Walk down Memory Lane: High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 22 – Episode 98 Link and Recap)

Today’s “Walk down Memory Lane” features Episode 98, which resonates with me as I am quite attached to my “older” cell phones and try to use them for as long as I am able. Needless to say, I have yet to switch over to a data plan/smart phone. 🙂

In addition, this episode epitomizes what I love about the third installment of the High Kick series: It’s a smooth blend of the comedic and the dramatic, often eliciting laughter and tears from its viewers within the same episode…even within the same scene!

Let’s take a look at the recap from February 18, 2012…verbatim. 🙂
Episode 98 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: My initial thoughts to Ep. 98 were a vehement “NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” But by the time the last frame of the episode ended, sanity thankfully returned, and I was once again able to think with a clear head.

The two couples for examination in this episode are Kye Sang – Ji Won and Nae Sang – Yoo Sun. While one relationship deepens further–albeit in some very unwelcomed ways for me–the other one deteriorates into a delightful little revelry of childish pranks and taunts. We now know from whom Jong Seok and Soo Jung get their love of immature fighting. Heh….


The episode opens with Seung Yoon helping Yoo Sun create her own blogsite, centering the site on all the great cooking she does.

Some time later, Jong Seok and Soo Jung start fighting with a water gun, and Nae Sang steps in to break them apart. He berates them for acting so childishly.

Meanwhile, Ji Won boards a bus, and we see that she and Kye Sang are both reading…and the same book! Is this the writers’ not-so-subtle way of telling us that these two have a lot in common? *sigh*

As they discuss who the murderer might be, Kye Sang suggests a finger flick on the forehead of the person who guesses incorrectly since Kye Sang thinks the murderer is one person while Ji Won suspects it is another. Relishing the idea of the game, Ji Won tells him she’s in and practices her flicking. LOL

Later that day, the family gathers around, munching on some difficult-to-find candy from Nae Sang and Yoo Sun’s era, and views the responses from Yoo Sun’s blogsite. Already, people are starting to leave comments, and Nae Sang starts to get jealous of all the flirty comments Yoo Sun receives. Readers call her “beautiful” and other praises. He demands that she take down photos of herself and only post photos of food. heh…jealous, are we?

As if influenced by the candy of their era, Nae Sang and Yoo Sun revert to childish behavior–worse than that of Jong Seok and Soo Jung. The younger generation simply look on in shock as the adults slap their hands at each other. LOL…definitely juvenile.

The next morning, Ji Won notices that her cell phone hasn’t been charged properly and recharges it. Unfortunately, she realizes that there is something wrong with the phone and that it is literally on its last battery life.

Determined to preserve the cell phone that contains all of her text messages from her now deceased father, she goes from one repair store to another but to no avail. Every single one of them tells her the same thing: the phone is so old that they cannot repair it.

While Ji Won struggles to save her phone–one of the only things she has left to remind her of her father–Kye Sang discovers the identity of the murderer and texts Ji Won to be prepared for her flicking…He won their bet!

Unfortunately, Ji Won doesn’t get the message because she’s turned off her phone in an effort to preserve it for as long as possible. Kye Sang checks his phone as he leaves work, wondering why Ji Won hasn’t replied yet to his message.

Spotting her on the street, Kye Sang cheerfully greets her and teases her about her impending forehead flick.

Completely out of it, Ji Won barely registers Kye Sang’s comment and parts her hair in preparation for her punishment. Unlike the way he punished Ha Sun in their game a few episodes ago, Kye Sang gently flicks, more like taps actually, Ji Won’s forehead with his finger. And that’s when he finally realizes that Ji Won is unusually subdued. Asking her what’s wrong, Kye Sang learns about the cell phone situation. Knowing what that signifies to Ji Won, Kye Sang offers to help her the next morning since it’s already too late to do anything for the night.

So the first thing the next day, Kye Sang takes her to cell phone central, a location that houses literally hundreds of cell phone stores and repair shops.

But all of that searching is in vain. Not willing to give up, especially in light of Ji Won’s hopeless despair, Kye Sang tells her to cheer up because they have the Internet at their disposal. There is bound to be at least one store that can fix her phone. After making numerous phone calls, Kye Sang hits upon one factory that may have some used parts for Ji Won’s phone. He plans with her to meet later that night so that they can arrive as soon as the factory opens. Why the late drive? Because the factory is in the country, about six hours drive from Seoul. If they leave at 10PM, they can arrive by 4AM when the factory opens.

Unfortunately, Kye Sang has an emergency with a collapsed patient and texts Ji Won to wait at her house since he’s going to be very late.

As he drives home, Kye Sang gets a sneaking suspicion that Ji Won never got his message and that she’s still waiting at their arranged location. When he gets there, he’s at first relieved that she is nowhere in sight…until he spots her huddled in the frigid cold.

Putting his coat quickly around her, he tells her to go home and wait for him. He’ll go down by himself since it looks like she’s going to be sick. However, Ji Won is determined to fix her phone and insists on going with him.

Tragically, they make it all the way down to the factory only to have the verdict be the same. The phone is simply just too old to be repaired; there are no spare parts to be found. Ugh…the commentary on the obsolescence of technology. On the drive back, Ji Won finally resigns herself to the inevitable, and with a brave attitude as though she’s preparing to see her father one last time, which she is in an odd way, she invites Kye Sang to see the text messages her father sent her that no one else has seen but her. Realizing the import of what she’s offering, Kye Sang reads and hears the story behind each text message from her father…

…stories that reflect the deep love between the father and daughter but are no longer physically evident in this world.

And so, as the cell phone’s battery slowly drains away, Ji Won uses what precious time is left to let Kye Sang into her private world, a world that she only shared with her father.

Meanwhile, as Kye Sang and Ji Won deal with the serious matter of the cell phone and what its “death” signifies, Nae Sang and Yoo Sun engage in an ongoing battle–or should I say war–that takes childish pranks and fighting to a whole new level. Using all the taunts and jokes that they used as children, one by one, Nae Sang and Yoo Sun unpack and hurl them at each other.

Much to the distaste of their son who grimaces at the mention of poop in one of their taunts. LOL

Even their sleeping arrangement signals a “war” as Yoo Sun clearly marks the boundary of “no crossing” or “enemy lines” with socks. LOL

Their fighting escalates to such an extent that Yoo Sun brings out her butt-poking weapon for ddong-jjim!

But her weapon backfires on her as she jams her finger and bursts out in tears, very much like a little girl. Nae Sang goes to comfort her–or so we think–when in reality, he uses her crying to make American Indians’ battle cry noises. And what do the children actually think as they view all of this unfold before their eyes? O-M-G! LOL

The episode ends with Ji Won waking up from a sweet dream with her father while she was sleeping off her illness. She checks her cell phone one last time and silently resigns herself to its death…and a symbolic closing of that part of her life.

Knowing that she needs to move on, Ji Won purchases a new cell phone and is pleasantly surprised when she receives her first text message. And from Kye Sang no less. He wants to buy her lunch, an invitation that prompts her to race to meet him.

However, she notices something odd about Kye Sang’s behavior towards her. He’s no longer using the polite form of speech and instead is using the familiar. Thinking that Kye Sang now sees her differently, she smiles and anticipates in delight this new development.

Post-Recap Thoughts: So at first, I was panicked, thinking the writers were really going down that little rabbit hole I could have sworn I had telepathically messaged them that they were under NO circumstances allowed to go down. However, by the end of the episode, I realized that Kye Sang, being Kye Sang, is now assuming the “father” figure role…And as noble and kind as his intentions may be, I don’t think he realizes that this is going to have some noticeably unwanted effects. In much the same way his kind actions misled Jin Hee, I have a suspicion the same may be said of this new dimension in his relationship with Ji Won. One only has to look at the expression of joy on that poor girl’s face in the closing scene to know.

*Sigh* Kye Sang, you bad, bad man…yes, you are a good, kind man but one who is also a deluded, bad man for all the miscalculating you do in relationships…tsk tsk…for a smart man, sometimes, you can be incredibly dense.

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    1. Ah yes, I remember–you shipped Ji Won and Kye Sang while I shipped Jin Hee and Kye Sang. *happy sigh* Good memories! 😉

  1. Loved this show, my favorite of the three and such a wonderful cast! My favorite characters? Hard to say…so many are impressively talented. I’ve always liked Seo Ji-suk since watching him first in “Gloria”. He also had a cameo in the second “High Kick” series. Yoon Kye-sang is a great actor as well and presently I’m watching him in “Beyond the Clouds” aka “Full Sun”, wow, some really gut-wrenching acting from him in this series. I could go on and on, but will close with praises for Yun Yoo-sun, my personal favorite of hers is “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho”. Thanks for your recaps.

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