Walk down Memory Lane: High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 25 – Episode 105 Link and Recap)

We continue our little “Walk down Memory Lane” this week with Episode 105 of High Kick 3. Somehow, with Halloween just around the corner (next Friday), this episode seems quite appropriate, don’t you think? 😉

Let’s take a look at the recap from March 6, 2012…verbatim. :) 

Episode 105 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Monday’s episode explored the power of suggestion as Park Ji Sun starts to not only suspect Park Ha Sun of a heinous double identity but also drags the school principal into her world of false assumptions and paranoia. 

What was done particularly well in this episode was the random splattering of unrelated incidents at the beginning that ultimately combined to give Park Ji Sun a chilling “conclusion.” Nicely done, writers. I went from mildly irritated by the randomness to pleasantly pleased that your clever wits hadn’t failed you. 😉   


The episode opens with Park Ji Sun watching a murder thriller in a dark theater all by her lonesome self in preparation for a theater class she is teaching this term. She is startled when the theater door opens to reveal Park Ha Sun, who returned to retrieve some things she left in the theater. Ji Sun makes a crack about how Ha Sun has just scared her and made her age several years in fright. LOL

Ji Sun invites Ha Sun to join her for the rest of the movie since Ji Sun is too scared to watch the movie by herself now.

Ji Sun fills Ha Sun in on the plot, describing the scariest aspect of the movie: the female lead is this sweet woman who harbors a secret, murderous side…much like Ha Sun’s sweet personality. In a playful mood, Ha Sun smears some ketchup on the corner of her mouth to mimic blood and eerily looks at Ji Sun. LOL. Of course, Ji Sun freaks out and tells Ha Sun to stop playing around.

Meanwhile, Yoo Sun buys a tubful of pig’s feet/legs and bags a handful to share with Ha Sun and her “family.”

However, as she enters the underground tunnel, she stumbles because there’s no light in the tunnel. Reminding herself to ask Kye Sang to fix the lantern, she picks up the bag of pig’s feet that she dropped and continues on her way without realizing that one little leg escaped from the plastic bag.

As she climbs up the trap door, she frightens Jin Hee, who’s taking a shower. Promising Jin Hee that she didn’t see anything, Yoo Sun apologizes for not announcing herself before she opened the trap door. Seriously! What a place to have the trap door…when anyone could be using the bathroom.

Yoo Sun delivers the bag to Ha Sun who thanks her while Julian walks into the kitchen with a newly purchased set of knives from the Home Shopping Network. Yoo Sun makes a comment about wanting to buy a set for herself because her knives are in need of replacing and asks Julian to let her know what he thinks of his new purchase.

As Ha Sun opens to put the bag into the kimchi refrigerator–Koreans have a refrigerator specifically designed for storing kimchi in “ideal” conditions–the refrigerator blinks off, causing Julian to smack it back on. He flashes his “victory” signs, claiming that he’s MacGuyver. LOL. Unfortunately, the refrigerator continues to turn on and off, so the two decide to call the service center.

As Julian leaves the kitchen, he runs into Ji Won, causing her to spill her grape juice, which splatters against the wall.

As Julian and Ha Sun make it to school in time, Ha Sun panics as she realizes that she forgot to turn off the stove. Julian reassures her that he did, a comment that Park Ji Sun overhears and asks what he means. Trying to think quickly on their feet, Ha Sun and Julian claim that they are playing this new video game in which they receive points for doing “household chores” like turning off the stove. Ha Sun leaves quickly to “clean the refrigerator” worth 50 points while Julian follows her to “do the dishes,” equally worth 50 points. 

Ji Sun is unconvinced and when she sees Teacher Yoon, she remembers that he fell out of the window because he was trying to say something that Ha Sun didn’t want made public, so she asks him what he had been about to say back then. 

Teacher Yoon cryptically tells Ji Sun that it’s better not to know, stating the famous cliché “Curiosity killed the cat.” He whispers that it’s better not to know because she can get hurt. He furthers that thought by mentioning that Ha Sun is a scarier woman than people think; one never knows what she might do. LOL…so misleading. LOL 

Then as he concludes that Ji Sun shouldn’t pursue her investigation any further, he freezes in “terror” as he spots Ha Sun down the cooridor…and in classic horror film sequence, she quickly “moves” to where he is, each frame accompanied by eery music. LOL 

Taking him by the arms, she pulls him away from Ji Sun for a private word. LOL…Ji Sun is going to be thinking all sort of thoughts now.

Once outside, though, Ha Sun flashes him her “Puss in Boots” look as she beseeches him to please keep her secret about Julian living at her house.

He tells her that he’s not interested in other people’s business, so he has no plans of disclosing her secret. Thrilled, she jumps up and thanks him, offering to buy him lunch tomorrow. At this, he tells her that he may not be coming to school for the next few days because he’s working on a new composition. At this news, Ha Sun wishes him luck because she loves his music.

In true Teacher Yoon form, he tells her NOT to praise him like this because her praises are counterproductive to his creative process and then commands himself to remove her words from his brain. LOL.

Meanwhile, Jong Seok tries to study but reflects back on his conversation with Ji Won (from Ep. 104). He recalls how she asked him, “Sunbae, you like me, don’t you?” At his answer to the affirmative, she tells him, “But don’t be like that.” When he asks why, she explains, “That feeling, I can’t reciprocate.” He sighs and refuses Seung Yoon’s offer to cheer him up because he has to finish his studies by later that night. 

The principal asks after Teacher Yoon, who is absent from school. Ha Sun tells the faculty that Teacher Yoon is planning on being absent for a few days while he works on a new musical piece.

Later that night while getting ready for bed, Ji Sun reflects on the “evidence” and concludes that Ha Sun must be living a double life, very much like the female character in that horror movie and that she’s done something to Teacher Yoon. Heh….

Ji Sun then envisions Ha Sun acting demure and innocent with Ji Seok, even refusing to give him a goodnight kiss…

…while engaging in a torrid love affair with Julian inside her house. LOL

Claiming to get to the truth of the situation, Ji Sun parks her car in front of Ha Sun’s house and prepared to stake out the place until she can get proof. She telephones the principal and tells him that she will give him proof this time that Julian and Ha Sun are living together. The principal tells her not to embarrass herself like she did the last time she tried to prove this but finds himself talking to himself. Muttering that Ji Sun only stays on the phone long enough to say only what she wants, the principal goes back to his work.

Ha Sun tells Julian that the service center won’t be able to come to repair the refrigerator for a few days, and Julian suggests that they bury the kimchi out in the backyard the way the Koreans did before the invention of the kimchi refrigerator. The frigid winter cold is ideal for keeping the kimchi good during the winter months. But before they can do anything, Ji Sun barges into their house unannounced and snaps a compromising picture of Julian in his bathrobe with Ha Sun before running out to disclosure their “dirty” little secret.

But before she can get into her car, Julian is able to grab her and carry her back inside, bumping her head by accident on the wall. However, he doesn’t realize that he did this and so thinks that she simply fainted in her panic.

When Ji Sun finally regains consciousness, she wakes up to hear Ha Sun and Julian talking about burying the kimchi jars to prevent spoilage.

But Ji Sun misunderstands their conversation and thinks that they are intending to bury her in order to keep their secret. She wakes up to see Ha Sun calming assessing the situation. LOL…Ha Sun does seem like a cold-blooded murderess here. LOL

Ji Sun quickly crawls away from the sofa, but not before seeing the juice/”blood” splatter on the wall from early that morning.

In growing panic, she hides herself in the bathroom, looking for a way out of the house, and finds the trap door. Opening it, she peers inside and unexpectedly gets shoved into the tunnel when the trapdoor closes on her.

Meanwhile, Ha Sun and Julian discover Ji Sun gone and start to panic, fearing the worst–that Ji Sun has escaped and is on her way to tell the principal about their secret.

Unaware of the situation at home or that Ji Sun has fallen through the trap door, Jin Hee returns home and prepares to shower. Remembering the rude awakening she received when Yoo Sun came through the trap door the last time, Jin Hee baracades the door with the washer…at least until she finishes her shower.

Ji Sun finally wakes up from her fall and tries to open the trap door. Unable to get it to budge with the washer holding it down, Ji Sun suspects the worst–Ha Sun and Julian have locked her inside with the intent of getting rid of her. LOL

In terror, she telephones the principal for help but is unable to finish her plea for help because her cell phone battery dies.

Exploring the tunnel for another way out, Ji Sun comes across the missing pig’s leg and mistakes it for Teacher Yoon…or at least what remains of Teacher Yoon.

Now fully immersed in her world of delusions and paranoia, recalling “pertinent” scenes, she cries for help and laments that it’s too early for her to die. She hasn’t even had the opportunity to get married. LOL

Meanwhile, Kye Sang returns home and is asked by Yoo Sun to fix the lantern in the tunnel. Just as he is about to open the trap door, he receives a phone call asking for some documents to be resent…and the writers toy with the viewers a bit by having Kye Sang turn to go send the email, hesitate because he may not need to, and then leave to send the email because the documents would be helpful. LOL…so close, Ji Sun, but I guess you’ll have to wait for another “savior.”

Outside, Ha Sun and Julian are beside themselves trying to locate Ji Sun. Unable to find her near their house, they decide to go to Ji Sun’s house to see if she’s returned home.

While the two teachers leave the house “empty” except for Jin Hee, the principal comes to visit/investigate Park Ji Sun’s phone call, asking if anyone is home. Of course, Jin Hee is unable to answer him because she’s listening to her headphones. As she walks into her bedroom, the principal walks in through the front door.

Retracing Ji Sun’s steps to the bathroom because she had said something about being trapped in a trap door inside the bathroom, the principal opens the now “unbarred” trap door. Jin Hee moved the washer back to its original spot once she was done with her shower. Unfortunately, just like Ji Sun, the principal opens the door, sticks his face waaaayyyy inside the tunnel, and gets “shoved” inside the tunnel by the trap door. He lands on the ground with a loud thud, completely surprised, especially when he spots Ji Sun.

Now fully convinced of Ji Sun’s story, the principal cries that he doesn’t want to die either. He even cries nose tears for full measure of his fear. LOL

When Yoo Sun asks Ha Sun if she can borrow one of Julian’s knives for some chopping she wants to do, Ha Sun offers to bring it over. Climbing down the steps to the tunnel, she is pleasantly surprised to finally find Ji Sun in the tunnel…after she and Julian had searched everywhere for her.

Unfortunately, to the principal and Ji Sun, Ha Sun’s smile of welcome and pleasure is anything but that as they give in to their fears and paranoia as “victims” and freak out, screaming for dear life!

Post-Recap Thoughts: Today’s episode was a fun exploration of how powerfully misleading the mind can be, especially when it pieces together the events with a certain slant. LOL.

The writers included a nice touch with Jong Seok flashing back to his ep. 104 encounter with Ji Won…I translated her words for you guys since I won’t be recapping #104 for at least another few days.

As for the collection of random events, I’m pleased with the way these small, insignificant items were tied to fuel Ji Sun’s crazy suspicions. LOL. My suspicion is that she won’t be watching any horror films any time soon. Heh heh…Ep. 106 should be interesting to watch. 🙂

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