Friday Fun: The Tourist – “The Winter Cabin”

FF 10-02-15

Happy Friday, Twinkles! I hope you made it safely through yet another week and are ready to relax or catch up on things this weekend. 🙂

I know that we’re in the middle of fall and most definitely not anywhere close to winter, but for this Friday Fun post, I hope you’ll indulge me as I dedicate today’s post to two dear friends who are currently grieving the loss of one of their greatest hopes and dreams–the reality of a second child. Unfortunately, I know that they are not the only ones to mourn such a loss, nor will they be the last, so today’s song really goes out to all the parents and would-be parents who have had to or are dealing with the acute and oftentimes overwhelming pain of loss and helplessness. May you find comfort and solace in knowing that each day will bring a bit more healing as you deal with the capricious and cruel aspect of life.

Video: Compliments of TheTouristVEVO via YouTube and released on January 31, 2013.

Lindsey Park of The Tourist sang this as a love song to her premature firstborn as she and her husband Peter hoped and prayed for the health of their child. The refrain, “Come to my cabin whenever you feel your life is hard,” serves as a gentle invitation to those who are hurting or weak that there is a place of love and security for them, a place that will afford them time to regroup and recover from life’s difficulties.

Regardless of what struggles you may be facing today, Twinkles, I wish you a comforting and gentle place of solace and warmth. May you find beauty and thanksgiving in the midst of your struggles. Have a blessed weekend, Twinkles.

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