The Thursday Three: November 15th

They’re the men and women we love to hate (or sometimes just plain hate) in a kdrama; the ones who come between the main couple, or seek to cause them pain (just for, you know, funsies).

I’m talking, of course, about the villains and, though we curse them and rage at the screen (and some of us may, uh, gleefully imagine their hopefully tortured demise), they are an integral part of the dramas we know and love. So, this week’s question is: who are the three best (or worst?) kdrama villains?

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3 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: November 15th”

  1. Interestingly, the 3 villains that I’m going to name were not characters that I despise. While I didn’t like them, they were character who were fascinating enough for me to care about what will happen to them. For me, a good villain is a character that I can understand while absolutely loathing what they are doing to our main characters. I couldn’t care less about 2 dimensional stereotypical meddling second leads or awful parents, but when a villain feel like more than just a tool to create obstacles for our main lead, I will care.

    1- Kimura Shunji from Gaksital: He’s the best villainous character I’ve come to see on screen for a long time. He did absolutely awful things and I do think that he deserves his ending. However, he didn’t start out this way, and it breaks my heart that it was the circumstances (birth, heritage, history, family, loyal ties, etc.) that made him go from the Korean loving teacher to the Japanese Imperial brutal policeman. We saw what kind of person he was in the beginning of the drama, and I think that the fact that he used to be so gentle makes his transformation more interesting, but also all the ore tragic. And what is worst is that he initially put on his uniform because he wanted to protect the girl he loves. Even after he’d start to go deeper towards the dark side, he still valued his friendship with Kangto, and I think that it was Kangto’s “betrayal” (and the fact that Mokdan loved his enemy…who turned out to be his best friend…) was the straw that broke the camel’s back. From that point on, there was no return ticket for Shunji, and watching his descent to hell was as heartbreaking than watching Kangto’s journey.

    2- Lee Jin Pyo from City Hunter: He was hell-bent on revenge and was ready to sacrifice everything in order to get there,including his son. He snatched away a newborn baby from a widowed mother just so he could create “the most cruel revenge”. He was ready to kill the girl his son loved so the latter wouldn’t be distracted. He even ran over a man who served him for 20 years and framed it on the prosecutor’s dad so Yoon Sung would go after him and kill him (thus making Yoon Sung the ruthless killer, something that the latter has always been afraid to become). But even after all that, I never hated him. I remember being so nervous when he was being beaten by one of the (other) villains minion and I was so glad that he was saved by Yoon Sung despite all the thing he did. Jin Pyo was a very tragic character. In the end, I think that the reason he wanted revenge so badly was because of his love for his friend who died in the beginning. He wanted justice for the men who were loyal to their country but were betrayed by the motherland. He wanted justice for his brother-in-arm who died trying to protect him. And in the end, despite all the thing he did, he totally redeemed himself by giving Yoon Sung the one thing we thought he’d never get: an opportunity to live a normal life. Jin Pyo has never expressed it and his actions might have said the oppsoite, but in the end, he did love Yoon Sung *bawls*

    3- Prince Suyang from The Princess’ Man: a bloodthirsty and power-hungry man who killed and framed many people so he could become king. I didn’t connect with him as much as I did with the 2 previous one, but I remember that despite all the things that he did, he was a very doting father to his daughter. It didn’t stop him from doing what he did, but I did see a glimpse of conscience and/or guilt whenever his daughter was questioning his action. I like that all the things he did were not aimed at keeping the lovers apart: he had more important things to do, like usurping the throne for example. However, those actions were what pushed the heroine to question her life, her values, her code of honor, and it was what eventually brought her closer to the male lead (even though they were mortal enemies, family-wise)

    Whew, I always feel like Thursdays are the days when I get to practice my written English skills hehe

  2. Easy! Easy! First in a long time:

    1. Jo Pil Yeon in Giant-fantastic actor to make me love him in Can You Hear My Heart and absolutely loathe him in Giant as Minwoo’s father. The abuse he did to his son and murdering without flinching an eye was unbelievable.
    2. Seo Yeon in Glass Mask- okay, I’m still watching this but what she has done to her sister so far in 24 episodes is unimaginable! Talk about pure evilness! It’s unbelievable! Worse female villain EVER! I’d recommend this drama if it was not so dang gone LONG!
    3. Young Rang-mother of In Ha and Ji Hoo in Five Fingers–this woman has stopped at nothing to mental abuse her son Ji Ho. She has ran the gamut of abuse, except for physical but the mental abuse has broken poor Ji Ho down. Revenge in his case, ell deserved!

    Honorable mention to Se Na in Rooftop Prince. I have to see this actress in another light! The mere picture of her invokes horrible thoughts of me personally pulling her fingernails and toenails out. Too harsh? Sorry, she helped me lose interest in RTP! Here constant abuse wore me down!

  3. 1. Evilness you can’t hate and integral to the plot – a ‘best’ villain is Lee Jin Pyo from City Hunter! I second everything that Mawiie says about him above.

    2. Evilness you can hate – serial killing contractor Lee Min Kyung (Jung Ae Ri) in Stars Falling from the Sky – from a sad background, she’s so desperate for position and wealth she’ll obsessively remove everyone who gets in her way – murders adults, gets orphans thrown into the street – and rejects compassion when its offered to her. But she also plays a necessary part in the plot and as a foil to the heroine, showing the way that a woman from an impoverished background doesn’t need to end up a scheming psychopath to survive.

    3. Most screamingly annoying ‘bad’ person – so many but the one that springs to the top of my mind is Woo Binnie’s ridiculous irritating mother in A Thousand Kisses. Insane AND banal – no redeeming features and not a villain you can enjoy making mischief.


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