The Thursday Three: October 25th

Though angst and melodrama make up a good portion of the dramas broadcast every cycle, there is a lighter side; a side in which humour reigns supreme and the comedy ranges from black, to slapstick.

Given the sheer volume of angst on our screens at the moment – not to mention the impending doom and gloom of a few of the upcoming shows – I thought it might be a good idea to remind ourselves of that slightly fluffier (or perhaps just funnier) side of kdramas (because it’s not all cancer, blindness and faux-incest, I swear).

So, this week’s question is: in your opinion, what are the three funniest kdramas? (note: they don’t have to have been billed as comedies, necessarily, so long as you found them funny.)

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12 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: October 25th”

  1. Good question! Not sure if the picture fits the Thursdayquestion but here goes:

    1. Wild Romance-I mentally start giggling thinking about some of the really funny moments!
    2 History of a Salaryman-what can I say, thought it was super funny!
    3. Can Love Become Money-oh man, the dog! Enuf said!

    Honorable mention the funniest scene ever in a drama-Playful Kiss when the lead lady was working in the convenience store and did not want to be found out. THE HOODIE! Delivering the chicken! THE HOODIE! I looked everywhere for one!

  2. 1. The Greatest Love- Hands down. This got me crackin’ up like a mad woman. 😀

    2. Secret Garden- The entire body swapping debacle was just too hilariously executed. Well done by the leads. LOL.

    3. Unstoppable High Kick- Everyone seems to have perfect comedic timing here. This will always remain as a classic for me.

  3. 1. Secret Garden – omg I LOVE that show! It’s one of the funniest, and best executed dramas in k-land ever!
    2. Gentleman’s Dignity – a close second 🙂
    and my ultimate light favourite – A Playful Kiss. OH HA NI Rules! 🙂

  4. 1- The first 1/3 of Rooftop Prince. I gave up afterward, but those fish out of water episodes in the beginning were pure comedy gold!

    2- You’re beautiful: the pig chase!!! And those glow in the dark balls… And omg that fanfic scene, I’m giggling just by thinking about it xD

    3- Best Love tie with My Girl: As you can see I’m a Hong sisters fan. These 2 dramas were solid comedies with a good story. I’ve rewatched them at least once, and I still laughed the second time around

    Honorable mention: the first body swap arc in Secret Garden. I could rewatch that on repeat and I’d still pee my pants LOL

  5. 1. Wild Romance- I love baseball (I used to play during the summer months in league) and I love the leads in this one.

    2. A Gentleman’s Dignity- God I loved laughing and crying with this one.

    3. Smile, You- One of the first long-ish dramas I’ve seen but I laughed so much. It was so enjoyable =)

  6. 1. A Gentleman’s Dignity. I have seen 4 or 5 times and i still don’t get bored.

    2. You’re Beautiful!

    3. Goong. The princess is hilarious

  7. 1. A Gentleman’s Dignity – love the “boys”.

    2. Secret Garden – their swappings are too funny.

    3. You’re Beautiful – Go mi nam disguises as her brother

    runners up
    4. Playful Kiss
    5. Smile You

  8. Because I actually remembered to respond this time (and before the following Thursday, too!):

    1) Best Love – it makes me laugh like a lunatic. The chicken, the ‘I’m speeding by you!’, the… *dissolves into giggles*
    2) High Kick 3 – it was an incredibly heartwarming ‘sitcom’, it’s true, but there were episodes that had me in tears of laughter.
    3) Myung-wol the Spy – but this one has a qualification of: only the first 8 episodes, because those first 8 are incredibly funny. (after that… well, it’s best not to talk about it.)

    Honourable mentions:

    You’re Beautiful – the pig chase scene, the bidet, the character of Jeremy… awesome.
    Secret Garden – watching Hyun Bin adjust Ha Ji-won’s bra? Comedy gold.
    Who Are You – Yoon Kye-sang behaving like an ahjussi on crack. *stifles laughter*

    1. I’m totally late, but this kind I like!
      More then 3…
      Flower boy ramyun shop;
      A Gentleman’s dignity;
      Playful kiss;
      Hana Yori Dango;
      Nodame Cantabile;
      Protect the boss;

      …much more!

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