Thursday Three: November 8th

There are certain actors we’d watch in almost anything – because of their looks, their talent, their charisma… the list can be endless, the reason indefinable, but one thing is certain: we’d (probably) follow them into makjang, and beyond.

So today’s question, as you may already have guessed, is about those actors. Namely: who are the three kdrama actors you’d watch in just about any project, regardless of its content?

(this particular question does refer to actors and not actresses – just to be clear. :))

Leave your comments below and if you’d like to contact me… well, you probably know the drill by now. *g*

Happy Thursday, all!

31 thoughts on “Thursday Three: November 8th”

  1. Park Yuchun is number one in my list. I first started loving korean drama because of him in SKKS. Yes I will follow him to makjang and beyond. A far second and third would probably So Ji Sub or Joo Won

  2. I think I’d follow Seung Gi into anything. Hehe. I’ve said the same of Song Joon Ki before but then….I couldn’t watch the very makjang Nice Guy. I also said that about Seung Ho but…I miss You just seems like….something I don’t want to dip my foot into.

    Hmmm…so I’m not sure anymore. Maybe in the future there’ll be a Seung Gi drama that I avoid. I also think I’ll now watch everything Ryu Deok Hwan stars in (although I couldn’t finish Faith). So that’s two down… I think the third will have to be Lee Jun Ki hands down. I think I’ll watch him in anything. ^^”

    1. Oh! I’ve forgotten Seung Gi! How can I forget the King!!! But I couldn’t sit through Brilliant Legacy so I guess that doesn’t count…

  3. This is a tricky question… Truthfully my answer will vary depending on my current bias…

    The first actor that popped into my mind was Lee Min Ho, but Faith happened and I couldn’t suffer through more than 4 episodes despite my humongous crush on him.

    Then I thought of Yoo Ah In, whom I love and claimed as my husband when I saw him in SKKS, but I couldn’t even watch the Fashion King trailer without cringing…

    I also like Kim Soo Hyun, who I think tend to choose really good projects (Moon/Sun was overrated, but it wasn’t bad) and is immensely talented, but I can’t watch his old dramas when he played childhood part because they were too melo for my taste…

    So basically I didn’t answer the question haha. I guess that I’ve come to a point in my life where my love for Oppa can’t make me sit through a bad drama xD

  4. Now Jules, I think that you were thinking of me when you made this list

    1. Lee Min Ho, of course. Y’all I sincerely love this man with all my heart. I mean he just gets me…with his acting choices. He can do no wrong in my opinion and trust I mean No wrong even if he decided to do an American reality show.They would so get my viewer raing cuz I would so watch it, that’s how far this love of mine goes. I mean… I just… ( hold on, I need a minute or two) Saranghue-yo Lee Min Ho!!!

    Now number two and three will be hard cuz I like my Oppas very much, it’s so hard to choose but I think I’m ready to do so

    2. Hyun Bin: ok so I haven’t seen all his projects but the ones I have seen I’ve enjoyed a lot. I like that he makes smart and fun career choices plus he is so dreamy to look at.

    3. Ok I just couldn’t do one person so it’s a toss up between Jo Jung Suk, he is so freaking talented that I’m having some jealousy issues over here, love his choices in life( as a fellow thespian I love when I see my fellow comrades being awesome) and Kim Ji Suk ( omg I don’t know what it is about him but I just like him even when he was a jerk in Personal Taste I just couldn’t hate him and I definitely tried to).

    Honorable Mentions:

    Kim Bum: omg the cutest dimples/smile ever and I love that he really gets into his roles
    Gong Yoo: you will always be my first fangirl Oppa
    And some other Oppas as well

    Once again nice……Jules very very nice… 😀

  5. My top three favourite-actors-that-I-would-watch-in-any-drama are:

    1) Jung Il-woo
    2) Gong-yoo
    3) Park Yoochun

    😀 😀 😀

  6. 1. Hyun Bin
    2. Lee Dong Wook
    3. Ji Hyun Woo / Ki Tae Young (couldn’t choose between these two as my third)

    And I’m being completely honest here: I didn’t choose these guys due to looks (but let’s face it, they are gorgeous) but for their acting. I enjoy watching their dramas and seeing a different character coming to life. I dislike watching a show/movie where the actor portrays the same type of person and doesn’t delve into the depth of the character and set of emotions. These guys have hit it for me that I have found myself watching their dramas/movies 100% of the time. I do love Park Yoo Chun and he’s recently hit my radar.

  7. Talk about willing to watch paint dry? These three gentlemen, I’m willing (and have) watched them in just about everything!

    1. Lee Joon Ki-truly my #1 Asian actor crush! If only I was younger…..
    2. So Ji Sub-if I can sit through Sorry I Love You, I can watch anything with him in it! Exception to that rule was What Happened in Bali. Boy, I could not finish that drivel!
    3. Oh, my Binnie, Hyun Bin! Almost a month left? Can’t wait until his next whatever! Here’s hoping its a drama! Tired of rewatching Secret Garden!

    Honorable mention to Ji Hyun Woo. I sat through ATK for you but was rewarded with Queen Inhyun’s Man for being faithful!

    1. I love the way you think, we should become friends ^.^

      I heart So Ji Sub and idk why but I just do plus his name just does it for me!!!

      Ji Hyun Woo, I have suffered through ATK for you sir even when the episodes weren’t subbed, that how much I like him as a person.

      And Binnie will be out of service in like two weeks or so. YAY!!!

  8. I can answer this easily because that’s what I do, watch the dramas regardless of what the reviews say because of these three guys:

    1, Park Yoo Chun – I admit Ms Ripley was boring but who cares as long as I get to see Yoo Chun 🙂
    2. Lee Min Ho – Even watched Personal Taste 3 x already
    3. Park Shi Hoo – Watched Prosecutor Princess countless times and even Princess Man which was boring but that is just my opinion and will watch his new drama too:)

    1. Nayongie! You liked Personal Taste?! Can I hug you? I’ve not found anyone that likes it but me. Would you recommend Prosecutor Princess? I’ve yet to watch it and was thinking about it.

      1. Hi Niema, I watch anything those 3 guys are in anytime!!

        I like PP, its funny as well esp the female lead is Kim So Yeon, with her funny hair and all and if you like Park Shi Hoo definitely a big YES to watch.

      2. What?!?! Are you kidding. I loved that drama. I thought it was pretty funny and the OTP was really cute even if the story went a little off script

        1. I watched it over this past weekend and I really liked it. This is the second drama I’ve seen Park Shi Hoo in and I have to say that he’s either come a long way in his acting or the drama I saw him in before just didn’t do him any justice (with his acting skills because that man is just mind bending handsome, in my honest opinion). Thanks Nayong and KStyle =)

    2. Someone.. help… Been up for 2 days stuck watching all Park Shi Hoo dramas I have missed. I was missing so much by not watching this man. I love Thursday 3 even more, it has given me Park Shi Hoo.

      1. I blame Raine of Raine’s Dichotomy for my PSH obsession! It was not until I was reading something she had wrote and noticed she was a big fan that I started watching him. Started with Iljimae but I was new to dramas; then Princess’ Man which put me in a drama funk for 2 weeks, it was so good; next came Family Honor then Prosecutor Princess and the rest I watched even though I was not crazy about them! But love me some PSH now!

        1. Aaaaah~! But yay I put in my comment for a try to win! I miss that drama and honestly can’t remember a lot of it. I was thinking of watching it again and you put that up. It’s a sign! I’m going to find it and watch it no matter what =)

          I’m on Family Honor right now. Finished Prosecutor Princess yesterday. I haven’t seen Iljimae yet but that is on the list *jots down*. Oh! And Princess’ Man is on the list now too! … I think I’m going to be sleep deprived. Oh well, who needs sleep! lol

  9. Song Joong Ki, Hyun Bin (after Secret Garden, I hunted that boy down lol)….and…

    I’d say Lee Min Ho but I couldn’t watch Boys Over Flowers -_- like at all. I have got to be the only one who doesn’t like that show. I’d also say Gong Yoo but I don’t want to watch Big xD even though I’m sure he’s hilariously adorable, I heard the ending was bad xD

    So I have to say…Jung Il Woo/Lee Seung Gi/No Min Woo (No Min Woo x9000 since I’ve seen his amazing body in Full House 2 lol)

    Hahaha i cheat >: D

  10. The only actors I have watch every drama are:

    1) Lee Min Ho – My 1st k-drama crush…Since BOF I have watched every single drama of him..
    2)Kim Soo Hyun – I love his acting…In TMETS he was exceptionally good & became the reason I watched the drama
    3)Joo Won – OB was my 1st drama of him and he is just perfect in every role. All the angst in BM was so enjoyable cause of him

  11. Jules dear, this is the easiest question ever!
    Kang Ji Hwan,let’s say I had that trip, good, bad, awesome.
    Song Joong Ki, don’t need to explain.
    Yun Jung Hoon.., love the way he speaks.
    But in the end I think you know my oppas…and you asked for 3 ;(

  12. The actor that you watched no matter how makjang it is?

    Heheheh… with my eyes closed 🙂

    1) Park Yoochun

    2) Park Yoochun

    3) Park Yoochun

    That bad, eh? Yup.. Without words. Of course there are other actors that i watched. Kim Sung Soo, of course his voice moves me, but i only watch his My Precious You. (I have to google the drama to know his name, so… ) I havent make any other attempt.

    Hyun Bin, i like him in both MNIKSS and Secret Garden but i dont favor World Within.

    Joo Ji Hoon, because of Goong i download Five Fingers but havent start watching. I’ll wait until it wrap up, then i can marathon it.

  13. I thought I had at least 3 actors I could name whom I would follow in any drama, but, some of them had dramas this year that I just couldn’t follow. Even reading the recaps was painful! Solution – time to watch MORE kdramas so I can widen the base!

    Tentatively – Sung Joon, Jung Il-woo, Mr Vampire Prosecutor (can’t remember his name)

  14. This is my first comment here.I just have to say that you have a very interesting style of writing.I enjoyed everything that I read.So thanks for that.As for the question I have to say:
    1-Gong Yoo
    2-Jung Il Woo
    3-Song Joong Ki
    All of them are really talented and well,really pretty!:)
    I would also watch Yoon Shi Yoon in everything.He’s my baby boy!:D

    1. As promised I looked through some of your stuff and consider a post dating from December 2012 not too old to answer to today.

      My three actors I’d follow everywhere are

      1) Cho Seung Woo (Hands off, he’s all mine!)
      2) Park Yoochun (Lol, I know next to nothing about Kpop and found him of all things through I Miss You. But he was the only one, that made me watch this crappy show. Rooftop Prince and SKKS sealed the deal. Do what every you want, Yoochun, I’ll be watching you. With pleasure.)
      3) This is a tie between Song Joong Ki / Jung Il Woo / Lee Jun Ki. The latter one pulled me into Kmovies and Kdramas after watching The King and The Clown. Oh, the pretty!

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