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I ended up getting sick this past week and spent a lot of time resting, which allowed me to go through Dream High faster than I expected.  I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I get sick, I tend to baby myself and watch dramas during my awake hours.  I think that’s about the only up side to getting sick for me.

In any case, I was quite surprised by how much I ended up liking Dream High. After the initial slow start in episode 1, the show picked up momentum and developed the characters enough to keep me riveted to the storyline.  I really enjoyed watching how each of the characters matured…and I don’t think I have laughed quite so hard in any drama as I did in this one.  The bird scene in which the four students (Hye Mi, Jason, Pil Sook, and Sam Dong) are asked to close their eyes and act like a bird had me doubled up in laughter…not easy to do when one is sick in bed. Sam-Dong’s crazy chicken dance alone will remain in my memory as a moment of sheer hilarity. LOL

Despite the premise of the drama being about teenagers trying to discover and fulfill their dreams, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the serious issues the show explored, in particular the tinnitus (hearing problem) of Sam Dong and the rape/attempted rape of Baek Hee.  I appreciated how Sam Dong really struggled with such a serious obstacle to his dream. As for the rape storyline, my only regret was that the show didn’t take the opportunity to push and challenge the social boundaries/perceptions of rape. But then again, to do so wouldn’t have worked with the tone of the show. In the show’s defense, however, it did try to demonstrate that life does go on after such an attack and that there are people who are willing to rally in support, despite the further victimization that can occur through the press and some mean-spirited people.

As for the “bad” acting, I wasn’t bothered by it and actually thought many of the singers/actors put on a good show.  Sure, one could definitely tell the difference in the acting caliber of the singers from that of the real actors (Soo Hyun who plays Sam Dong was phenomenal), but overall, I found the show quite enjoyable. So for anyone who is looking for a relatively light drama-comedy-musical-romance-etc., Dream High might be just the drama for you if you haven’t seen it yet.

Till next time, hope you all have a great rest of the week! 

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7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Dream High”

  1. Twinkie, sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are fine now. DH? well, havent seen it yet, Rebel Souls also found it interesting. May be later… I am still surfing around to see what drama that will interest me. Are you still working in your sequel? Wishing u all the best

  2. Can I admit here that I got bored with it? I get berated at other sites. I like the music but I guess the stories just dragged too much for me. I believe, if I wasn’t a old fogy, I probably would have liked it better. There were times that the acting was on par but after 10 episodes, I just could not finish so I skipped to the end. I gave it a try. I wanted to see it before Dream High 2. Now, I am not too sure I will be watching that either.

    1. LOL. Of course, you can admit that. Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. Personally, I liked it because of all the cute moments between Jason and Pil Sook and the “hero’s journey” as each character developed and matured. Interesting thing is that I didn’t like the first few episodes but REALLY grew to love it as the series went on. 🙂 I’m hoping that Dream High 2 carries on the tone of the piece without being reductive or derivative. My experience has been that sequels aren’t as good as the original, although there have been a good number of sequels to prove me wrong. LOL. I’m hoping I enjoy Dream High 2 just as much as, if not more than, I did the original. 😀

  3. When I ask my friend about this drama, she said its boring because mostly are singing and dancing. I then I was like , “ohhh, I see.” so I just left the drama alone. But then it aired in my country, then I started to like it. It’s actually quite slow growth in the drama at the beginning, where hyemi had to clear her dad’s debts, figuring ways to get in to Kirin high school. I stated to like it when I actually know how a training school looks like, how they practice to become idols. Sadly, my country only air one episode each week, so I watched it online and finished it few days before my final big exam. ^^ feel bad though, I need to study but I’m indulged into this drama. I like Sam dong and kinda sad he had some hearing problems. I feel touched when he stood on the stage singing dreaming, when he lost his sense of hearing. Even more touching when hyemi cried and guide Sam dong to sing that song on pitch. I love pil suk and Jason love line. Hehe… Both of them are simply so cute together. I didn’t expect hyemi to choose Sam dong because it seems that hyemi is more towards to Jin guk.

    1. Yeah, I only started watching it after it was done, and like you, I didn’t really start to like it until episode 8 or so when Pilsuk and Jason’s story started to pick up…love that pairing! 🙂 Anyhow, I hope you were able to keep up with your studies. The addictive nature of kdramas can be a bit of a problem if one isn’t careful. 🙂 But yeah, I simply adored the series! Glad you like it, too!

  4. Twinkie, i totally agree with you. Kdrama got some magical spell that make someone so into it. Thanks for ur advice. I will manage my time on both studying and watching drama. ^^

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