Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 13

Probably one of the most memorable and heartbreaking piggy-back rides in my memory of Kdramas, this ride that Moon Jae Shin gives Yoon Hee will remain as one of my top three piggy-back rides of all time, a fact that I mentioned in Jules’ great “The Thursday Three: September 27th” post. In addition to this piggy-back ride, episode 13 was also the episode that had our two principals literally fighting it out on the field during sports day. Needless to say, it was an awesome watch! 🙂 

Repost of October 11, 2010’s post:  

I summarized just a portion…didn’t want to disappoint you too much, although I didn’t get to summarize the tournament. Sorry. However, I did fast forward to the preview for episode 14…wow is all I can say!

RECAP: Summary a bit: Chosun says that she does not belong at this place, that K has someone else in mind. Would K mind if C indicated who she was interested in? She goes over to kiss L. Everyone is shocked. Hyo-eun says, “Why you…!” at which L looks at her sharply. Hyo-eun realizes that L doesn’t like that type of behavior and pretends to swoon/faint on top of L. Chosun tells Hyo-eun that she can stop pretending since C doesn’t have feelings for such a righteous, upright man like L. She then continues that the person she likes has never looked at her the way K has looked at Hyo-eun (!) To get back at K, C confesses that she was merely playing. C asks forgiveness from L and invites her to come to her place (work place) for a free drink anytime. She bows gracefully and walks away. K follows her out as L looks after K. (I think C pretended that K liked Hyo-eun in front of L so that K’s real feelings for L would not be revealed.)

K apologizes and says that it’s all her (K) fault; will C forgive her. C asks how she can resent K for not doing what K doesn’t have a mind to do and that she’s not the type of person to blame K, so she shouldn’t worry too much. K looks at C apologetically and says, “Chosun…” C replies that she’s more concerned for K who is headed for great heartache in wanting someone she can’t have and trying to stop herself from liking the person, etc. (Chosun still doesn’t realize K is a girl) She says to K before she leaves that that’s the power of first love.

K returns and apologizes about the C incident to Hyo-eun and L. Hyo-eun (smugly) says that she supposes she can’t blame K for being attracted to such beauty as herself, but she belongs to L. Rather than to herself, K needs to apologize to L. K tries to apologize, but L cuts her off and tells her that she should just return back to the dorms, that she’s done enough.

K gets drunk in the company of the three scholars while L at the other table drinks. L looks over as K completely gets drunk. The other scholars try to tell K to slow down and not drink so much. Hyo-eun looks on pitifully and says that man cannot live on looks alone. At this, L looks again at her sharply, and Hyo-eun gasps and tries to cover her tracks. She says that although K was interested in her even though K was seated next to the beautiful C, Hyo-eun only has eyes for L. L, however, is not that interested and rises from his seat when he sees K fall back in K’s seat. (L was worried that K was about to fall out of the seat.) The other scholars ask what’s wrong with K. L tells Hyo-eun that the time is late and that she should return. The three scholars sneak away from the table as K falls asleep. The scholars talk among themselves and misunderstand the situation. They think that K was drinking because K was upset that C dumped her for L. (LOL). M overhears this in his usual place up in a tree and mutters to himself, “K likes C, huh?” He chuckles softly at the irony.

Fast forward to about 60 minutes…
K finds L in the library and asks L if it’s because of her that L has been avoiding her…because of what happened that night with Chosun and Hyu-eun. K tries to explain but L cuts her off and asks if K is such an important person in his life that he would be bothered so much as to avoid K. K then asks if L was so offended by that night or if L has such affection for Hyo-eun (Jealous!) that L can’t forgive her. L says that he doesn’t want to talk about that incident anymore. K says that she must. She repeats that the time they have together at SKK is limited and that once they graduate, they will never see each other again. Until that time, she wants to know if L can’t return to their old relationship. Is she presuming too much? Is she being too greedy to want to be friends? She demands that he answer her. L tells her to listen very carefully. He has no plans on returning to how things were in the past. K cries and runs away. L remains in the library a while in thought before he starts looking for K. Meanwhile, K stumbles across a bleeding M while HIS (the school president) gets a report from someone and says, “HBS has jumped over the walls into SKK.” M, struggling to stand, uses K as support and says “I’ve survived.” At this, K realizes that HBS is M(!)

1. L gets hurt trying to protect K from HIS’s attack during the tournament. He also tried to punch M when K’s name was mentioned again during the game. K stops L from punching M and tells M that he (L) is not worth getting in trouble.
2. L proposes to Hyo-eun after she says that he doesn’t have to feel pressured to marry her (since her brother hurt him) and because he sees K watching them. L tells Hyo-eun that he’ll try to be a good husband if she will have him as he is.
3. The King knows that the killing/stealing HBS is a fake one. The King asks Prof. Jung to help protect the real HBS, who is a SKK scholar, because the King thinks that the real HBS knows the truth about where the book is.
4. M at first thought that K was talking about him when she was drunk and frustrated over a guy but then realizes that she was actually talking about L, the real “bad guy” that K was ranting about while drunk. M goes from happy (thinking K likes him) to sad (knowing that she’s interested in L). However, he’s still intent on protecting her and staying by her side. (sweet)
5. HIS (the school president) gets reprimanded for his violence during the game and is stripped of his president’s title and privileges for 2 weeks. Prof. Jung reminds him that he should remember that it’s not his parents who provide for his time at SKK but the people. This punishment is to remind him that he needs to live with that in mind.
6. G tries to stop M from going to what he knows is a trap set by the ByungPan. When M looks surprised, G says that he’s been his friend for 10 years and can recognize his friend disguised as HBS.
7. Chosun is the fake HBS! (My suspicion is that the ByungPan is forcing her to work/kill for him in order to protect her family)
8. When M is cornered by ByungPan’s guards, two mysterious men appear and fight for him, allowing M to get away. It turns out the King sent those two men to protect HBS!

PREVIEW of Episode 14: K attempts to treat M’s wound in a secluded room (my guess is that place M usually uses and the same place that K took a bath…I’ll refer to it as storeroom) but M grabs her hand and tells her to leave, that he’ll take care of his own wound (My suspicion is that the wound requires some undressing on M’s part). G asks if they suspect that he’s HBS. People at SKK spread rumors and pictures, “Have you heard? M and K have that type of relationship.” Soondol asks L why he’s so concerned about K. L replies that it’s not because of inadequacy but because he’s overcome with emotions (sorry for rough translation). M asks if that’s enough. HIS tells M to admit to why he went into the storeroom. L says things like this shouldn’t have happened. M tells K to not be concerned (about the rumors?). L asks how much, to what extent they have to do this. Because of her, how much more does he have to? (great buildup of emotions from L). Soondol tells K that he’s just coming back from receiving L’s wedding date. G tries to stop M from confessing that M’s HBS. HIS asks before a SKK council if there are scholars here who engaged in sodomy. L announces that he’s the one who is gay!

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  1. It was THE episode that made me love Jae Shin and Yong Ha forever!!! Until this day I still remember that it was around the 50min marks that Yong Ha tried to stop Jae Shin from going directly into a trap and confessed that he knew that Jae Shin was the Red Messenger all along! “I’ve been your friend for 10 years, do you think I won’t know?” And when Jae Shin was all “Going there and dying is better than this life anyway” Yong Ha broke my heart in a million piece with his “Then what about me?” omg I need to go rewatch that asap xD

    Did I just sound like a crazy fangirl? LOL

    1. LOL Yong Ha and Jae Shin are my favorite characters in SKKS and so I fangirl with you xD

      But wow, you’re amazing for remembering those exact lines! o.o reading them made me remember that scene. That is the scene that made me fall in love with SJK *happy sigh*

      Ahhh these recaps make me want to re-watch SKKS! Its all on Youtube so i dont have to mess with computers and just do it on my mobile xD lol

      I like Yoochun in this drama and Rooftop Prince and I hear he is in Miss Ripley – does anyone recommend this drama? Or has anyone heard good things about it?

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