Thoughts…on Mary Stayed Out and Secret Garden

I’m saving SKKS episode 20 for after my trip to Korea when I’ll have more time to enjoy and recap for you all…an interesting way to prolong my enjoyment of SKKS, huh?

Anyhow, I took a bit of time to watch Mary Stayed Out this weekend. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t too thrilled with Mary’s dad or the contrived/outlandish storyline last week in episodes 1 and 2, but I kept watching while I did some work on the computer. As episode 3 ended today, I think I may be revising my opinion of the drama. The end of today’s show had me on the “floor” laughing. There were a couple of good moments (1. Mary’s confrontation with the actress and telling her that the actress had misunderstood the bathroom scene…love it when characters go directly to the source and confront issues…and 2. the bedroom scene in which Mary walks in on Kang MuHyuk [played by Jang Geun Seok] and Chung In). The drama’s starting to pick up, so I may do quick recaps/thoughts of the shows when I return.

As for Secret Garden, a number of you have left good comments about it, so I took a quick peek at episode 1 today while I was getting ready for work…loved it! I had forgotten how good of an actress Ha Ji Won is. 🙂 The episode is smartly written with so many hilarious moments! This is a definite must-see to ease the pain of no more SKKS. Hyun Bin’s comedic timing is priceless! The drama is a different genre and feel, but it’s quite a great watch. I think there’s a good chance I’ll end up recapping both dramas since they air on different days of the week…if nothing else, I’m planning on recapping this one for sure, so those of you who are interested, tune back in two weeks’ time. 🙂

Anyhow, in case some of you would like to at least see the episodes raw, below are the links:

Mary Stayed Out:

Secret Garden:

I’m directing you to the drama episodes page so that you can access the various episodes more readily, especially with me out of the country this week. Let me know if you have difficulty deciphering the links to the episodes, in which case I can simply post the links to the individual episodes here on this blog for easier access.

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts…on Mary Stayed Out and Secret Garden”

  1. I will be waiting for the recap. sad…sad…sad..miss skks very much. hopefully secret garden can ease away the pain. anyway thanks in advance

  2. I'm now totally hooked on Secret Garden after resisting for a while as I was put off by the body-swapping plot line (I was thinking how bizarre can k-drama get?). But JW and RI are so cute together and especially JW is such a nutcase that he's incredibly charming. I love the actress' disdain for the superrich JW, thinking he's an unemployed jerk. JW, on the other hand,is so obsessed with his standard for his future wife it's going to be too, too hilarious as he's already completely fallen for RI. Though SKKS has its own innocence and fresh faces, Secret Garden has more mature characters with more modern malaise. I hope Secret Garden will go a long way to ease our withdrawal symptoms.

    Looking forward for your recaps and witty asides for Secret Garden,

    Your fan,
    Sleepless in Pittsburgh, PA

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