The Thursday Three: November 1st

It’s Thursday again and time for another Thursday Three!

This week’s question is due to my current obsession (Ojakgyo Brothers) and, through the show, my realisation of just how different the kdrama landscape would be without those all-important supporters: our hero/heroine’s siblings.

So, I’d like to know: in your opinion, who are the three best kdrama siblings?

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10 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: November 1st”

  1. Dang this one is kind of hard because of the simple fact that in kdramas siblings whether biological or step tends to be a bad idea so there aren’t a lot of “healthy family/sibling relationships” in Kdramaland.

    The first one hands down goes to KING2 HEARTS: I mean the whole setup was a dream. For first I could like the older know it all brother, the younger partied sister and even the mom. What a feat, I think I can count on one hand the times I’ve liked two or more members of the same family.

    Ok so please don’t hate/hit me my fellow Twinklings; number two goes to A Thousand Kisses. Yea I know what!?!? In my defense I really liked the relationship within the families for most part. I liked the way the two sisters had each others back, the relationship between the brother and sister plus between the two male cousins.

    Now I know that there are probably many more better examples of sibling relationships but that’s the two that came to mind really quick.

    Can’t think of number three yet but…….

    Honorable Mentions go to these awesome shows
    – Faith: Choi Young and the Woodalchi kids
    -City Hunter: Lee Min Ho and the adjussi ( yes I do love everything that LMH is in, let’s just put in all the shows that he has ever been a part of ^.^)
    -Dr. Jin: Dr. Jin and future King
    – The female cast of The Woman who still wants to Marry
    -Shut Up FlowerBoy Band and FB Raymun Shop
    -What’s Up
    And finally
    -White Christmas

    All awesome shows that I recommend for viewing pleasures!!!


  2. 1- The royal siblings from The King 2 Hearts. I know I seem to mention that drama at every occasion I get, but I swear those siblings were the sweetest trio ever! The good-hearted and gentle oldest Hyung/Oppa Jae Kang, the prissy but smart Jae Ha and the fierce maknae Jae Shin, these 3 showed me that family relation can actually be normal, caring and sweet in k-dramas. I love that they always get each others back and are supportive of their siblings, while being reasonable and fair (i.e. they wouldn’t hesitate defend another person if they feel that their sibling was the one at fault).

    2- Tae Woong from Answer me 1997. He was the one who sacrificed everything for his brother: his dream, his woman…everything. I usually get frustrated at characters when they are being overly noble, but Tae Woong was different. Even when he was about to give up on his love so his brother can get her, he was pushing Yoon Jae to be a better man and to fight for what he wanted.

    3- Jun Pyo,s noona from Boys over Flowers: I actually don,t remember much from her character, but she was such a supportive figure to Jan Di and a sweet noona to Jun Pyo. She was the only one who actually told off her mother when the latter was just being an evil b*tch.

    Honorable mention to Kang San, Kang To’s hyung from Bridal Mask. His character broke my heart, even though I sometime feel that he cared more about the cause than for what his brother was going through.

    1. I seem to be some kind of obsessive k-drama fan xD It seems that all of my Thursday Three end up being some kind of mini essay xD I think that I’m taking my dramas way too seriously LOL

  3. Easy question this week! Did not have to rack the old noggin!
    1. Hands DOWN: Won Il’s little sis Won Yi in Panda and Hedgehog. I loved her to death.
    2.Kang-To’s brother Kang San in Bridal Mask. There is no question that he loved his brother dearly! To put up with all of that abuse while acting mentally challenged? That’s love!
    3.Now, this is a tie. I would go with Jae Ha’s sister Jae Shin or even older, dearly departed brother, Jae Kang. My second might seem like a weird choice but it would be Seung Jo’s litle brotherEun Jo; because he was so funny!

  4. Fresh on my mind, to answer this:

    1. Soo Ae’s little brother and cousin from A Thousand Days Promise and I know I’m biased since I’m a Lee Sang Woo fan lol
    2. The group of guys from Shut Up Flower Boy Band – they really look out for each other
    3. Rooftop Prince – Lee Gak’s entourage

  5. I don’t think there are enough K-dramas with non-annoying siblings. But I really liked the chemistry between the siblings – Jae-kang, Jae-ha, and Jae-shin – in King 2 Hearts. They are quite the adorable bunch when together, with their childish quibbles and caring moments. I still wished they hadn’t killed off Jae-kang so soon because I could just watch Jae-kang and Jae-ha go at it all day. Sigh…

  6. Hmmm siblings….

    1. Kang Maru from Nice Guy (you have no idea what he does for Choco….)

    2. Gotta agree with Won Yi from Panda and Hedgehog. Her dedication and loyalty towards her half brother was so amazing 🙂

    3. This wasn’t a kdrama, but a kmovie. It was called War of the Arrows and had Moon Chae Won in it. I liked the siblings in there, the entire movie was about this brother’s epic journey to track down an army of Mongolians (I think they were Mongolian…idk, it was a “bigger power” in Asia at the time I guess) to rescue his sister and her husband who have been kidnapped to be slaves on their wedding day (along with a bunch of other villagers). It was sooo tear jerking and amazing. I didn’t mind the lack of romance at all and adored the intense sibling love. So I think they deserve some recognition.


      Can You Hear My Heart’s Cha Dong Joo and and Jang Joon Ha (a.k.a. Bong Maru). These boys aren’t related by blood, or even half siblings yet they loved each other so…cutely. Lol Their “bed scenes” were TO-DIE-FOR. <<<< that sounds really wrong but I am not like that, just FYI lol if you have watched the drama, you'd understand xD

  7. I finished Assorted gems last week, so the 1st will be Assorted gems family…, well written characters.
    2nd, hmmm, remembered Rooster and noona connection in FBRS, heheehe, family with hearts.
    3rd, OHSHC, siblings who choose to be one.

  8. Hem… this is kind of hard for me… as i cant recall that many. I must have been getting older by minute. Hahahha, the one that i remember has been mention by others.. so i tried to find dramas that hasnt been discussed.

    I must say that i like the brother/sister relationship in Autumn Tales…. of course that was prior to the secret that they have been switched 🙂

    Shining Inheritance. The fact that she tried so hard to take of her little brother and her hardship following his disappearance…

    Moon Embrace the Sun…. the brother that wanders around just so that his brother wont be compromised..

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