The Thursday Three: October 4th

We’ve talked before about the importance of finales; they’re the culmination of 16+ hours of blood, sweat, laughter and tears (and that’s just on the part of the viewers), so when dramas get it wrong, it can be heartbreaking. But when they get it right…

When they get it right, even if a drama has been less-than-perfect, we’re more than willing to forgive the flaws, because a good finale can help to gloss those little (and sometimes large) disappointments. Today’s question is: as of this moment in time, which are your three favourite kdrama finales?

Leave your answers in the comments section below and, if you’d like to contact me, I’m on email here and Twitter here. Happy Thursday, all!

8 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: October 4th”

  1. I’m going to stick with dramas from this year only:

    1. Golden Time- Best ending this year! I was totally satisfied in a drama devoid of romance!

    2. I Love Lee Tae Ri- So much better than Big and an all round good drama, period.

    3. Wild Romance-I just liked it!

  2. Hard question!! Much easier to say which ones ended badly . . . provisional choices:

    1. Queen Inhyun’s Man
    2. Me Too Flower
    3. White Christmas / Coffee Prince

  3. I think this year was/ is a good year for kdramas!

    I liked the endings of:
    1. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Consistently good writing throughout, right to the end. An optimistic ending, but not unrealistically so.

    2. Answer Me, 1997. Ending captured the tone of the drama perfectly.

    3. Brilliant Legacy/ Shining Inheritance. My favourite Cinderella story ending 🙂 i liked Hwan’s decision to stay with his Grandma, but he and Eun -sung had their sweet moment anyway.

    1. Oh, wait, I have an amendment! I agree with ST; i think the ending of Gaksital (Bridal Mask) was epic!

      SPOILER: Several main characters dying (in turn giving impetus to other actions/ decisions), all those people standing up to their oppressors, united. I knew it was going to be something like this, but it was carried off well.

  4. Rooftop Prince….


    just kidding lol

    I seriously dont know -_- nothing has been “wow that was so amazing” to me…sungkyunkwan scandal, princess man, queen in hyun’s man, the greatest love, flower boy ramyun shop….secret garden. Ugh idk idk.

  5. Hmmm…the issue with many of the Kdramas–no offense intended since I always find conclusions to be the toughest parts to write–is that the conclusions are usually the weakest points of the stories, so I am rarely thrilled with the endings. 🙁 Having said that, I submit my three:

    1. I didn’t watch the series, but I did catch the ending to Bride’s Mask. Great ending, visually and symbolically!
    2. Capital Scandal…romanticized in a realistic way
    3. King 2 Hearts…yes, I skipped to watch the last episode. LOL I plan to go back one of these days and finish off the series, especially now that I have the DVDs. 🙂

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