The Thursday Three: June 28

Snoopy’s Twinkie – in  her infinite wisdom 😉 – has loaned me this corner of her site for a new, weekly segment called: the Thursday Three.

Every week, a k-drama related question will be posted for you to respond to… with your top three answers (hence the title ^_^).

Today’s question is perhaps the most basic and yet at times the most difficult to answer (so many choices!):

What are your top three k-dramas?

Any response to a question regarding ‘favourites’ is going to be highly subjective, because it doesn’t have to be the drama you think is qualitatively the best, so long as it’s the drama you like best.

Let us know your answers (and thoughts on this new corner) in the comments section below! 🙂

22 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: June 28”

  1. As of right now, my top three k-dramas are:
    1. Queen In-Hyun’s Man
    2. Time Between Dog and Wolf
    3. King 2 Hearts

    The two recent dramas QIHM and K2H just recently pushed a few from the top! The top 10 is getting real hard to decide now! Now, if you had said dramas, Autumn’s Concerto would have actually pushed K2H from the top 3! Yeah, that’s how good it was!

  2. Oh wow, this is hard.

    1. New Tales of Gisaeng
    2. Queen In-Hyun’s Man
    3. The Moon Embracing the Sun (Moon that Embraces the Sun)

    There are a lot of dramas I like but only a few I truly love. I think I have a “top 3” in different categories JUST so I can keep the ones I love on top (ie. top Hyun Bin dramas, top Kim Seon Ah dramas, top Taiwanese dramas, etc). I would have to say the three I have here have captivated me.

    I really like this idea. I think it’s neat =) It gives us a structured chance to talk about . In this case about the dramas we love and why. Also I can get ideas on other shows I may have passed up if someone here recommends (in this case of top 3, as NewKDA did with QIHM).

    1. This has been on my mind for a few days now and I couldn’t help but also state that I have a cheat as well:

      1. New Tales of Gisaeng

      2. Queen In-Hyun’s Man / Wild Romance

      3. Moon Embracing the Sun

      I add Wild Romance as number two because it really is just that great for me.

  3. Ughh my brain is going to explode >.< Hmmm…

    1. The Princess Man
    2. Secret Garden
    3. The Greatest Love

    The Moon That Embraces the Sun didn't make my top 3, though it probably would have if it ended more nicely (but with the MBC strike, I understand why they couldn't end it how they wanted, I was so looking forward to that extension! Some people weren't suppose to die D:) Nonetheless, it's in my top ten because of those wonderful child actors ^^ and that woman who played Ali in episode one was amazing in her torture scene <3 The story was great all in all, and I loved the adult actors also 🙂

    My first drama ever was Coffee Prince and I was tempted to put that in my top three because it's the drama that led me to….everythig Korean lol

    I've watched a lot of romantic comedies(You're Beautiful, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, etc) but The Greatest Love had me laughing every episode and it was so "out there" and refreshing for me 🙂 The love between adults is really different ^^

    I'm babbling here and there again….*sigh* I need to quit that.

    I guess I "like" a lot of dramas so it's hard to choose…City Hunter, Scent of a Woman, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Can You Hear My Heart?, I have a wide range xD Therefore my top three is a mix (historical, melodrama, romcom) babble babble babble

    Kay, I'm done now lol

  4. What a great idea! *claps hands and bounces up and down in glee*

    I’ve *only* been watching kdramas for a little over a year (and I’ve already been sucked into the madness, help!), and haven’t watched many, but here is my current ‘top three’:

    1. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band
    2. Queen In-hyun’s Man
    3. Brilliant Legacy (Shining Inheritance)

    BL was actually the 1st kdrama I watched because it was broadcast locally, and I ‘blame’ it for dragging me into kdrama madness. I actually haven’t watched any melodramas, although I did read the recaps of Equator Man. I don’t mind sageuks – I loved both Dong Yi and Queen Seon-deok (also broadcast locally) – but, because they tend to be long, there are definitely segments that drag, so there are no sageuks in my ‘top three’ list.

    Thank you, everyone else, for sharing your favourites! I shall go check them out!

  5. Well, for my part, my top 3 are:

    1) Best Love
    2) Delightful Girl Chun-hyang
    3) Coffee Prince

    There are so many more dramas I love, but these are the ones I keep coming back to, the ones I watch on a bad day when I need some cheering up, and just… the ones that made me feel.

    Best Love is so, so funny (I only need to think of the words ‘he tormented her chicken’ to dissolve into giggles) and sweet and heartbreaking and heartwarming; it just makes me happy. (and the fact that Dokko Jin is played by Cha Seung-won doesn’t hurt at all. ;))

    Chun-hyang… God, there are scenes that still make me cry, no matter how often I watch, scenes that make me smile, and scenes that make me want to push Chae-rin into the ocean. (see, Tae-mu? I thought it, but I didn’t actually do it. *meaningful stare*) It’s such a great drama and if, in fact, I ever chose to start recapping, this would probably be first on my list.

    Coffee Prince, ah, it’s the romance and the friendships and the families and the music and the world they live in. Who could watch the ‘whether you’re a man, a woman, or an alien’ scene and not fall in love? Guh, so good.

  6. So many to choose from…hmmm…
    1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) because of its beautiful script, acting, etc. I don’t think I saw one boring episode. And there was also the SKKS F4! 🙂
    2. Capital Scandal (2007) for its seamless and hilarious fusion of “modern” and history…caused me to become a Ryu Jin and Kang Ji Hwan fan. 🙂
    3. 1% of Something (2003) and Lovers in Prague (2005)…the former because of its sweet family story and the latter because of its witty dialogue and solid acting by the principal leads.

    I know, I cheated by slipping in a “tie” for 3rd place, but I just couldn’t decide between the two.
    *Happy sigh* I’m glad to know that there are so many Kdramas I enjoy since I wanted to tack on a slew of others after this list. 🙂

  7. Hi,
    It’s my first post here. It’s very hard to choose just 3 k-dramas.

    1. Boys Before Flowers. The poor girl and the rich guy, with lots of funny moments.

    2. Mary Stayed Out All Night. Their romance was funny, but also full of music.

    3. Lie to Me. Is the drama that I watched at least 10 times, I could see it 100 times and i can’t get enough of it.

  8. Hi!Couldn’t resist this one.
    1- Boys Before Flowers( It was the first kdrama that I paid attention to strange music placement and all.)
    2- Coffee Prince (can’t seem to stop re-watching.)
    3- Goong ( I was a Yul shipper till the end unfortunately.:-)

  9. My Top 3, its gonna be hard but here goes

    1. Jumong
    2. Queen Of The Game
    3. Family’s Honor

    All of the above where I have rewatched more than 3 x lol

  10. oooo fun section 🙂 ughhh but im SO bad at memorizing titles.. and wow. choosing 3 is hard.. i guess i’ll choose 3 that i think other twinkles will enjoy or HAVE enjoyed. teehee.

    1. MY NAME IS KIMSAMSOON (this is the perfect marathon drama. i think this is the only drama that I watched back to back and finished in a day and half? love this)

    2. BOYS OVER FLOWER (omg i had to google this title.. i was like flower boy? boy flower? i LOVED this. although i couldn’t help but cring at kim hyun joong’s awkward acting.. it did get better as the drama continued. i LOVED this soooo much. :D)

    3. I’M SORRY I LOVE YOU (one of the more melo-drama I LOVED. Watched this maybe 2 or 3 times. I’m a so ji sub fan :D)

    there’s so many more i’ve seen in the past that i want to write but i shall resist.

    now i want to rewatch all these dramas again haha. 😛

  11. Oh… this is so hard to do. Only three top k-drama of my favourite? I watched too many drama’s, of course. Some.. i repeated so many times that my husband got headache watching me watching the same drama all over again.. some only once. And there are some that i gave up half the way. Only the favourite one are in my hard-disk, waiting to be replayed whenever i have the time.

    1 Rooftop Prince (kekeke, whatever flaws that people complained about, it is my most favourite one)

    2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (the first sageuk drama that i watch) Honestly, sageuk drama was never on my watch-list. After SKKS i was able to watch Moon Embrace Sun. Thats the only two that i watched.

    3. I am going to cheat on this. I want to put Can You Hear My Heart and Coffee Prince together. Both are loved equally.

    There are a few more that i like such as Goong, Waltz Spring, Secret Garden. Can i also include my ever lasting favourite of Taiwan drama? That would be Autumn Concerto and Devil Besides You 🙂

  12. VERY hard question . . . I think – looking back at what I can watch more than once and enjoy, I would say

    1. You’re Beautiful
    2. City Hunter
    3. Rooftop Prince/Dal Ja’s Spring/Coffee Prince/My Name is Kim Sam Soon/Queen In Hyun’s Man/Best Love (sorry to cheat – all equal – can’t decide)

    I do like the police / detective dramas and really enjoying things like Ghost, God’s Quiz and so on, but woudn’t go back and re-watch.

    For some others, I can only watch some scenes again – Mary Stayed Out All Night (Cannot BEAR her father or the business man’s father and their mad aspects of the plot), Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and so on. I am not a Secret Garden fan and could never see the attraction (don’t throw things!!)

    Don’t tend to watch the sageuks but enjoyed Dong Yi

    1. I’d never throw stones because I did not like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Moon Embracing the Sun or Dream High! And I got major flak for saying that!

        1. See I told you! People are shocked! One day I will set up my Pinterest board of Dramas I just could not finish and I’ll tell you why! That’s a work in progress because the list is very long and includes a lot of popular dramas!

          1. NewKDA, sweety, I was jokin! I may not agree with you but I respect that you do not like them. You are very much entitled to that, hon =)

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