Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 11

For those of you who joined this community after SKKS ended, you missed my first efforts at blogging. LOL. I laugh because, as you’ll soon see, I hadn’t quite gotten into the groove of blogging–no structure, no pictures, etc.

But for those of you who remember the “good, ol’ days,” I hope this month’s postings of “Walk down Memory Lane: SKKS” will bring back some nice memories. Of course, I’ll try to add a picture here and there for your viewing pleasure, but for the most part, I’ll leave the posts untouched. Yes, despite my desire to revise them. LOL. Enjoy! Here’s the post from October 4, 2010–the post that started my blogging journey into Kdramaland:

Repost of “recap” from October 4, 2010: To my sister and others who have difficulty understanding the older Korean without subtitles…I tried as best as I could…sorry if there are some poor translations. I didn’t have time to summarize the drama, so you can access the episode (http://joonmedia.net/videos/play/26489/5) and then refer to the dialogue below…hope this makes sense. I’m off to school, so I’ll try to get to translating the rest of the episode later. Enjoy!

Synopsis: KYS gets cleared of the charges…Banee gets to work at SKK as punishment (thus providing him a steady job). KYS and LSJ later get stranded on a romantic island set up by Hyo-Eun (for herself and LSJ) but manipulated by GJH so that KYS and LSJ have to spend the night together…alone! lol

King: I will ask KYS. Have you not be able to find the criminal who stole and sold items from Sung Kyun Kwan?
KYS: I haven’t found—
MJS: –He will come. That guy.
King: Does that mean you’ve found him?
MJS: Please give us some time. He will definitely come to turn himself in.
HIS: However, your Majesty, I understood that the time given was up until yesterday. If they haven’t been able to produce the criminal/evidence, what does it mean other than expulsion?
King: The school’s president’s words are correct. KYS has not been able to produce the criminal in the time allowed.
KYS: I’m sorry, your Majesty. (everyone looks tense)
LSJ: I have the evidence here. The evidence you seek is in this book, your Majesty.
King: Don-Han Incident evidence? (Not sure, but I think he’s referring to a series of incidents.)
LSJ: Not just the burglary at SKK but perhaps the evidence/criminal for many that are occurring throughout this area.
King: What do you mean?
LSJ: Due to (not sure of the word), the prices of everyday items fluctuate daily, and the powerless and poor peasants are only trying to find a way to survive…but the only option left to them is to become criminals who break the nation’s laws. This is the fate of the powerless…(not an exact translation…sorry)…what is the difference? This book is a record of bribes taken by merchants by people with power. (basically blames people all the way up to those in political power). These are the people responsible for these crimes.
GYH: That guy, he’s the same quality/type as you.
King: Did you say that those who responsible are merchants and politicians? (loose translation)
HIS: I object, your Majesty. This incident that we’re talking about is simply the case of KYS and the burglary here at SKK…no less, no more. I ask that you punish KYS with expulsion and LSJ for trying to distract the King from the actual case with irrelevant information in order to protect his friend. Please correctly reestablish the authority of the court/palace.
King: reestablish the authority of the court/palace? Of course, I must do that.
Ban: That? How do I go about doing that? (everyone turns to looks at the “criminal”). Testimony or evidence…so hard to understand, I don’t really know, dang it. (reaction to course words in front of king)
Headmaster: That, that ill-mannered…Drag that man immediately away from here!
Ban: I stole it! The person who stole and sold the items from SKK is me, your Majesty!
King: Now that you’ve confessed your crime, you must receive your punishment. Aren’t you afraid? I asked you a reason for your confession.
Ban: Those scholars have done to me something that cannot be reversed. My name is Ban-ee from Banchon. I have no strength and nothing to my name. As fate destined, I was determined to live a half-life, doing what I please…but…but…dang it!
Headmaster: Why that ill-mannered…where does he think he is right now?
King: Continue.
Ban: Those scholars treated me like a human…and in the hope of becoming human like them, I started to want to live like a human being. This way, the kid that follows me, watching my back, can live like a human.
(little bro looks on)
King: I fail the school president and all those who were convinced of KYS’s guilt. However, it is not simply because KYS was not guilty. When you heard of KYS’s charge, what did you do? In order to clear KYS, what effort did you make?
HIS: I believed him to be guilty so I did nothing, your Majesty
King: That’s why I failed you. As a future leader of this country and as school president, you should have at least once tried to examine the case with his innocence in mind. If you do not cherish and protect my people, I do not need people like that. This is why I failed you all and the court/palace foundation that I establish.

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  1. Oh, this is interesting! I stumbled over your site late 2011, but I do wish I could have been there from the start!

    If you could, one day, could you share the process of recapping with us? How many times do you watch the episode; do you freeze crucial moments; do you pen your thoughts while watching . . . ? I am quite sure it’s not a process I could manage, so I’d love to hear how you actually do it! Hats off to you and all other recappers 😎

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