Is Alive Again?!

I hadn’t visited the site since they stopped showing SKKS last year due to licensing issues; however, they are back to showing Korean dramas!  Alas, I feel so out of the loop…when did start showing Korean dramas again?

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3 thoughts on “ Is Alive Again?!”

  1. As far as I know they were continuing to show dramas just not KBS ones. The problem with SKKS was that Viikii didn't have the licensing to show KBS shows as they were airing. Viikii can have MBC, maybe SBS, shows as they air but not KBS shows. Hope that explanation helps!

  2. Oh! really!! quite along time…. forget my password already… lol!!!!
    But since that issued…. i've found you for SKKS' recap and you gave us badmilk's link when you were busy…. a bit of my story with you and badmilk kicked off…. (miss you badmilk)!!
    Don't say that you're going to stop your recap when viikii start showing Kd!! It won't be the same feeling!?!

  3. Twinkie, they already changed from viikii to They are still showing kdrama but unfotunately my princess is only available to those qualified contributors. Hope that will help you. Am looking forward your recap for ep15/16.

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