Valentine’s Day Giveaway: A Thousand Kisses OST CD!

Hi, everyone!

I had wanted to do a New Year giveaway to commemorate the start of 2012, but things got extremely busy around the holidays, so I never got around to it. However, when I mentioned the missed opportunity to a friend, she suggested that I do a Valentine’s Day Giveaway to celebrate a day of love for all my readers. 🙂

Since quite a number of the “Musings” community members watch A Thousand Kisses, I thought it might be fun to give away the A Thousand Kisses OST. I know that most of you can probably find downloads of the songs online, but I personally like having a hard copy of the songs in CD format, especially as the sales of CDs support the artists. Besides, nothing beats having a physical copy of the OST, am I right? 😉

And so, for those of you who are interested in possibly winning a free OST (pictured above), please leave a comment below (limit of one comment/day) for a chance to win the CD along with some other Valentine’s Day goodies that I will include in the package. The giveaway ends on January 31st (11:59PM PST/California time) so that I can have enough time to package the prize and send it on its way to the lucky winner by Valentine’s Day (2/14)!

Good luck! I think this will be a nice way to round out the drama series since it is slated to finish airing in early February. Perhaps after the series ends, I’ll have another giveaway with the special OST that’s set to be released on 1/31/12. 🙂

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164 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway: A Thousand Kisses OST CD!”

  1. I’m first!!! As usual!!! Already have some of the songs from the drama on my KDrama Favorites playlist on my iPhone! Please add to my collection!!

  2. GASP – you’re joking, right? OH MY GOSH, sign me up! (LOL) I have Tim’s song “Believe Me” from the OST playing while I clean up around here. Or the “Goodbye” song by Marigold! How wonderful it would be to have the actual, physical CD in my hands!
    Thank you for the opportunity, you’re awesome.

  3. Woojoo fighting! I still believe in love and that it can overcome all stupidity. Thank you for recapping and keeping me hooked on this angsty, romantic, senseless, are you serious drama! I love the ost too!

  4. How wonderful! I always visit this site to check for recaps and previews and now you are giving away goodies? 🙂
    Keep up the great work and thanks so much!

  5. This is awesome. Would love to have the OST. You treat us every week with the recaps and teasers. and now this. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  6. Would love to win a copy of the CD! Can’t believe that the drama is coming to an end. I hope that the drama ends on a positive note for all. Thanks for your recaps and musings. =)

  7. Thank you so much for all your hard work in giving us recaps for A Thousand Kisses! I know it takes a lot of your time and you are very much appreciated. I would love to have a copy of A Thousand Kisses OST!

  8. thank for your recaps!
    i visit koreandramareviews every single day…such awesome reviews!
    i would live to win the ost cd =)

  9. i really wanted to say thank for posting all the reviews…and i hope A thousand kisses has a good ending =)
    thank you for doing this giveaway as well. it would be awesome if i won the free OST CD

  10. i love your recaps! and ur reviews are so great too!
    i would be over the moon if i won a copy of a thousand kisses OST…thank you for hosting this giveaway

  11. Congrats on your first giveaway of the year!!
    I can’t believe your doing this kind of giveaway….To actually have the OST CD in my possession would be more than amazing…thank you for giving us the opportunity to win wonderful prizes.

  12. too much angst…but i will still watch the drama =)
    i just hope it all ends well
    hope i can win the a copy of the OST
    you are so awesome for holding this giveaway!

  13. Can I just say… you are too great!
    I’ve been reading your reviews and
    recaps for a very long time and they
    are definitely the best I’ve read.
    I really would like to win A Thousand Kisses OST
    and you’re right, having a physical copy..
    NOTHING beats it.
    Thank you for this opportunity and I really hope
    that the drama gets a happy ending!

  14. Omg! I really can’t believe you’re doing this giveaway!
    Such a nice and sweet gesture =)
    All your readers love you too (and that includes me) ^_^
    I would LOVE to win the OST CD (it would be beyond belief if i did win it)..
    but are international allowed to enter?

  15. you are absolutely amazing for holding this giveaway!!
    thanks for all your recaps!

    i have a question….is the winner going to be chosen randomly?

    i actually have no OST Cd’s =(
    please pick me so that i can have my first OST cd…which is an OST of the drama that i love!

    again, thanks for doing this giveaway Snoopy’s Twinkie!

  16. I am soooo excited for this giveaway!
    The OST songs are just pure bliss..
    whenever i want to listen to the OST songs i always have to use Youtube and so to have my own copy of the OST would not only make me extremely happy but would also make a lot easier for me when I want to listen to the songs.
    Hope i get picked 😀

  17. i am allowed to comment right?
    …would like to increase my chances of winning the OST CD =)
    thank you for this giveaway, snoopy’s twinkie =)

  18. OH! We can comment once per day & increase our chances? Okee dokee – in that case: I’M BACK! (LOL!) Did you by any chance catch episodes 45 & 46 yet? You might wanna skip them, poor JS is getting sicker and WB is still being a walking zombie. I have a feeling we’re headed for an open-ending. BLECH.
    Thanks again for this opportunity!

  19. I love you you know that right!! “thank you so much for your wonderful recaps I never miss em”But woo bin is a lost cause I think I am going to have to give up on him(but I still have a smidgen of hope woo bin will come around before the actual end of the drama.But Woo Jin is my idea of what a man should be kind strong and loving (and he is super hunkalicious) 🙂 🙂

  20. here’s my 2nd comment!
    can’t wait for your next ATK Recap…i actually missed today’s episode because im so busy with schoolwork 🙁
    but even so…i will wait for and check out your recap =D
    thnx for this giveaway!

  21. Episode 45 was really sad =(
    im just hoping a miracle happens and A Thousand Kisses has the great ending Im sure we are all waiting for.
    This chance to win the OST CD is fantastic…thank you for letting us comment more than once

  22. I hope i can win this giveaway!
    Good luck to everyone entering!
    thank you snoopy’s twinkie for doing this!
    love you and your recaps =D
    Hope ATK has a wonderful ending (crossing my fingers)

  23. THANK YOU so much for holding this giveaway!
    only found out about it today 🙁
    but hope i can still be entered to win the OST CD
    thanks for all your recaps on ATK btw

  24. Hi there, commenting again 🙂
    Thank-you so much for including us International fans…love you 🙂
    Oh and BTW i’ve told my k-drama crazy fans about this ATK OST CD and they’re really excited. Thanks for your recaps and reviews

  25. thank u for holding this giveaway.
    good luck to evryone else who is entering
    and thank you lots snoopy’s twinkie for the recaps

  26. Hello! I hope it’s not too late to join this giveaway!
    I love you for doing an OST cd giveaway especially because it’s a “A Thousand Kisses” OST cd…Wooh! very excited for this.
    Thank you for your reviews and recaps; I appreciate them lots ^.^

  27. WOW, There’s so much competition!
    Even still, i will try to increase my chances of winning the ATK OST CD.
    Wish everyone the best of luck!

  28. It’s 5am here in England….
    Can’t go to sleep, so instead wasting my time staring into space, I’m entering this awesome giveaway and reading your recaps on ATK….Thanks for this chance to win the drama’s OST CD

  29. im so glad that i found out about this giveaway, although i do wish to have found it earlier.
    Hope i can win the CD and thank you for holding this giveaway

  30. Thank you for doing this giveaway Snoopy’s Twinkie!
    Hope I can win the OST cd but good luck to those entering.
    I should promote because you definitely need more recognition for your recaps and reviews. thanks for doing the recaps 🙂

  31. wooh! this giveaway is very exciting =D
    i actually have no kdrama related merchandise so to have the A Thousand Kisses OST CD would be wonderful!

  32. thank you for your recent recaps of ATK!
    Can’t find time to actually watch the episodes…but reading your recaps really helps. Thanks..
    Hope i win the ost cd

    1. You are most welcome! Good luck! I can’t believe there are still 8 more days to go…who knew this giveaway would be such a hit? Heh heh…perhaps I should do more. 🙂

  33. Wow, look at this response! I knew this OST was amazing but had no idea this many people loved it! (congrats to all the artists who participated in the OST)
    Thanks again for the opportunity and your wonderful recaps. And a HUGE thanks you for translating the previews.

  34. there are so many entries for this giveaway!

    ^_______^ i guess lots of people love the A Thousand Kisses OST Cd and love you too!

    Despite the competition, I shall still try my best to win this giveaway!
    Good luck to everyone else!

  35. Congrats on your giveaway being a big hit!!!!!!

    I really hope to win the OST

    despite all the other entries!

    oh and i don’t understand why you don’t
    have more followers on twitter..

    ..shall promote your twitter now =)

  36. A comment a day? I’m so dag-gone tired from watching a marathon of Spy Myung Wol! Watching up to episode 28 now!! Watching for the storm to start.

    1. Wow~I can’t believe you’re watching that drama…I heard the plot was even crazier than what we’re experiencing with ATK right now. The good news is that I finally got to watch Ep. 46, so I’m going to be recapping the full episode, albeit a mini-recap, instead of just the ending. 🙂

      1. It was fun and crazy at the beginning (Fake Spy Parents were hysterical) but then somewhere they decided to switch to the standard drama angst! They added 2 addt’l episodes which probably ruined it but I did like the ending.

  37. Woah! So many comments!

    This is a fantastic giveaway, no wonder why there are so many comments..
    I hope its not too late to join this to win the OST CD

  38. Hi, missed episode 46 and don’t have much time to try and find it and watch it so im going to resort to reading your Recaps…yay!
    I would really love to win the OST CD

      1. you are soo awesome!
        thank you!
        Snoopy’s Twinkie Daebak!
        btw am i allowed to comment again even though i did just before?….will i be disqualified? (i havent mentioned the giveaway in this comment…)

        1. No problem. Only one entry per day will be counted, so your two comments will just count as one. Hope this makes sense.

  39. Been listening to some of the songs from the OST all day long….
    then i thought of this giveaway and the possibility that i could win an actual physical copy….

    Thank you for this opportunity =)

  40. oops! almost forgot to comment today.
    The OST songs are amazing…i really hope i can the CD. thank you again for holding this giveaway

  41. I’m so addicted to this show even though I get angry and flounce around that I’m not watching it anymore. (LOL at my little temper tantrums) The music fits this drama perfectly too, I adore Tim. Thanks for detailed recaps and for this giveaway!

  42. oh gosh, i forgot to comment yesterday and the day before =(
    even though, i hope i can win the OST cd! thank you for this giveaway and the recaps!

  43. just finished reading recaps on episode 47 😀
    thanks for writing that recap….5 days left till giveaway ends…i just hope i win

  44. I’m going to comment every single day now…
    thank you for the giveaway….crossing my fingers in hope that i’ll be lucky enough to be chosen to win the ATK OST CD!

  45. Morning! Did you have any idea this many people were interested in this OST and watching this drama? (I didn’t) It makes me happy for the actors and staff. Even though I hate this writer right now. (LOL) She better give me a happy ending or I might have to fly to Korea.
    Thank you!

    1. I’m surprised as well by the response. LOL. Hopeful for a good ending, or you may have a number of people joining you on that trip. LOL

  46. Hi Snoopy’s Twinkie…congrats on your giveaway being very popular ^_^
    I don’t think i can take any more angsty/upsetting episodes of ATK, but even so i will still be watching it.
    Good luck to everyone else who is entering!
    And thank you for holding this giveaway!

  47. Wooh! This giveaway has got so much attention!
    Glad to know that loads of people love A Thousands Kisses and the OST CD as well as! Hope I’m chosen to win

  48. Finished writing my french essay so that I could comment on this giveaway post and your recent recaps! thanks for the recaps btw =) Going to watch ATK now….preparing myself to be sad again but hopefully the ending will make me happy.

  49. This giveaway is not worth missing!
    no wonder why so many people are interested.

    It’s really nice of you to do a Valentine’s Day giveaway
    … we all love you too!

    At what time does the giveaway end and in what time zone?

    1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It ends at 11:59 PM PST (California time). I’ve made the clarification on the post as well.
      Good luck!

  50. Hi Twinkie, thanks for doing a great job, I check in here everytime the episodes end to read your recaps. So glad you started this bcos I never knew there were so many out there he likes ATK and hates YK as much, hehe

    What will you watch after ATK ends? Just curious as there are not many who will do recaps on 50 episode dramas.

    Love the OST, already downloaded them, haha

    Wish all of us luck, whoever wins it:)

    1. Hi, Nayong! Thank you for reading my posts. 🙂
      I have no idea what I’ll watch after ATK ends. I’m currently watching High Kick 3 as well, so I have a little bit of time to decide my next recapping project. Any suggestions?
      Good luck on the giveaway!

      1. Its actually going to be tough to find another drama to watch, I read about Ojakgyo Brothers but I tend to stay away from dramas from KBS, I dont like their story line and style. Was disappointed with Believe in Love, FF through it over the holidays.
        Read a bit about My Daughter, Flower which I might just start on, ( like the main lead after watching him in I need Romance ) so will see.
        I’m a big fan of Korean Sagueks so I might catch King Gwanggatego if I can find the DVDs, or the Moon Sun which is currently showing and getting such high ratings,
        I just finished Baby Faced Beauty, good RomCom, actually unexpected that it was good:)

        1. I liked Baby Faced Beauty, too! Currently, I’m playing around with the idea of Dream High 2…I loved the first series and am hoping for equal awesomeness with the sequel. 🙂

  51. oops!
    i have been forgetting that i am able to comment once a day…
    still, i hope i have a chance at winning the ATK OST CD.
    ATK is one of my favourite drama and its the only one I’m watching now. When it finishes, i think i might consider watching it again.

    Good luck to evryone that is entering.

  52. I think you should watch Ojakyo Brothers and any KBS drama’s they are all so good. Besides High Kick a long episode drama that is good to watch is Bride Of The Sun.So good!The lead demale is no pushover. Lastly check out Moon Embraces The Sun and Dream High 2 both have angst and love in them but Kim so Hyun too!I love that my drama schedule is packed with such a variety and let me not forget Padam Padam just so good.Now let me keep my prayers up for a Woojoo happy ending like Tessieroo and Awsparkle and all the other ATK fans. I will freak if that last OST mislead us on them reuniting. Did you see the Special Ost cover for A thousand Kisses? It was when Woojoo first came out to Woobin family the hugs was so cute!I am not really worried about winning some of my income taxes will be spent on gmarket anyways. Good Luck and thanks for the recaps.

    1. I’ll have to try gmarket. I’ve heard some good things about that site.
      And yeah, I did see the Special OST cover. Debating whether to get the Special OST CD or not. It’s got 16 songs rather than the 5 on the original OST CD.
      As for the long dramas…I may have to take a break from them for a while. LOL Did you notice how I lost steam around the 20s and 30s of ATK?

  53. I’m currently watching Moon Embracing the Sun and Wild Romance to take my mind off the angst in ATK. (I really want my WB back) Did you ever watch “The Princess Man?” Baek Ji Young sang one of the main songs and it’s sooo beautiful! Here (with English subs):

    It was one of the best historical dramas I’ve ever seen.

  54. hope to win the cd! =)

    introduces some of my friends to your sites today and tehy absolutely love your recaps. they say it’s very helpful to them when they can’t watch the episodes of A Thousand Kisses.

  55. WOW! SOO many comments!
    Hope i get chosen to win the ATK OST CD….
    you are too awesome for doing this giveaway!
    Good luck to all the other people that are entering!

  56. Thanx Snoopy’s Twinkie for holding this amazing giveaway 😀

    Despite all the sadness that has occured in ATK, I’m still hoping that everything will be good in the end! (really hope it does).

    1. He’s one of those guys who is just gets better with age. LOL. I still remember what he was like as a 23-year-old actor in Old Miss Diaries.

  57. Good Morning! Not sure what to think about today’d episode of ATK, I think the ending might be rushed. *sigh* No happy WB moments. And poor JS – wow, did this woman have to suffer her whole life? So sad.
    Eagerly waiting your recap or preview translation. (tomorrows doesn’t look happy either)

  58. oh, couple of days left until this giveaway ends!
    wish everyone the best of luck and thank you Snoopy’s Twinkie for deciding to pick two winners =)

  59. =( today’s ep was kinda sad (shouldve got used to the sadness by now, dont know why i havent)

    anyway on a high note, the idea of winning a physical copy of the OST CD would be amazing!

  60. writing my comment today for the giveaway…
    yesterday, when i commented i stylized my name as LeeTa by accident…is that okay?

  61. Today’s episode made me happy. (only because of Chan Noh & WB) *hee* And the preview looks awesome (YK is crying while WB is packing a single suitcase) WOOHOO! Can’t believe it’s EP 49 and I’m finally happy about something I saw in the preview? LOL!
    Have a great weekend!

  62. Thank you so much for your recaps!
    Sometimes i dont have enough time to watch the episodes but your recaps of ATK are a great alternative!

    1. You are welcome! Yes, each of the winners will win an OST CD along with a few other goodies to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  63. I almost forgot to leave a comment here today! Yeesh, what’s wrong with me. Did you get a chance to watch EP 48 yet? I felt a teeny-tiny ray of hope.

  64. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on ATK EP 48? And do you think WB is being a coward for leaving on his own? (if that’s what happens) Thanks again for posting your recap!

    1. I felt as though the lead characters have been delegated to the roles of supporting characters. 🙁 I shall reserve judgment on WB until after I see what he does in the remaining two episodes. Heh heh….

  65. Admiring the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Wonderful read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    1. Welcome to our “Musings” community! Good luck! You made it just in the nick of time since the giveaway ends tonight.

  66. you’re going to do a february giveaway as well?
    you are just too awesome!
    having a january is fantastic enough! but a february one too? ….yay!

    1. heh heh…the January one was actually in honor of Valentine’s Day. The February one is the first of my new series–monthly giveaways! 🙂

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