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W 10

Episode 10 takes us on a deeper and faster roller coaster than did episode 9, so I hope you’re willing to suspend your disbelief of the new developments and simply enjoy the thrill of the ride. Heh…The irony of my statement just now is that this little twinkie despises the physical roller coasters. Absolutely can’t stand them and does anything and everything to avoid getting on one; however, these metaphorical roller coasters, on the other hand, she can handle and even learn to relish. 😉 Shall we continue with my musings…? 

The longing for Kang Chul and Yeon Joo to be together is palpable as you can clearly see in the above picture. Poor Yeon Joon. To be so close and yet so far…and knowing that this distance must be maintained for her safety. Ugh. *palms face*

For today’s “recap,” I thought that I would give you the major events via video clips generously provided to us from MBCdrama via Youtube:

Clip 1: Our killer isn’t just your “average” killer but a complete psychopath who now possesses the powers of knowledge and manipulation of the outside world.  *shudders* Basically, the psychopath feels betrayed by Sung Moo, who plans a happy ending for Kang Chul, and is now bent on controlling Sung Moo to do his evil bidding–fabricate fake “evidence” to implicate Kang Chul once and for all for the murders of his family members ten years ago! And my poor beloved Soo Bong!

Clip 2: Unable to find any place to rest and trying to avoid unwanted detection from the other doctors at the hospital, Yeon Joo goes up to the rooftop to drink some alcohol that she was able to find in a patient’s room. There, she runs into Kang Chul, and she shares one of her drinks with him before he’s called back into the hospital. Ugh…the poignancy of their conversation! 

Clip 3: We see just how masterfully the murderer is able to manipulate Sung Moo, dictating to his “creator” exactly what he wants drawn and when. *shudders*

Clip 4: Yeon Joo can’t figure out why she’s still inside W, especially when she doesn’t have any money or resources with which to survive. 🙁

Clip 5: Desperate for some food, she remembers So Hee’s apartment and lets herself in since she knows the password. Famished, she attempts to make herself some ramyun, take a shower, and “borrow” some money, but her plans are foiled when Kang Chul drops by the apartment to pick something up for So Hee. Of course, he notices that something’s amiss and apprehends Yeon Joo. 

Clip 6: At Yeon Joo’s piteous request to at least be allowed to eat the ramyun she’s cooked because she’s absolutely famished, Kang Chul relents and then administers some ointment on her cut lips. At his tenderness, Yeon Joo bitterly snaps at him for his kind gesture since she feels her loss even more. And the worst part is that Kang Chul has no clue what she’s talking about. 🙁 That knowledge makes it infinitely more painful for Yeon Joo. Our poor Yeon Joo…

Clip 7: Unlike Sung Moo’s original plan to have the two villains attack each other, our pyschopath calls the corrupt congressman running for president and begins to fill him in on certain events and information about Kang Chul. Uh-oh….

Clip 8: The world of W, now fully in the psychopath’s control, goes haywire on us as fabricated evidence is miraculously emailed to Detective Son, who can’t believe what he hears. He asks Kang Chul for the truth: Did he truly kill his parents as indicated in the voice recordings because he fought with his father? Of course, Kang Chul is appalled by the suggestion, but before he can vindicate himself from any of the suspicion, Detective Son is fatally shot by an invisible force (I suspect that this is a result of Sung Moo’s “controlled” drawing), and the murder weapon magically materializes in Kang Chul’s hand, prompting him to run away from the hospital. He tells his right-hand man that he’s been framed and that he’ll contact him when he can. He speeds away in his car with Yeon Joo in the back seat. Thankfully, he had decided to not turn her into the police at So Hee’s apartment because he sensed that he’d regret it if he did. Smart man with great intuition! 🙂

Clip 9: As Yeon Joo goes into a pharmacy to buy some medical supplies to treat Kang Chul’s wound (she asks Kang Chul for the money), she sees the latest news update and at that moment realizes that her father’s and Kang Chul’s plans for that “happy” ending has failed miserably and that W is now being controlled by evil. 

Clip 10: Hoping that the old rules of W apply, Yeon Joo kisses Kang Chul as a way to return to her own world. 

The episode ends with Yeon Joo back in her world, contemplating her last kiss with Kang Chul while Kang Chul lies in bed and begins to make some sense of all the craziness and Yeon Joo’s connection to him–why he reminds her of her husband who is neither dead or divorced from her but instead just “gone.”


I’m going to go on the premise that everyone reading this understood the events of today’s episode and just delve right into articulating my thoughts on the series thus far as well as on the episode.

When I looked at the episode count last week and saw that we were only at episode 9, I knew that things were going to go awry and in a big way since we still had seven more episodes to go. I just didn’t think it would be to this extent. 😛

But in retrospect, the past two episodes’ “craziness” makes sense. After all, we’ve been acclimated to the fast pacing and unexpected plot developments of the past nine episodes; it seems appropriate that the writer amp up the proverbial stakes—and craziness–in order to maintain the already established pace and anticipation of the unknown for the remaining seven episodes.

Honestly, though, I just didn’t expect this much topsy-turvy craziness. Right now, I think it’s safe to say that nothing is certain in the world of W—both in the cartoon and in the real world—for both the characters and for us viewers. 😛

The rules that we took for granted—story being told from Kang Chul’s perspective, only Kang Chul having the ability to pull people into the cartoon world, etc.—are obviously being manipulated at will now by a villain who was created by our inept cartoonist.

How inept you ask? So inept that he’s allowed his “real” self to be devoured by the likes of his villainous fictional creation, who somehow seems to now have access to the real world and the cartoon world. If we missed this exchange of power, the episode blatantly reminds us of this as Sung Moo views his copy of Francisco de Goya’s painting of Saturn Devouring His Son…and then promptly rips it to pieces. Anyone notice that immediately after the shredding of the postcard, our villain makes his liberated self-will presence known to his creator and creates all sorts of mischief? One can’t just steal a person’s face? It’s. Just. Not. Done. *shudders*

And let’s not neglect Sung Moo’s symbolic dismal of his own warning to himself when he shreds his replica of the painting. *shudders* I never did fancy Goya as an artist. His renditions certainly leave me wanting to avert my eyes from his paintings and hide under something. *shudders again*

So, where does the villain’s self-awareness comes from? After all, shouldn’t his memories of the present have disappeared when Kang Chul returned to the timeline of two months ago?

Is it an unexpected benefit of having the same face and one-time goal as the creator himself?

Did Oh Seung Moo subconsciously imbue too much of himself in the character when he drew the psychopath killer and thus transfer some of his “omniscient” knowledge to the villain?

Or perhaps this is the classic battle of creator vs. creation run amuck with at least one created creature in full knowledge of the “real” reality and in possession of supernatural “creator” powers that now allow him to exercise free will outside of the cartoon storyline? If so, the creation seems to be wining and in spades.

Or perhaps the rules that Oh Yeon Joo and Kang Chul know and abide by no longer apply, and everything has literally gone to hell as Yeon Joo so sagaciously notes while in the pharmacy. The cartoon world no longer runs according to already-established rules, and anything goes—at least by the wishes of the villain puppeteering her father. I mean, how loopy is it that not only has the villain stolen the cartoonist’s face…but voice as well?! Anyone else freak out a bit when Sung Moo’s dialogue was written out in words? And poor Soo Bong…! I’d faint, too.

This brings me to Yeon Joo, who now seems to be stuck in the cartoon world, regardless of her connection with or disconnection from Kang Chul. She’s just as puzzled as we on why she’s still in W and not back in her world. After all, Kang Chul has no awareness of her…or does he? *wiggles eyebrows mischievously*

In any case, as crazy as today’s episode was—and I thought episode 9 had been loopy—I appreciate the writer’s painstaking efforts to ground episode 10’s new developments with “realistic” facts: Yeon Joo has no money with which to buy any food or rent a place to sleep and shower, no family or friends, etc. There’s also the belated hope and relief that some rules are still in place—shock Kang Chul and an ending to an “episode” magically appears, sending Yeon Joo back to her world.

Of course, why she continues to keep returning to W’s world remains shrouded in mystery for now, but I suspect this is all because of some cosmic plan to unite her, a “real” person, with Kang Chul, a fictional character, on a permanent basis. Whuh? We know the series will end happily. 😉

In any case, I’m still hooked and looking forward to whatever craziness episode 11 has to offer us. If nothing else, the fact that the writer can still keep me willing to “suspend my disbelief” in the face of all these ludicrous and outlandish developments speak volumes of writer Song Jae Jung’s ability to tell a compelling story. Bravo, Madame Song~! I’ll definitely be tuning in for Episode 11! 🙂

*My apologies for any typos, awkward phrases, inaccuracies, etc. It’s late at night and I need to get to sleep for an early lecture tomorrow. Heh…that’s my excuse for not really taking the time to review the post as I usually do. Ahh well…I hope you can still understand everything! 🙂

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  1. I am seriously hooked and seriously surprised. Being surprised is not something that happens a lot with k-dramas. I trust this writer because of his/her past dramas. I love that everything has gone off the rails in a logical way and the writer just gets deeper into the ramifications and consequences of this particular “speculation.” “This is speculative fiction and kdrama meta done perfectly well.

    1. Hi, Carole! I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the craziness as well. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting! Here’s to a spectacular next episode!

  2. Thanks Grace it was a funice read. I have been so busy my drama time is 0. I will be looking forward to next week’s review!! As they use to say back in the day “Keep on Truckin” haha.

    1. Thanks, Russ! Week 1 of the fall term was a busy one, but I somehow managed to squeeze in W time. LOL. Yes, let’s “Keep on Truckin'”!
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Ooo, I’m late to the party! (Apologies if this is posted twice; my computer keeps hanging on me)

    Also, ST, this is not a mini-recap *wags finger disapprovingly*

    I am enjoying the writing in this drama. There is much to think about and discuss, and it’s an interesting combination of genres – romance, melodrama, comedy, fantasy, horror, science fiction – and the writer somehow manages to pull all the disparate threads together and weave them into something which works.

    I still can’t figure how the killer took Dad’s face away, though. It chilled me to hear that he thought he and Dad are one, but I suppose that’s true, given that we often say writers imbue their creations with part of themselves. The killer certainly has Dad’s bitterness, and, I suspect, his hidden desire for revenge on those who looked down on him?

    Another thought which occurred to me, was – who’s actually writing the manhwa? We see scenes captured and ‘uploaded’; initially I thought Kang Chul was driving the story, but he’s now without awareness, and Yeon-joo is still getting pulled in. Is the webtoon sentient? Maybe it doesn’t like the way the story is going and is calling on Yeon-joo to right things. Or is it some form of the good ole kdrama ‘fate’?

    Finally, I’m glad Kang Chul and Yeon-joo are finally sharing space. Maybe we can get going on how to resolve the mess and bring down the bad guys. I do think Yeon-joo’s heartbreak is appropriate, but it is time to have her take action of some kind, in partnership with Kang Chul.

    1. Hee~! This is a “mini-recap.” I promise! LOL. The post just looks long because of the “Musings” section, which I wrote during a break in my office. Heh. Yes, this post was started at my office (wrote the musings portion and found the video clips) and then finished later that night at home (wrote the mini-recap of the episode to accompany the clips)…At least I kept my promise to continue W, right? 😉
      Anyhow, I enjoyed reading your comment and thoughts on the episode/show. Seriously, if you weren’t so busy with Real Life, I’d suggest you blog, too. 🙂
      BTW, I loved watching your YT video! <3

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