Walk down Memory Lane: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 11 – Part 3

How adorable were these two?

Reposting a select number of these recaps from SKKS is proving to be quite a nice little walk down memory lane for me. Hope you feel the same way! 

Repost of “recap” from October 6, 2010:

Because a number of you requested the summary for the rest of episode 11, I decided to just crank out the rest of episode 11 in a format similar to episode 12 tonight before I go to bed for you night owls. Occasionally, I’ll try to translate the dialogue, especially those of the main characters since I’m sure many of you would like to know the exact words they are saying. (I particularly loved L’s request for K never to wear women’s clothing again! LOL) Thanks to Sailorveki and Loved By Default for the name of the yes-man (Im Byung Choon will now be IBC). I’ll keep posting throughout the night as more chunks of the summary gets done. The part I’ve got up now are for my impatient/frustrated SKKS fans. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Detailed summary of the rest of the episode: (intended to be read while watching the raw episode)

In the library, HIS asks L if he selected the wrong path or whether he actually believes in what he did. Didn’t he know that the money from the merchants in that book were actually deposited and used by the Noron political party to line their treasury? Certainly he doesn’t think that his father had nothing to do with all that? HIS accuses L of being a son who has just backstabbed his father. L replies that his father is not someone who would do such a shameful thing before his son. As for L, he has simply found a path that was not shameful as well. HIS mocks L and asks him if he thinks that one little book is going to overturn the world. The King’s not going to be able to do anything with it. Why? Because L’s father will use any and every means to block the King’s actions. The father that L believes in, his true identity will soon be revealed to L as an incredibly powerful and dangerous man. After that remark, HIS leaves the library. Spotted by L, K hurriedly tries to leave the library but drops some books. L helps K pick up the books. K says that she wanted to say thank you and sorry. Ignoring her meaning, L replies that he merely picked up some books for her, which doesn’t deserve that kind of great thanks or regret. K clarifies that she was referring to the hearing today, that she shouldn’t have imposed upon him so greatly and that she shouldn’t have brought up the book. L stops her and says that they each did what they had to do. There was no need to be sorry to each other from the beginning. As the president just said, they might not be able to do anything anyhow. As L walks away troubled, K calls after him, “Regardless, you did great, LSJ! Because you did great. Despite what happens next, doing great deserves praise.” They both smile at each other. K says that she will forever remember this moment because some day they will have to leave SKK. She wants to remember the times when they were happy, the times when they were scared, and the roommates who were always with her. She explains that she wants to keep these memories forever because she thinks it’ll help her live a righteous, better life (since that was what L was trying to do when he conned her into taking the exam for SKK in the first place). She continues, “So will you remember, too? Sometime in the future when you have to make a difficult decision, will you remember at least once that there was someone who trusted LSJ more than he (K) trusted himself?” As she walks by him, L grabs her hand and says, “I don’t want to. No matter when that time comes, stay by my side just like right now. With your own two eyes, observe to make sure that I’m going down the right path. That way, as I see you, I’ll remember today as well.” K tears up. “And so, KYS, you must stay by my side like this.” L then looks away as he finds himself focusing once again on her lips. (LOL) He leaves but quickly returns to tell her, “Everything else I can tolerate, but never again…promise me that you will never again wear a woman’s clothing.” K bitterly laughs as L leaves and repeats “never wear woman’s clothing…That’s one incredible request.” L walks away repeating to himself, “KYS is merely a roommate. KYS is merely a roommate.”

L’s father and ByungPan are sipping tea together. L’s father tells BP that the book must not continue to exist in this world and that they should hire a man to get rid of it. When BP questions whether that can be possible, L’s father says that the book can be destroyed and the King silenced. The people responsible for getting the King on the throne were the Noron faction. He feels there’s sufficient resources to get this accomplished. (sorry about the really rough translation) Chosun enters. She asks them to come outside. Once outside, they discover the real HBS who shoots an arrow at the post next to them. BP yells for the guards to capture him. The audio (HBS’s voice asks “The country is poor. Who says the country is poor? It’s only the poor peasants who are poor. Those who lined their pockets with their corrupt money are fat. While the people of this country starve, the Noron party goes fat. Before the book that will reveal everything is disclosed, how about trying to find out who the owner/writer is?)

Headmaster crumples up the red paper and exclaims that he can’t believe HBS is one of his scholars at SKK. Prof. Yu says that he thinks that is so. Prof. Jung says that there must be some hidden clues in the writing and that he’ll examine it. “Let’s see.” When asked by the headmaster if he sees anything, Prof. Jung mentions qualities of the writing and then abruptly stops. Both headmaster and Prof. Yu wait in anticipation of some great revelation. (LOL) Headmaster asks, “for pete’s sake, tell us who it is!” Prof. Jung says that HBS is…he pauses dramatically to look around to ensure that they are alone…HBS is a mighty man, a heroic man. (I’m not entirely sure about the translation.)

Meanwhile, MJS dawdles at his door. He grabs a jug of alcohol and wets his clothes with it to make it look as if he’s been drinking a lot of alcohol. He stops when he hears K’s voice as K asks L “Did you hear about HBS and how he might be a SKK scholar?” Deciding he doesn’t have enough alcohol on him to face K, M quickly drenches himself with wine in preparation for entering his room. Inside, K and L are carefully examining the red notice that HBS scattered to the people. L straightens up a bit when K’s fingers meet his on the red paper. K is totally oblivious, and L carefully moves his finger away as K asks him, “Do you know who it might be?” L ignores the question, straightens up even further and asks, “Gul-oh sahyung, where is Gul-oh sahyung? Why is he so late?” At this, MJS enters the room saying, “He’s here. I’m here.” MJS walks to the center of the room, kicking away something and then picking up his pillow, he places it right next to L and proceeds to lay down. K leans over and smells the alcohol. “Ah, the smell. Sahyung, did you drink again tonight?” MJS answers “Yup. So Daemul, make sure you go over there and sleep close to the wall.” M uses his foot to push K to the other side of the room. (LOL) As they are about to sleep, L stops and says, “Sahyung, I must speak to you about this tonight. Our sleeping arrangement…I need to know why you keep changing our sleeping positions like this.” M mutters something about L not wanting to correct the particular bad habit of rolling to and fro in the room (not really sure). L retorts, “This is unfair. If you like this wall better, then…” As L attempts to move, M says, “You’re getting dust in the air. Just go to sleep.” L refuses and says that he must resolve this matter tonight. M angrily asks, “There’s no such thing as your place, my place. You just lie down and sleep!” L then says they should ask K how they should decide the sleep arrangements. As both M and L look to her, K touches her lips in worry as to how to answer this question. Loud harp music sounds in the background as the guys can’t help but focus on her lips. (LOL) M starts to hiccup and L abruptly says to forget it. “Since it’s already late, we should just go to sleep.” The two guys are huddled on one side while K has all this room to herself on the other end. (LOL)

The King is holding court and proclaims that he plans on dissolving the merchants union and letting the peasants have free trade in order to stabilize the fluctuating economy/prices. Many of the advisors object, but L’s father says, “You should do as you will, your Majesty.” Everyone is shocked. L’s father continues that the king should thoroughly investigate the merchants and stabilize the country/economy and comfort the people of this country. King smiles approvingly and says “There stands a thinker who has the heart of a king for his people.” (or something like that…you get the idea). The King proclaims what he plans to do.

ByungPan heatedly demands to know what L’s father is thinking. “How can you agree with what the King’s planning on doing?!” L’s father calmly looks at him and asks, “Do you know how the Noron faction has maintained power for 100 years? Regardless of the situation, we know the method of getting the people on our side. This event is too big.” L’s father says that HBS is stirring things up with the people and they need to douse the fire before it ignites so that they don’t look like the bad guys.

Little kids go around announcing the King’s plans. Everyone examines the notice. HIS in particular is displeased. The four sit by a tree and when G puts his arms around both K and L, M shoves G aside. (LOL…doesn’t want G’s arms around K, I guess)

Prof. Jung says that he can’t agree with what the King is doing. The king says this is his way of creating the new world order he’s envisioned and that Prof. Jung should know this better than anyone. The king asks if this is because of L. Prof. Jung answers that his objection is because of K and M. Already, those students have lost their brother and father, and he himself has lost a person who was both a teacher and his friend. The King looks troubled. Prof. Jung continues that he cannot be a pathetic teacher who loses his students as well. The King angrily retorts that he lost his friend, his mentor, his people, too. “Even at this time, how much longer do you want to make my people. I’ve already commanded for those four to enter the palace.” Prof. Jung looks startled.

As the four walk through the gates of the palace, K teases G and says that it must definitely be scary/serious for G to wear the palace uniform when he swore he would never be caught dead wearing such a drab piece of clothing. M places his arms around G and pats him saying, “the unfashionable palace uniform, the same palace uniform.” L adds that G also said that it’s because of the palace uniforms that no extraordinary thing could be done. G says of course, my thoughts are unchanged. He twirls and shows the inside of his uniform reasserting to them that “I’m Goo Yong Ha.”

The King asks the four if they are content with the way he has done the homework the four gave him at the hearing, that he’s not sure if he did it well. In unison, they reply that they are overcome. The King continues that the issue was a long-time concern of his and that the four of them were a great help. He then presents each of them with presents, saying “This is an expression of my heart.” G gets his gold house back and asks “How…?” The King answers that he heard G had a huge part in the investigation. M opens his present and opens an essay/writing written by SKK’s former student body president (M’s older brother). The King says that it was so precious that he held onto it, but that it now seems to have find its rightful owner. M is floored. L opens his gift to reveal a (his stolen?) sundial. The King asks him, “I’ll ask you one question: Through this event, have you ever doubted your father’s innocence? Answer me.” When L is unable to answer, the King continues about how there’s an old saying about how when a needle moves, it’ll never fail to correctly tell the time (not sure). The King urges L to view his morals, his bloodline, etc. and never lose his sight on his uprightness. (ugh…bad translation)

BP asks L’s father what he thinks the King’s motives are. “Obviously (BP answers his own question), the King is intent on getting your son to turn his back on his father and join him.” (Political language and such is too difficult…I think L’s dad is saying son and dad cannot be separated and BP then asks what’s to happen to their political party). L’s father cautions him and BP backs down and simply states that he is curious about the King’s motives.

K opens her present. The king’s advisor tells Prof. Jung that the present belongs to K’s dad and that the King must be getting ready to give them the task of finding the sought-after book (the one K’s dad and M’s brother died trying to protect). The King says to K that the more he sees him, the more K reminds him of K’s father. K asks if the king knew her father. The King answers that SKK Prof. Kim was a long-time friend and scholar he much admired. K is shocked and numbly asks if the King just said that her father was a prof. at SKK. The King asks if she didn’t know. She replies that she grew up hearing that her father was a simple teacher who loved books/knowledge. However, because of unfortunate circumstances, he lost his life. She asks for his forgiveness and wants to ask him one question. The King says to ask. “Truly, do I take after my father? I’m sorry. It’s just that I can’t remember my father’s face anymore.” The King lists a few qualities of the father and says that K is exactly like the King’s stubborn good friend. As she caresses the game that once belonged to her father, everyone looks on.

K goes to SKK memorial room and (in audio) asks her father what kind of world it was that he so desperately fought to protect at the risk of his own life. What kind of lonely place was it that I am now just beginning to realize your place, that you were here at SKK all this time?

L visits his dad and thanks his dad for his large part in effecting the changes that the King made. The dad says that L is showing the right posture. When things need to be thanked, one should do it and such. He was merely doing likewise in this recent incident. L says, “More than this incident, though, I was incredibly happy to know that I can keep following you and your upright life, father.” Disturbed by L’s comment L’s father’s hand stops from taking care of his plant and quickly says that he has decided to rush L’s wedding. L says he’s not ready yet, and L’s father says that Hyo-eun is good enough as wife material.

Hyo-eun asks if he really doesn’t have it. The bookseller hands her a bunch of books and says that he’s already said these books are what she’s looking for. The maid tells Hyo-eun that it’s no use spending all her time reading books; Hyo-eun should just follow her advice and take L and treat him thus (grabs the bookseller and topples him to the floor). The bookseller gets up from the floor and asks why the maid is treating him like that. Hyo-eun shoves the books at the maid and says, “It’s the opposite. It’s the opposite. I want a book that will make L passionately desire me. Don’t you know that?!” The bookseller laughs and says she should have said so in the first place. He hands her a book and Hyo-eun reads the title (If You Do This on the first Night, then…Ancient Korea’s version of the Karma Sutra ) she opens the books and quickly closes it because of the provocative picture inside. G grabs the book and playfully warns the bookseller that he should be careful of how he organizes and gives out his books. Hyo-eun gets mad at G, but G simply says that she has much to learn if she’s planning on trying to seduce L like that. If it were him, then he probably wouldn’t resist since he doesn’t want to waste her efforts. However, L is a different story. As G walks away, she grabs his sleeve (so comical the way she grabs with her thumb and index finger) and asks him if he knows of a method. G asks, “And if I do, will you do as I say?” Hyo-eun smiles widely and nods yes. (She’s actually quite cute here…poor girl, though. She’s fighting a losing battle.)

G shows her a map of an isolate island and helps her plan. (In audio) “The first thing you have to do is take people like L who are set in their upright ways to an unfamiliar location so that he can completely let go of himself. Men, like women, are susceptible to their environments. People need a bit of tension(?). They start to think of things as fate. Once he gets to the island, I suppose we should make sure to bind his feet (figuratively) so that he can’t get off the island.)

As they walk back to Hyo-eun’s house, G says that L will never in his right mind go off alone with Hyo-eun. So, the four guys will come out and she will prepare four girls. When she tries to interrupt with a question, he silences her by putting his hands to her lips and says to remember to come out to the pier by a certain time. She walks into her house, only to come back to G and asks him for his name since she wants to make sure they know each other. G says that he already knows what he needs to know, Ha Hyo-eun, Ha In Soo’s younger sister. Hyo-eun then asks who he is. “Me? I’m Goo Yong Ha.” Leaning forward to whisper in her ear, “My nickname is Yeorim.” “Yeorim?” Hyo-eun is scandalized (She’s thinking of “Yeorim” with the sexual meaning). “What’s wrong? Yeo means “enough/plentiful” and rim means (don’t know the word). Doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?” Leaning over, he whispers, “What were you thinking it meant? I’m curious.” (G teases Hyo-eun with the play on words of “Yeorim” since Chinese characters upon which many Korean words were based can have multiple meanings.)

K and M walk together.
M: “You really didn’t know anything?”
K: “No, I wonder why my mother didn’t’ tell me the truth?”
M: “She probably worried and thought that this was the best way to protect you.”
K: “What kind of person do you think my father was?”
M: “Why ask? He was obviously a great and good man. Like father like son, don’t you know?”
K: “Sahyung, the nickname of Gul-oh (wild horse/beast) really doesn’t suit you. To me, you have always been someone I am thankful for. From the very first time I met you, at the archery tournament, and at the hearing.” M gets up from tying her pants/legs strings. “Thank you, sahyung,” she smiles sweetly.
At this M starts to hiccup and quickly rushes away from K.

L walks back to SKK when G approaches and asks him how he plans to spend the free time that the King has given them. L is silenced by G before he can really say anything.
G: “Don’t say that you’re going to be studying like a bookworm. How about it? A boat ride with some very beautiful women.”
L: “I’m not interested.”
G: “Then how about the mountains if you don’t like boating?”
L: “Not interested in that either.”
G: “It’s not that you are not interested in these very beautiful women, right?” L looks away. “Surely, you’re not interested in a man?”
L; “Sahyung” (warningly)
G: “It’s a joke.”
L: “That type of extreme joke is quite burdensome.” L stalks away.
G: “I am reminded of Manoh’s teachings right now. Because you are angry, things become more odd/suspicious.”

M is still hiccupping while K and he stand before the news board.
K: “Sahyung, did you hear that HBS is suspected to be a SKK scholar?”
M: “I’m not interested.”
K: “I…think I know. HBS is extremely close to us. Sahyung, you’re HBS, huh?”
M: (startled) “What? What?”
K: (laughing) “Your hiccups have stopped. They’ve stopped, haven’t they?”
As M and K laugh together, L sees them through the gate as he walks back. Turning back, he repeats, “KYS is my roommate. KYS is my roommate. KYS is simply my roommate.” He paces in his room and keeps seeing various visions of K calling him “Mr. Wang” (the name K used to call L). G enters the room.
G: “What’s wrong with you? You look like you’ve caught some illness.”
L: “What brings you here?”
G: “Let’s go boating to the island. Even your fiancé is coming.”
L: “That’s all right.”
G: “You should at least help us match the numbers so that we can provide partners for the girls. I don’t know. I don’t know. (acting like a kid) I’m not going to budge from this room until you agree. (plops down on the floor) Ah, this is nice.” Pulls out his red porn book to read while L positions himself to study.
K: “Isn’t it amazing that your hiccups disappeared like that?” K and M enter the room.
M: “That’s enough now. You can stop.”
G observes how L is flipping pages, pretending to read a book that he’s holding upside down. (LOL)
G: “M has stopped his hiccupping, you say?”
K: (nodding) “I prescribed him a special treatment.”
M: “That’s enough.”
K: “Gul-oh sahyung’s expression…if only you had all been there to see it.”
L starts to get really jealous. He slams his book down on the table causing K to stop laughing, M to look over, and G to sighs)
G: “There was a time when I suspected you were a girl.”
K: “Sahyung, what kind of thing is that to say?”
G: (chuckles) However, I’ve decided not to spend my time wondering about things like that. I’ve discovered that I’m much more curious about something else (meaning L and M’s growing attraction to K)

BP asks, “So you know who HBS is” to HIS who replies that he can’t quite say that it’s only one person. HIS suspects that HBS is in the group of the four involved in the recent changes the King made (K, L, M, and G). BP says to keep a close eye on the four while he does the same on his side. BP asks, “However, you don’t think it’s L, the JaSang’s son, do you?”

L is outside his room being tormented by images of K (lots of funny harp music) interspersed with G asking “Surely, you’re not interested in guys, are you?” Shaking his head, L tells G that he’ll go.
G: “Good thinking. If you’re a guy, you should like to spend time with girls.”
L: “I’ll tell KYS about the plans.”
G: “I’ll tell M. I’ll see you and K at the designated place at 6 o’clock (G had told Hyo-eun 9 o’clock…not really sure of the numbers exactly…he’s using old Korean numbers, but regardless, the times are different.) By the way, Garang, just get into the boat with K and everything will be done for you. Do you understand?”

L stops K as she’s walking with her books. “Today, do you have anything to do during this break?”
K: “Not really. I was thinking about visiting home.”
L: “If you’ve got nothing better to do, I was wondering if you would go somewhere with me.”
K: “Where are you planning on going?”
L: “You don’t have time?”
K: (hurriedly) “No, I have time.”
L: “Then I’ll see you at 6 o’clock.”
Inside her room, K looks at herself in the mirror and quickly gets up when M comes into the room.
M: “Daemul, are you going somewhere?”
K: “I have some things I have to do.” She quickly leaves the room in anticipation of her “date” with L. (I guess she doesn’t want to risk getting waylaid from her date. LOL)
M sees the mirror lying on the floor and starts to wonder.

K: “We’re riding a boat to get there?” She’s completely excited.
L: “Let’s get on board.”
K totters a bit and L reaches to steady her but then decides against it and simply sits down in the boat. K sits down, a bit thrown off by his reaction. The boatman says that they came just in time because the skies don’t look so good. (predicting rain!)
K: “This is the first time I’m going anywhere on a boat.”

G: “I sent them off alone to a deserted island where there’s no one in sight.”
M: “what?!” He looks completely freaked out…or at least getting there.
G: “It’s a break decreed by the King. I decided to treat them since they took the largest share of the responsibilities in the recent event.” M rushes out of the room. “You should never have thought to deceive your 10-year-long friend, Gul-oh,” says to the empty room.

Hyo-eun asks her maid what she means by “the boat’s not there.” The maid says that when she went to the pier to load the rest of the stuff that Hyo-eun had purchased, the boat was already gone, having left at 6 o’clock. Hyo-eun is in disbelief and rushes to the pier. The boatman says that it’s impossible to take the boat out now. Look at the sky. Hyo-eun asks about her boat and the boatman says he’s not sure what boat she’s talking about, but the boat he knows left at 6. When Hyo-eun asks “Are you sure?” the boatman replies that L was on board that boat. Hyo-eun zones out and repeats, “I have to get to young master (L). He’s going to be stuck on that island until tomorrow morning.”

On the island, K and L look stunned as they survey the tent and all the other preparations.
K: “When did you prepare all this?”
L: “I didn’t prepare this.”
Back at the pier…
Hyo-eun: “I prepared all this. I reserved the boat to get to that island. Another boat…please reserve me another boat.”
G: “That won’t help you. Don’t you remember that you reserved the boat with the weather in mind. There’s no way a boat will go out in this weather. Look! It looks like it’s going to rain.” Both Hyo-eun and M look at G murderously.
Back at the island…
K: “So, let me get this straight. We came all this way to spend time with girls?” she fumes.
L: “Is something wrong? Why are you getting so mad?”
K: “Why did you do something I didn’t even ask? Who asked you to introduce me to girls?” She stomps away toward the sea with L following. “You are so pathetic,” she mutters to herself. “What did you expect, especially dressed as you are?”
L stops her and then awkwardly takes his hand away from her shoulders.
L: “I honestly thought that you would like this, KYS.”
K: “What?”
L: “Yeorim sahyung told me that if you’re a guy, you’ll like girls. And so, I…KYS, you’re a guy, too.”
K: “Then you spend all the time that you want with the girls.” She turns to leave and calls after the leaving boat, entering the sea in her attempts to stop the boat.
L: “What are you doing?”
K: “Get out of my way! Didn’t you hear me say get out of my way!” she yells as she turns and punches L.
Simultaneously, M is seen punching G back at the pier. He yells, “What have you done, you jerk?!” Back at the island, L continues to try to stop K and falls backward into the sea.

(fin!) It’s past 2AM. Took longer than I expected…hope you all enjoy!

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