The Thursday Three: November 22nd

We’ve had the best, and now it’s time for the flip side of the coin: those bad (or perhaps simply awkward) kisses you kind of wish you’d never seen…

Today I’d like to know: which, in your opinion, are the three worst kdrama kisses?

Leave your comments below and, as ever, I’m contactable either on Twitter, or on email. Happy Thursday (and Thanksgiving, if you celebrate), all!

10 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: November 22nd”

  1. I’m going to be very mean: We have a competitor able to bring back home the 3 medals. I talk of 구혜선 or KHS, or GHS. Whatever you call her.
    Take Care Of Us, Captain
    The Musical
    Boys Before Flowers
    Her fans say it’s not her, than she did what her directors asked. What is the reason for that, her kisses are PAINFUL to watch: Stiff body (relax girl! he’s not going to rape you with 15 staff members watching you!), frog eyes, and no participation. And she wasn’t given the worst male specimens of SK. I don’t want to see her in romantic material anymore. Ever.

    1. I second that. Her leading men are to die for thats why it’s unthinkable why she reacts that way. I saw her taiwanesse drama, same reaction diff. location. Maybe she’s really shy, does she have a boyfriend?

      1. I honestly know nothing about her personal life but I have a theory: What I see in her eyes when she’s kissed is fear and disgust. Maybe she’s been assaulted by a man? In that case she needs help and I don’t know what her manager is thinking. But in that case why choosing romantic dramas? It’s like if I would choose to be a spiders breeder: Makes no sense.

  2. 1. all korean drama kishes out there where the leads just let theirs lips touch and the camera does all the action.. complete with lead’s (usually the heroine’s)eyes opened wide in shock and frozen on the spot..

    2. The “kiss” between JGS and PSY in YAB where she proceeded to vomit into his mouth.. ugh!

    3. The kiss between LBH and KTH in Iris.. the one dubbed candy kiss. I can’t for the life of me find that romantic.. I know kissing involves swapping salivas and what not but that scene just hit my “EWWWW” meter..

  3. LOLLLLL. I can’t remember specifically but what everyone just said above is hilarious. “Camera does all the action” LOLLLL. Got a good laugh. So true haha

    1. Agree! I tend to remember the most memorable ones and selectively shove the worst one out of my mind xD

      I think that the kisses in the recent years has gotten better, but those 2005-2006 dramas tend to have very bad kisses… you know those barely-touching-lips and frozen in one position with open eyes kind of kiss. Awkward! And I really hate accidental kiss. LIke seriously, what are the odds of tripping in the middle of the street and land on the hot chaebol’s lips?

  4. Ah, I’m late to the party again…

    My three are:

    1) Ji-eun/Young-jae – Full House. We waited 16 hours for the big kiss and then we got… that? Yeesh, the most disappointing kiss in a kdrama to date.

    2) Gyu-won/Shin – You’ve Fallen for Me. Who knew rocker dudes kissed like that? (Ji-hyuk certainly didn’t in SUFBB.) And Park Shin-hye… hm, her kisses seem to be of the close-mouthed, pull-your-lips-inward-so-they-don’t-touch-that-icky-boy’s sort. Hopefully she’ll do better in Flower Boy Neighbour next year. 🙂

    3) Joo-mi/Woo-jin – A Thousand Kisses. There weren’t a thousand. We got about three (and yet she somehow fell pregnant; it’s a mystery), all close-mouthed. I attribute this to the age difference between the actors, as Kim So-eun seemed rather uncomfortable around Ryu Jin in backstage clips.

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