Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 12

Ah, the good ol’ days of SKKS! So many adorable moments! 

Repost from “recap” from October 5, 2010:

Decided to save time and simply provide a detailed summary / recap of episode 12. Hope you enjoy! I’m definitely getting some serious practice translating Korean. 🙂 Please feel free to let me know if some translations are wrong/sound funny. As for grammar and spelling errors, please ignore since I didn’t bother to proofread my work before posting.

RECAP from episode 11: KYS (K) is mad that LSJ (L) brought her to the island to meet girls. Hyo-eun worries and says that she has to get to L because he’s all alone on the island. K stomps away from L asking herself what had she expected. L runs to her and says that he thought that K would like the trip as well and that Goo Yong Ha (G) had told L that guys like hanging out with girls. L says that I thought you would like it since you are a guy, too. K calls for the boatsman, but it’s too late. When L tries to stop her, she flings L’s hand away while back at the pier MJS (M) punches G. G asks him if this situation is something that requires fist-fighting. G then says that M has been found out (meaning his feelings for K). Hyo-eun interrupts what could have been a fight by asking for help.

K and L walk back to the tent, and K says “you should have stepped aside when I said to. You wouldn’t have gotten wet then.” As L starts sneezing, K teases him saying that a guy gets sick just from falling into water. It starts to rain, and L and K rush back to the tent to keep things dry. Meanwhile, Hyo-eun and G are talking over a drink. She says that she should be locked up for creating this mess, that she should have just been content to wait for L to come to her. G comforts her and tells her to eat something warm, that she’ll feel better once she gets food into her system.

K tells L that the rain has stopped but realizes that L has fallen asleep while waiting for the rain to stop. His head falls on her shoulders. She lays him down so that he can rest more comfortably since it seems as if he might be running a fever. While she does so, she notices his lips in the same way that he always notices her lips. (chuckles) Anyhow, she leaves him resting in the tent to find wood for a fire to keep him warm. When she gathers enough wood, she lights a fire using some candles, only to start coughing due to the smoke. She quickly looks over at L to make sure he doesn’t wake up. She gets a bit dirty and hurt gathering more wood. When she returns to the camp, she’s able to get the fire going solidly and touches L on the forehead and legs to make sure he stays warm. (They had fallen in the lake previously). To keep him warmer still, she half-covers him with her body.

M throws down some money and asks some boatsmen to use their boat. He keeps asking around, but everyone keeps refusing him because of the bad/inclement weather. He eventually gives up and waits by the pier. G comes to ask him why he’s so worried when two “men” are together. Nothing should go wrong. G then says that although he’s irked that his 10-year-old friend is deceiving him, he is on M’s side and will help him find a boat, this time not for L but for M.

L wakes up and finds K sleeping. He touches her cheek and wakes her up in the process. He jerks back a little and stammers that he didn’t do anything. (chuckles) She reaches for his forehead and then hers and proclaims that his fever has gone down. He takes her hand and notices that it’s scratched up. Out of concern, he criticizes her, asking her if she got this dirty and hurt simply trying to start a fire. He asks her if she was intent on burning the entire island. What if she had slipped and fallen? She simply smiles/laughs and says that it’s a good thing that his fever is down since she was worried that his fever may not go down throughout the night. He looks away resigned.

M goes to his room to rest. As he lies down in the empty room, he flashbacks to G telling him that he’s been found out, that he’s acting as if he’s K’s lover/fiancé. M lays back down and mutters, “Crazy guy.”

K bites/splits an apple with L and asks him about Hyo-Eun. She compliments Hyo-eun, saying that she’s pretty and kind and will be an asset to him. She’s put off and bites into her apple, though, when L quickly agrees with her. She asks him what he likes about her. L says that he’s never thought about it. K then tries to delve more saying that his heart must beat a bit faster, think about the person more, thinking becomes a bit hazy, wants to see that person again, etc. L asks her if she has someone like that. She gets startled and says that she asked him first. She then asks isn’t he getting engaged. He says that it’s his father’s idea; he’s not interested in anything like that. Happy, K reaches for an apple and hands it to L, but then ends up freaking out when she notices a grasshopper on it. She starts screaming and L ends up laughing, asking if this is really Daemul to be afraid of a simple grasshopper. K then asks if this is really Lee Sun Joon to be joking like this. He then keeps saying the grasshopper is tasty and that she should at least hold it once. The scene closes as they laugh together.

G, on horseback, rushes to Hyo-eun and rides to the pier with her on horseback. When she tries to loosen her grip from his waist, he tells her that she should hold on really tightly.

Back at the island, L tells K that she should lie down and get some good rest. She says that she’s afraid that if she falls asleep, she won’t wait up. L tells her that he shouldn’t have brought her here. He then says that because he couldn’t control his emotions and was his roommate, that K has to suffer like this. She reassures him (as she’s resting her head on her knees with eyes closed) that she was OK and that she was glad that she could do something like this for him. As she stays resting, he focuses on her lips and leans over to kiss her. But just as he’s about to kiss her, he clenches his hands and gets up. Looking down at her, he walks out of the tent and stands before the water to calm his racing heart. He pounds on his chest, trying to get it to calm down. While he’s doing that, Hyo-eun calls him and runs to hug him, saying that she feels like she’s alive again now that she knows he’s all right. In the meanwhile, K wakes up and sees L being caressed/greeted by Hyo-eun. G sees K and asks if everything was all right. K turns away, and G mutters “Does this mean that something happened or not?” He then asks L if all was well since L looks pale and so does K. L looks up and sees K walking away and tries to follow but decides to stop, clenching his fist.

Back at SKK, the professors prepare for the big event—a tournament. They are bickering among themselves about the pros/cons of the tournament. (brief summary since I didn’t find it interesting LOL). The headmaster asks Prof. Jung and Prof. Yu who they think will win this time, especially since the “unified peace” team won at the archery tournament.

The three scholars/classmates discuss who they think will win. They quiet down when they see other groups of older scholars milling around. Lots of discussing and such with the yes-man still trying to kiss up to Ha In Soo (HIS). HIS tells the yes-man that the guy is useless to him still, doing things that weren’t asked of him.

L walks Hyo-eun back to her house. She wants to visit him during the tournament but then stops herself from asking since she knows he doesn’t want her to enter SKK. He says it’s ok to visit since that day is when SKK is open to the public for the tournament and that she won’t be breaking any laws. Hyo-eun is totally happy as he walks away. Her maid mocks his last words, “since it won’t break any laws.” The maid wonders “Does this mean he wants her to come or not?” Hyo-eun says that it definitely means he wants her to come and that he will be waiting. The maid asks when he said that, and Hyo-eun says that he said it with his eyes (LOL). As L walks back, he is haunted by the image of how he was about to kiss K. He rushes through the crowd without any concern for people and is stopped by his servant who hugs him from behind in welcome. Because L looks so pale, the servant asks if he’s seen a ghost on the island. L is about to ask the servant something but then decides against it.

G educates K on the tournament event being held at SKK. G asks K who he’s going to ask since women can now enter SKK freely on that day. When she looks stumped, G says it’s unfortunate since there’s someone who’s been waiting till his eyes pop out (meaning M).

M practices hard at swinging a bat to hit a ball toward a bulls-eye while he is haunted by flashbacks of all his sweet moments with K. As he tries to sweat off his anxiety, G comes and teases him about how he must not have gotten much sleep last night because he was waiting for his roommates. M denies not getting any sleep. “Who waited?” he demands. Sighing dramatically, G stuffs his hand in his mouth and whimpers that it’s a good thing then since things didn’t work out well. He doesn’t know where Daemul is on the island. (LOL.) M rushes away to try to find K but is quickly stopped when K shows up in the scene to ask him where he’s going to in such a rush. M looks startled and glances back at G who simply blows M as kiss before walking away. K apologizes to M for causing him worry, and M says he didn’t really worry and that K should get some rest. As K walks away, M runs back to her and tells her, “This just won’t do. You need to always stay in front of my eyes, regardless of what you do or where you go.” She looks at him not knowing what to say.

G opens his door and finds L waiting for him. He teases L about how such a law-abiding citizen is waiting for G in someone else’s room all alone. L asks him about the law about boys liking girls. G says that it’s not a law but nature. “It’s the nature of man to desire woman.” L asks if since he doesn’t know girls that well, wouldn’t it be more natural to be more comfortable with men. G then adds “So you want to touch more and see more?” L looks startled, but G confesses that he’s felt that way, too, at times with M. Each time he did, he would question his masculinity and then reassure himself by reading a red book (porn). He hands a red book to L and tells him to only read it when he’s alone in case he’s…moved to tears. (LOL) G tells L not to be too worried since crime is hating someone, not loving him/her, whoever that person may be.

As L returns to his room, he peeks at the book and quickly slams it shut as he glances at provocative pictures.

HIS approaches the professors and says that he wants the scholars to pick the teams by lottery. The headmaster resists saying that it’s tradition that the scholars compete by political factions. HIS argues that it’s a great way to promote harmony among the political factions. (later) K and M are on the red team and G and L are on the blue team with HIS.

In a room by themselves, G speculates on HIS’s motives. HIS says that G is correct. G wants to know why he’s on the blue team. HIS says that G is blue because G is his (HIS) man. At this G says that he is Goo Yong Ha and that only he decides where he stands and will continue to do so in the future. G says that there’s one sure way to make him take HIS’s side and that is to entertain him. HIS is too boring for G now.

K practices with M, who teaches her how to play tournament game (very much like lacrosse?). She can’t get the grip right, so M gets mad and yells at her. She looks contrite and L looks on. M wraps his hands around the stick to show her and focuses on her face/lips. She asks if she is doing well. M gulps and says she’s doing well. Meanwhile, L looks on and starts to get jealous. Some of the Soron scholars come up to L and says “Although we are political enemies, let’s put aside our differences and work together on this tournament.” The leader sticks out his hand, but L ignores it because L is so caught up in jealousy over seeing K and M together.

As L swings furiously at the ball, he keeps replaying the audio of K asking M for help, if she did well, etc. He gets fed up and leaves the practice area. K notices him leave. As L walks away, he remembers what K said to him on the island about how your heart beats when you think about someone, missing the person, wanting to see that person again and again. He also recalls G asking him if he was then saying that he likes a guy more than a girl. L quickly hides from K and tries to calm his heart.

Hong Byuk Sa (or someone dressed like him) kills guards and spreads red slips all over town. The king has a discussion with his most trusted two advisors. The king and advisors notice that the purpose of this new Hong Byuk Sa incident is different from before. Previously, HBS only cared about finding the crown prince’s last will and testament, but this HBS kills/steals and is going in a new direction. The king knows that they are two different people, but regardless of this, say that HBS needs to be caught.

ByungPan tells L’s dad that he’s not going to keep looking for the real HBS. The fake HBS will bring the real HBS out. L’s dad tells him to calm down since emotions can cause accidents and misjudgments and anger. ByungPan tells L’s dad that he worries unnecessarily. “Don’t you trust me?” L’s dad says that trust is not built with words. If the ByungPan expected certain things, then they should forget about any talk of engagement. ByungPan gets scared and apologizes, saying that he doesn’t want to be a father who blocks a marriage for his children. L’s dad repeats that trust is not built on words. Once HBS is caught, then he will discuss the engagement matter again.

In his room, M reads the notice about HBS killing people. G enters and says that HBS would never kill. When M looks worried, G says that today is not the day to worry; it’s tournament day!

All these people, especially ladies, from all over converge on SKK. The bookseller approaches Hyo-eun and her friends to do some business about getting them information on the scholars (rooms, political factions, grades, etc.) Hyo-eun says she’s all set and walks away. Random scenes of scholars strutting their stuff for all visiting ladies. Eventually, though, all the girls leave their scholars to follow G. LOL

The yes-man and his sister greet each other, and it turns out that the yes-man has been lying to his mother about how he’s the smartest guy at SKK. While they talk, K’s mom comes looking for K. Prof. Jung sees K’s mom and talks with her. In the privacy of Prof. Jung’s study, the mom says that she will take K home immediately and for Prof. Jung not to report them for they will go into hiding. Prof. Jung says that he admires and wants K to stay because she’s proving that girls and boys are equal just as a great thinker had once said. The mom asks why it must be her daughter who has to walk this road. She doesn’t want her daughter to have to walk a road that the world will reject and resist. Losing K’s father was enough. She gets up to leave when Prof. Jung says it was for K’s sake that K’s father wanted to find the crown prince’s book. He wanted to be able to open up a new world for his incredibly talented, bright daughter.

Mom meets with K in the school cafeteria and sets some food before her. K asks mom why she didn’t tell her about her father. That if she had known her father was a professor of SKK, then…mom interrupts and says that all of that is in the past. She takes K’s hand that urges her not to think of anything else but to get through SKK safely and return home and later think on this time through stories that they will tell each other in their old age.

Chosun and her girls stand before K’s room. One of HIS’s guys come to Chosun and says that HIS (Ha In Soo) has been looking for her. HIS shows her this beautiful vista, but Chosun tells him that she wants to leave. HIS stops her and says that he’s making an effort to capture her heart. Chosun says she pities him because he thinks that everything under the sky is his. She asks would he leave at least her alone. His buddies try to console him by saying that she’s only a courtesan. HIS reminisces how she was wearing a certain type of clothing today very much like the first time he saw her when she came to see his father. HIS says that he’s going to use his yes-man again, much to the delight of the yes-man’s friend (the one who always smiles).

K is in the library rethinking her mother’s words. M seeks her out and asks her what she’s doing here. She’s surprised that he’s in the library. M says that he’s read all the books in the library. She thinks he’s joking until she looks at the library borrowing records in several books and notices his name there. He says they should go out to eat.

As they’re seated at a table, K teases M that he doesn’t have any girl who seeks him out and to eat with. She says that M doesn’t even have a girl that he likes, huh? M says so? That’s why I’m eating with you. K’s face freezes, though, when she notices L eating with Hyo-eun and her friends. Hyo-eun’s friends discover that M and K are from L’s room and come to sit with M on each side. M starts to hiccup (so cute) and tells K to count this as having already eaten dinner. He leaves the table with the two girls following him and K smiling. The girls continue to look for M who is hiding up in a tree, still trying to stop his hiccups.

K is sitting at L’s table and tries to leave. Hyo-eun tries to stop her and says that since the cafeteria is closed, she should have dinner with them. L says that it’s not right/lawful to stop K if she wants to leave. K is sadden and repeats a bit resentfully to L that he’s right–it’s not right. As she’s about to leave, Chosun seeks her out. Chosun asks if her coming was an inconvenience to K, but K says that she was waiting for her. The four of them then sit to eat dinner. Hyo-eun apologizes during the dinner for the island incident, that it was all her fault that K and L got stranded on the island alone. Chosun glances at K a bit strangely and then at L. Hyo-eun, completely oblivious to the situation, continues and says that K is L’s treasured roommate. L coldly replies that all roommates are the same. At this, K agrees and says she feels the same way. “We are merely roommates.” By now, the whole table is sensing the tension. Hyo-eun then tries to feed L but ends up spilling water on her and L. L dries her clothes and K gets jealous seeing that. She then gets back at him and says that Chosun is a special guest and that she’s been ignoring her. K gives her some food. L then says that he’s finally found the reason why K didn’t like going to the island…because K was interested in Chosun. K then retorts that L said he wasn’t interested in the engagement and that it was his father’s business. When K notices that Hyo-eun looks crushed, K adds that she can see now, though, that his heart must be shaking/moved because Hyo-eun is so beautiful and kind. During all this Chosun is observing the scene while Hyo-eun is so overcome with happiness at this piece of news. Hyo-eun says that this is better than anything she’s read in a novel. Chosun gets up and says that she shouldn’t be at this table since K is not interested in her. Chosun asks if she can guess who K’s interested in…everyone’s nervous. Chosun walks over to L and places a kiss on his cheek.

PREVIEW 13: Hyo-eun gets mad because Chosun kissed L. K apologizes to L for Chosun’s kiss. M asks L if he’s not worried about K. L asks why he should worry; he doesn’t want to hear K’s name from M. HBS (fake one) keeps killing. At the game, people notice that the peace team (L, K, and M) are separated. L hurts K during the game and M tells L that if he messes with K one more time…L interrupts and yells that he doesn’t want M getting involved in K’s affairs anymore.

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