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W 5.1

So…I told myself that I wouldn’t–would NOT–recap another Kdrama series for a while, but apparently, I simply couldn’t resist blogging a bit about W. *sheepish grin*

The compromise I made with myself is that I wouldn’t blog the FULL episode in excruciating detail (as I am sometimes prone to do) but instead type out a mini-recap of the episode. Good plan? 😉

Here’s the rundown of today’s episode for those of you hankering at the bit for the 4-1-1. 

Summary: (Just the main points and then some unavoidable gushing)

Kang Chul arrives in Yeon Joo’s world and is stunned to discover that all that she’s told him is true. First big piece of evidence? His face is plastered on the side of a bus. Yikes!

Smart cookie that he is, he heads directly for a bookstore where he then proceeds to empty all of the money that he has on him to buy and then read the entire W webtoon series. Ha! Love that the show has him be a conscientious customer by buying the comic books since breaking the plastic seal is tantamount to a promise to pay. 😉

He stays at the bookstore reading his “entire” life’s story, stunned into a stupor by what he is forced to accept. It’s only when an employee of the bookstore notifies him that the store is closing that Kang Chul finally snaps out of his thoughts and leaves. When asked by the employee if she should pack up his books, he tells her there’s no need; he knows the entire story already. *grimaces* Ouch.

His next stop? He heads straight for Yeon Joo’s hospital where he identifies himself as her fiance. *chuckles* Yeon Joo, who is scrubbing in for surgery, at first doesn’t make the connection…until she considers the remote possibility that Kang Chul has entered her world.


She forgets about scrubbing in and goes to see if her suspicions are correct and stands dumbfounded at the sight of Kang Chul…in the flesh. Heh.

He takes her by the hand and leads her outside where they can talk privately. There, he gives her the first “genuine” kiss of the series.

W 5

He also tells her of all that he’s experienced since she returned to her world, confessing that despite the numerous shocking and negative epiphanies he’s had–as she had predicted, he does regret finding out the truth–the one good thing is that he’s learned of her private thoughts of and feelings for him

Heh. Gotta love the nature of comic books. Nothing is hidden from the reader. 😉

He tells her that he’s come to see her to bid her a final farewell, but she insists that he stay put until her surgery is over. She should be done in less than an hour. And before parting, Kang Chul is given confirmation that she doesn’t have a boyfriend since Kang Chul teasingly asked if her fellow resident was romantically interested in her. 🙂

She scurries to the operating room–her attending surgeon is seriously peeved that she’s late–while Kang Chul, true to his nature, goes to seek out more information about what has happened to him.

With surgery over, Yeon Joo is called to task by her attending about being late, but before either of them realizes it, Yeon Joo begins to champion her webtoon “self” by engaging in a heated discussion with her superior about how the webtoon Yeon Joo is Kang Chul’s love and not just a fling. Heh. Her slip of the tongue of “me!” is priceless! *chuckles*

As she quickly excuses herself to locate Kang Chul, Kang Chul in that time has located his “creator” and is stunned to discover that Yeon Joo is his creator’s daughter. Ever the resourceful character, he quickly discovers more than he’s ever wanted to know by investigating Oh Sung Moo’s house and work space as well as searching online.

By the time Oh Sung Moo finally returns to his darkened house, Kang Chul has figured out plenty and confronts his “creator.”

In a classic and timeless battle of predestination vs. free will, Kang Chul demands that Oh Sung Moo draw the real suspect…and then is summarily devastated when he discovers there was never a “real” culprit. The entire tragedy was concocted by the webtoonist to set the stage for Kang Chul, who represents the embodiment of everything Oh Sung Moo is not.

Oh man…not good. Especially when Kang Chul reveals to the viewing audience that the webtoonist was actually the first one that he pulled into his webtoon world–before he pulled in Yeon Joo–and directly experienced the webtoonist’s attempt to kill him. It wasn’t enough that his creator drew attacks against Kang Chul; he actually stabbed Kang Chul in “real life”!

Kang Chul, true to his righteous justice-seeking nature, tells his creator to solve the mess then and draw out a solution because he can’t just leave things the way they are. Kang Chul has friends back in the web world who are neither dead nor living; he can’t simply leave his friends that way.

Unfortunately, Yeon Joo’s father–true to his cowardly and pathetic nature–taunts Kang Chul beyond reason, prompting Kang Chul to shoot the man…all the while, Yeon Joo is listening to the entire conversation, unnoticed by either of the men in her life!

The cliffhanger? Kang Chul shoots Oh Sung Moo, who slumps down to the floor.


As informative as this episode is–we get to learn many details about Kang Chul’s situation and his current dilemma–the episode felt a bit like filler. Hmmm…perhaps it’s the romantic in me who was hankering for more Kang Chul – Yeon Joo time, but nevertheless, I enjoyed the new developments.

I just wanted MORE!!!!! *whimpers*

And if some of you are saying, “But Snoopy’s Twinkie, we got the kiss on the rooftop,” I have to confess that the kiss was so early on in the episode that by the time the rest of the episode unfolded, I had forgotten that the kiss even happened. >.<

So on that level, the series is staying true to W’s webtoon genre of action and intrigue. Heh. Today’s episode was definitely not a pandering to the romantic viewers. 😉

In any case, I’ll try to return tomorrow for the mini-recap of episode 6. Until then, I wish you all a W-day! 😉

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6 thoughts on “W: Episode 5 Mini-Recap”

  1. Great episode. I could not wait for the subs so I just watched it raw, then read your recap and it clarified a few things so thank you! If Kang Chul really killed oh sung mo thrn I really don’t know how could a love plotline happen between yoon joo and kang chul?

    1. First comment? Welcome to our Musings community, Mousy! 🙂
      Glad the mini-recap helped clarify a few things. 🙂
      I doubt Kang Chul really killed Oh Sung Moo…not in his created “nature” and the preview shows more webtoon drawings, indicating the webtoonist is alive and well. If nothing else, it was a “dramatic” ending for the required closing of an episode. LOL.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wow, ST! What a lovely surprise to wake up to 🙂 I was waiting for the clips to be uploaded on YouTube last night, but I fell asleep. Hee.

    Thank you for the mini-recap. What a pivotal confrontation between Kang Chul and his ‘creator’! I can’t wait to see what happens next. I doubt he could actually kill Sung-mo, though – wouldn’t that be the end of Chul, as well? I was on the fence about the kiss . . . It felt like he knew she liked him and was responding to that rather than to her. Hmmm. Can’t wait to watch it! (Watched episodes 3 and 4 last weekend).

    Don’t overdo the mini-recaps, please! Much as I’m sure we all appreciate them, you need your rest! You remember what happened to your last mini-recaps, don’t you? They got longer, and longer . . .

    shoo! Off to bed with you!

    1. LOL. You remember my crazy blogging schedules of the past, huh? LOL
      The good news is that I’m on the other side of the globe from you, so when it’s night time for you, it’s day time for me. 🙂 I actually blogged this morning, but thank you for the concern. 🙂 You’re so sweet to worry about me. 😉
      We’ll actually see for how long I keep blogging. VBS begins this Friday and then the fall term begins in two weeks. >.< So glad you were able to enjoy the mini-recap! 😉

  3. I’m on the W band wagon too. I’m like Yeon Joo at times – eyes wide open and wondering – “what just happened?!!! I am enjoying the feeling of not knowing what to expect next. I don’t over analyse and try and find a reason for everything or even guess at a reason – I find that I enjoy just sitting back and letting it unfold.

    Awesome existential confrontation between Creation and Creator.

    Loved the argument between Yeon Joo and her Superior – LOL!!!! Long Live “shipping” wars!

    1. Yes, long live the “shipping” wars! But wait! There’s no shipping war, is there? Just Kang Chul and Yeon Joo, right? LOVE THEM TO PIECES! <3
      Having gotten that gushing out of my system, I thank you for reading and commenting, Madkdr! 😉

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