LSJ, one last time. Now that I’ve seen you, everything’s all right.
L: Today, it would have been better for you to not have come.
K: Did I do something wrong again?
L: Leave. Let’s never see each other again.
K tears up and L swiftly walks away from her and into Hyo-eun’s house. K walks away, wiping her tears. L pauses as he’s about to open Hyo-eun’s door. Entering, L sees a pretty Hyo-eun, who runs to embrace him and says that she’s been waiting her whole life for him and that she’ll strive to become a perfect wife for him. L had promised that he would try his best for her…she will put all her trust in that promise. L puts her hands and says that he’s afraid he won’t be able to keep that promise. He quickly leaves the house, encounters the ByungPan on his way out, but continues onward until he locates K in the marketplace.
L: (grabbing her by the shoulders) I…like you, Kim Yoon Shik. In the past, if there wasn’t a road, I didn’t travel…if something wasn’t right, I didn’t do it…I thought the world revolved around law and justice…however, I’ve started to like you, a man. This is the reason why I cannot have you as a friend or a roommate. Because by your side, I don’t have the courage to deceive myself and continue to live like this with you. Don’t worry, KYS. I won’t do anything to hurt you. Because of my heart/feelings, I will not allow you to be ostracized by society. This is the last time I’ll appear before you. As of now, this is all I can do for you.
With tears flowing freely from his eyes, he walks away, leaving K silently stunned and with tears in her eyes.

Hyo-eun pretends that she’s sick and worries that she’s ruined the engagement because she got sick. Her father, unaware that L broke off the engagement, says that even if he has to get on his knees and apologize to L’s father, he’ll make sure that the engagement continues. She should just take care of herself. When HIS enters the room, BP tells HIS to just let his sister get some rest. HIS asks what happened. BP explains that Hyo-eun collapsed from a cold and that L went to get a doctor. BP says that since it was his child’s fault, he’s embarrassed to show his face before L’s father. HIS points out to his father that if L went to seek a doctor, it’s odd that no such doctor has arrived at their house nor has L come to visit his sick betrothed. HIS suggests that either L doesn’t honor his in-laws or there’s something that only the two of those betrothed know.

Hyo-eun jerks up from her rest, and the maid tells her to lie down. If she’s not careful, she’ll be found out to be pretending. Hyo-eun says that she can’t believe that he wants to break off the engagement. She flashbacks to her discussion with L.
L: This promise…it looks like I won’t be able to keep it. Will you break off the engagement from your end?
H: Have I done something wrong? Whatever it is, I’ll fix it.
L: The fault is entirely on my end. And so, the one who doesn’t have a right to this engagement is me. Unlike normal men, I cannot give my heart to a woman.
H: (stands up in frustration) L is really cruel. How can he dislike me so much? He tries to break off the engagement with a non-existent excuse. (Maid tries to reason with her). I can’t break off the engagement like this. He won’t be able to break off the engagement first.
Back at L’s house, the dad asks L if Hyo-eun’s illness was serious. L looks stunned. The dad announces that rather than reschedule/postpone the engagement, the parents have decided to move up the wedding date. L asks if Hyo-eun didn’t say anything, that they had decided to break off the engagement. L’s dad explodes and demands, “Break off the engagement?!” L’s dad reminds him that this engagement business all started because of L’s rash actions (carrying Hyo-eun off in front of her dad’s friends) and that he must take responsibility. Does his dad have to reevaulate his opinion of his son? L apologizes but claims that breaking off the engagement is actually the best way he can take responsibility for the situation. He will not go through with the engagement.

L returns to his room and finds Soondol packing his belongings. Soondol tells L to get some rest since they have a long trip ahead of them tomorrow. Soondol leaves after telling L that his mom’s looking for him. L picks up his robe on which K had written a sassy comment during their first exam. Soondol asks L’s dad if he’s asking about K. L’s dad questions Soondol if L and K met each other before L entered Hyo-eun’s house. Soondol confirms this and adds that K is L’s roommate. Dad asks, “Roommate?” Soondol elaborates and says that K is also the one that L worked to get K into SKK. He adds that “fate is fate” (meaning their relationship is destined/fated). Dad asks for clarification that L got K to take the test, and Soondol unknowingly recounts the story of how L convinced K to take the exam because her talent was too precious to waste. Soondol starts to laugh and then collects himself to tell the dad that L and K have a lot of history together. The dad asks if Soondol said the roommate’s name was Kim Yoon Shik. Soondol confirms that it is scholar Kim Yoon Shik. (L’s dad is aware of KYS’s lineage) There’s a flashback of the time when he asked the headmaster of KYS’s lineage only to be told that KYS is the son of Prof. Kim. L’s dad mutters to himself what kind of ill fate this is.

K listlessly walks through the library stacks. Sitting down at a desk, she recalls L telling her that he likes her and that because of his emotions, he would not have her be pointed at by society and that this will be the last time he appears before her.
K: (placing her hands over her heart) I must be getting punished…for the sin of living life the way I want without any regard for society’s rules. (sighs)
M: (sits next to her) What’s so serious? Rather than worry, shall we just leave this place?
K: Sahyung! May I ask you one question? (M grabs a chair and sits down, resting his arms on the chair’s back). These books here in the library, you said that you read them all. (M smiles) Then in a situation like this, what is the correct answer? I lied to someone, and because of my lie, that person is now carrying a heavy burden…enough to give up on a dream/goal that he’s been dreaming of for a long time.
M: And so?
K: I want to tell him the truth…that he can put down his heavy burden…but I fear that it’s too late…that he won’t be able to forgive. I’m afraid. What should I do?
M: What’s there to worry? Just go and tell him the truth. Say, “I’ve done something wrong, and I’m sorry.” Just as you’re showing me your heart, do the same with him.
K: The lie that I’ve told, it’s so huge and grave that he probably won’t be able to forgive me easily. If I tell the truth, he may turn his back on me forever. I’m afraid.
M: This person…is he someone that you like?
K: That’s….
M: Who is it? Chosun? (K smiles weakly. M walks away but looks back to find K holding her heart.)

Headmaster examines a map and then announces that he has decided on the next trip location for the school (the place that L is reported to be at). G challenges the location and says that it’s not fashionable to go to a mountainous place like that these days for a school trip. The headmaster asks where G would suggest. G says that a simple mat in a courtesan’s house/place would be heaven for any scholar. (LOL) Headmaster protests and insists on Walchusa as the location. The servant lets it be known that LSJ is at Walchusa and that it’s the headmaster’s ploy to have the scholars go there to try to entice L to rejoin SKK. If L sees his fellow scholars/friends, he’ll be tempted to reenter SKK. The headmaster says that it’s merely a heart of a teacher wanting to lead his student back to safety. G agrees to designate Walchusa as their school trip location, saying that he has wanted to see L, too.

Up at the mountain (Walchusa) in his room, L stares blindly ahead as his hands slowly flip page after page. Soondol, on his knees, looks on at his young master’s odd behavior. At night, L sits numbly in the dark. In the daylight, Soondol plays Korean checkers with a mindless L. Then during mealtime, Soondol watches in puzzlement as L merely stirs his lunch.

The King tells L’s father that he heard L left SKK. He reminds L’s father that sending L to SKK was a royal command and that at first chance, L’s father should call his son back to SKK. He plans on waiting for L. (They’re playing Korean chess). L’s father confesses that because L’s such a pursuer of learning, the dad hasn’t been able to find a way to convince his son to return. ByungPan adds that L’s merely trying to study more in order to prepare himself to follow in his father’s footsteps as a servant of the country. The King says that he’s planning on fulfilling his role as a dutiful son himself by planning to move the capital city as his deceased father planned.. He then checks L’s dad in the game of chess. (LOL…smart King)

ByungPan rants and raves about what the king intends to do, saying that moving the capital would mean abandoning the Noron faction. L’s father calmly says that this is possible if the King finds the book. BP repeats that the book disappeared (was burned) 10 years ago along with the two people who were responsible for its transport (M’s brother and K’s dad). “It’s gone forever. You (L’s father) know this better than anyone else.” Ignoring BP’s panic, L’s father calmly states that they need to plant one of their own people with the King, someone that the king implicitly trusts (meaning L).

The king says that he plans on waiting until L returns, that it won’t be too late even if they wait. His closest advisor protests and says that the king knows every second counts right now, that it’s crucial they find the book as soon as possible. He reminds the king that L is the son of his political enemy. The king counters this remark by saying that this is precisely why he needs L. What King wants to recover is not simply the book but the future of his country. Unless he can win over the son of the Noron leader, this fight will never end.

The scholars sing and celebrate in excitement for the trip to Walchusa…they’re excited that they get to play to their hearts’ content!

Headmaster gives G the charge to bring L back at all cost. When G wonders if he can, the headmaster heaps praises upon G saying that he, above anyone else, will be able to accomplish this feat. G, spotting K and M, says that he must take his leave and plan his strategy. The headmaster calls after G, “I’ll leave it all in your hands!”

G: (putting his arms around K and M) Daemul! You’re still feeling down? Rather than going to play, you look like a cow being led to slaughter. (Tenderly to M) Oh, Gul-oh, be careful of your head. (LOL! Always looking out for M!) Lighten up! (referring to K) Even M, who has never gone on a school trip, is coming to try to cheer you up. (M shoves G’s face in an attempt to shut him up.)
M: Are you going to spout nonsense so early in the morning!
G: I’ve prepared something, too! It’s OK to anticipate. Let’s play!

The scholars cook, play, bathe, etc. The old scholar says “kids are kids” at which point the younger scholars splash him with water. The Soron group asks K why he’s simply sitting there like a picture. K should join them in the stream. K stammers and says that she’s OK. The Soron leader says that K must be hiding something, that in reality…he…can’t swim. K quickly agrees that it’s true she can’t swim. When the others say it’s OK, that they’ll teach her, that she should join them, she repeats again that she’s all right where she is. She looks panicked and becomes relieved when the Soron leader lets up and says OK. She quickly grabs a book and pretends to read. IBC and his friend observe the scene and speculate that something seems amiss. If K is truly a man, she wouldn’t be afraid of getting wet. The friend agrees shakily that he’s not afraid to get in the water. IBC continues that K definitely is avoiding getting in the water because she can’t take off her clothes in front of the other scholars. The friend sputters, “Surely, K’s not…?” IBC firmly states that K is HBS! (LOL). The friend says that if they capture HBS while HIS is away, then HIS would be extremely pleased with them. IBC says, “Let’s capture HBS!”

The other scholars are getting crazy in their play and freedom. M takes a roasted potato over to K (so sweet!) As K reaches for it, M jerks it away to blow at it. Noticing her gaze, M explains that he’s blowing on it to cool it. K comments that M will most definitely be a wonderful/kind husband (ah, if you only knew! LOL). At this, M mutters to himself. K splits open the potato and gets some on her cheek. When M reaches over to dust it off, she backs away. Feeling self-conscious, M wonders where G has gone off to and turns to look for his friend.

G is seated at a table with courtesans and demands a hand (Soondol’s). He places money in Soondol’s hand and says that all he has to do is call L out of his room. Soondol asks if G can truly heal L from his illness. G confidently says yes, that he has the medicine for L’s sickness.

Soondol barges into L’s room and says that his mother has come looking for him. L, looking tired and surprised at the same time, questions that his mother would come to see him without first sending word. Soondol tells L that something huge has happened at home and that he should come outside quickly.

The three scholars tease K about how she shouldn’t be reading at a place like this. She needs to be in the water. She quickly runs away. Hiding behind a rock, IBC says that he plans on drenching K in the water and the friend says that he plans on taking K’s clothes off. They then follow K while the rest of the scholars wonder why IBC and friend are following K. However, they quickly decide to get more alcohol and forget all about them. Meanwhile, M comes back and sees K’s book and asks if anyone’s seen K. The scholars reply that they saw K go off with IBC and his friend. M looks worried.

Soondol tells L to hurry, and L questions whether his mother has truly come this way from home. Hugging L’s waist, Soondol declares aloud to no one in particular that he would rather go to hell if it means that he can heal L of his sickness. L asks what this is all about. Soondol confesses that the SKK scholars have come this way and that one of them said to bring him out here if he wanted to heal L of his sickness. L tells him that he’s done a foolish/useless thing and turns back. Soondol says that this is the right place, that K is over there. He compliments himself and says that he’s found the right place. L, startled, drinks in the sight of K, who has yet to see him. L doesn’t notice IBC and his friend, and tells Soondol, “Let’s leave. They have nothing to do with me now.” K sits down on a boulder, M frantically searches for K, L stops in his tracks and tells Soondol to go home before him. As IBC and his friend try to push K into the water, M stops them. K, sensing something’s up, gets up quickly from the rock but drops a shoe. L sees the floating shoe and starts yelling for K (thinking that she may have fallen into the water). Searching high and low, he finally spots K. Rushing toward her, L embraces her.
L: It’s no use, KYS. No matter how hard I try, I keep searching for you. So now it’s your turn. Run away from me, KYS.
K: Wait. You should listen to my answer before leaving. (L turns back and as K runs toward him, she trips and falls into the stream. L jumps in after her and carries her out.)
L: KYS! KYS! Wake up! (He unbuttons her top and stops as he sees a woman’s torso.)

Episode 16 Preview:
L: You’re asking me to let you go/return like this?
M: Where has that guy (K) gone? What?
G: Verify for yourself directly.

OK. I can’t believe it’s already past 4:30 a.m.! I must really love you guys! LOL. Hope the wait was worthwhile. I’m off to get what sleep I can before a long day tomorrow…or rather today. Needless to say, I do not think I will be waking up at my usual time this morning to recap episode 16. I’ll try to summarize/recap episode 16 once I get back from work later this evening…geez, I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday morning! LOL

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