The Thursday Three: September 13th

Last week’s question was all about your first kdramas; this week’s is slightly different, in that I’d like to know how you’d try to get those around you (friends, family, random strangers on the street) into kdramas.

Would it be with a romantic comedy? A drama? A melo? A sageuk? And I know, I know: this is the sort of recommendation you’d modify, depending on the person, but if you had to pick just three to recommend to anyone (bearing in mind that these are not the dramas you yourself love, but dramas you think would appeal to someone who’s never before watched a Korean drama), which three would they be?

To summarise: which three kdramas would you recommend to a non kdrama viewer, and why?

Leave your answers below and, if you’d like to contact me, I’m on Twitter here and email here. Happy Thursday, all! 🙂

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  1. So I did turn a nonkdrama viewer into an addict and she did the same to me in terms of Kpop, thanks Hubae 🙂

    The first show I would recommend is

    1. Answer me 1997 or Reply 1997 for the yound adult ranging from around 18-30. Its the perfect representation of what it is like to be obsessed with boy bands/groups plus an accurate look at what happens when best friends go from friends to perhaps something more and all the complications that can arise from it. This show is hands down one of the best kdramas I have ever seen, it’s so addicting and I’m sad that there is only one more episode to go before we say goodbye to such a delightful gem.

    2. Vampire Proscutor for all age ranges especially if that person likes mystery, crime, thriller and bad a** characters with a splash of humor and a hint of romance. Love this show and so excited about the second season.

    3. For the third one I would aim for the older crowd like from my uncle to my grandparents and that show would most likely be a historical drama like God of War but if you have awesome cool uncles like mine I would totally recommend Faith because the acting is great, the storyline is solid, it gives the viewer a glimpse of historical events/scenery and there is eye candy for everyone. Oh Lee Min Ho. Oh Ah Da Mo aka Sung Hoon, why they both so smexy :D.

    Hopefully for some of us Twinklings, we can corrupt I mean attract more Nons into Addicts like us. ^.^


  2. My recommendations will be:

    1 – BOF – It was my 1st drama and was immediately captivated by the F4,after this drama I became a k-drama addict. This will be the perfect recommendation for my girlfriends, they love cute boys and don’t mind bad acting!!!

    2 – Queen In-hyun’s Man – Kim Boong-do, romance, memorable kisses and the sizzling OTP chemistry results in the perfect romance story…I will recommended it to anyone

    3 – Answer Me 1997 – An excellent portrait of my generation, I know all my friends will identify themselves with many of the situations,while watching this drama i cant help to go back to my late 90’s days!!!

    It was hard to choose the Top 3 dramas among my big list!!!

  3. Uhh well lets see

    1. To guys – Id recommend City Hunter, an action-packed drama that does not shy away from gore (Prosecutor’s death….did not expect such a horrific tragedy. Still makes me sad inside ): ) i was watching this on netflix on my TV and my brothers didnt seem to mind watching it xD they could stay for an episode or two and then leave lol they called it “tht weird show with the ninja guy” and were always asking what happened at the end…one time i told them he died and they were like “IMPOSSIBLE!”

    An odd side note: The drama I won in a past giveaway, “Only You”, i started watching it in my living room and before I knew it, I fell asleep. The next morning, my little brother comes up to me and says “That show you were watching…it was really good. When are you going to watch it again?” LOL that was weird for me, bc it was more of a chick drama, right? xD

    2. Uhhh….for girls around my age (like 12-18) id recommend something funny and cute – Flower Boy Ramyun Shop or To the Beautiful You, or maybe You’re Beautiful. Something that engages their interest and they can relate to. Coffee Prince would probably be for later, since its a bit slow in development but worth watching 🙂

    3. Older women (or really any age past 14 in my opinion) i suggest Secret Garden. Romance between adults is so interesting (I saw this all fhe time lol) and this was such a funny, dramatic, plot twisting, tear jerking drama! Even if I was 60, id fall in love with Hyun Bin and Joo Won’s cuteness lol Gil Ra Im is a good role model also and Ha Ji Won is so beautiful 🙂 plus, women eat melodramas up o.o and my mother likes to watch those rich ladies on TV all the time. You know, the ones who like to create drama and throw their money wherever they please (Housewives of blah blah blah). I think shed like the differing social classes in SG 🙂

  4. This is a tough one because the recommendations would have to be based on the audience for me but here is what I have recommended to non-drama watchers:

    1. Ghost-I work with a lot of teckkies and I really enjoyed this drama because of the information that it put out there! Some people probably thought that what happened in it was contrived by the writer, but I can assure you that some of that really happens but the rest was so shocking that it now makes me super cautious about what I do on the internet!

    2. Killer Girl K- it’s short, sweet and to the point. Talk about introducing someone to an action KDrama? All things should start with this one!

    3. Ma Boy- I’m writing this to DVD to introduce my nieces to the world of KDrama! I absolutely loved this one. It was cute and the story was so unique and definitely falls within the realm of what their parents allow them to watch. Can’t wit for their reaction as they watch Nickeledon and Cartoon Network all of the time when allowed.

    A few months ago, this would have been a totally different list of dramas but this is what I would recommend right now.

  5. 1- City Hunter: Action packed with a great back story: perfect for those who are not very familiar with k-dramas, since revenge thrillers are kinda universal. The mini arcs also keeps you interested, since there’s always something new in the game. As far as action dramas go, I actually preferred Gaksital, but I think that CIty Hunter would be easier to watch for those who are not really interested in history and just want something cool and sleek (but still good!)

    2- Soulmate: for those who wants a realistic drama about dating and romance, with a little (tiny tiny) dash of fantasy. No doomed first loves or social status difference problem, just a fantastically written and funny introspect into today’s dating life and problem. Superb soundtrack too boot also!

    3- Answer me 1997: for those who are nostalgic of the 90’s, or just for people who wants a great coming of age tale. Adorable characters with a dash of How I met your Mother, it’ll remind you of how it really feels like to be a teenager.

  6. Hmmmm. . . .

    1) Queen In-hyun’s Man – it has a little of everything, and is generally well-written, well-directed, and well-acted. It’d help introduce a newbie to some elements of sageuk (like master-servant relationships, honour and virtue, court intrigues and plotting, sageuk-speak) without having to sit through the usual 50+ episode monsters, it’s got plenty of romance, and there are light-hearted moments too.

    2) Brilliant Legacy/ Shining Inheritance – I know I bring this one up all the time, but it was the drama that got me hooked as a newbie, and I think it’d do the trick for many people I know. It’s a good introduction to kdrama tropes e.g. second-lead-never-gets-the-girl, rich-chaebol-who-reforms, poor-but-spunky-heroine-against-the-world, romance wins the day! I think it would appeal to an older crowd too because of the Grandma who had to deliberate over whether her family members should inherit the company even if they didn’t care for it. There’s much more than romance and reformation going on here.

    3) I’m stuck for this. Gut feeling is to recommend Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, because I LOVED this one – the script-writer was a genius, and the boys were great! However, some people I recommended this too immediately dissed it because they didn’t want to watch a ‘youth drama’. Then, maybe Coffee Prince for a wider appeal? Having also realised men probably won’t watch no 1) or 2), perhaps Gaksital or Vampire Prosecutor?

    Hmmm . . . .

  7. Can I just say that I like the way y’all watch Kdramas my Twinklings 🙂 and yes for the Soulmates/Killer Girl K shoutouts, I mean like no one knows about those shows and they were both so awesome.

    I would so add one for White Christmas but sadly it only calls for three but it’s a oldie but a goodie if anyone wants to watch it. It has a lot of up and coming actors plus some favorites vets in there as well.

    1. White Christmas is definitely awesome too. I loved it in an intellectual way, and it has the old school mystery vibe that I liked (it reminded me of Agatha Christie’s “And then there were none”, which i loved). It doesn’t own my heart, but I’d totally understand why it can be a conversion drama. Sadly, very few other dramas are like this one, so if the viewer get hooked to k-dramas through White Christmas and expect everything else to be as tight written and intriguing, they would be disappointed. This is not to say that more “conventional” dramas are not good: I wouldn’t be an addict if that was the case 😉

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