The Thursday Three: March 20th


Today’s question was suggested by the always fantastic Mtoh:

Which are the three worst/most laughably unbelievable crying scenes in kdramaland?

Leave your answers in the comments section below and if you’ve a question/suggestion, I’m available on Twitter and on email. Happy Spring Equinox, everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere 😉 ).

3 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: March 20th”

  1. Hmmm…can I say actors instead of scenes?

    Wait! I was going to say Jo In Sung, Kim Ha Neul, and Moon Geun Young, but then I realized that they actually cry fairly well.


    Back to the think tank. Be back when I can remember 3 “bad” crying scenes.

  2. I still remember one scene in BOF where Kim Hyun Joong had to cry and I laughed so hard. I’m pretty sure they added the rain to try to hide the fact that there wad no tears!

    Taecyeon in Dream High. I swear that his face was so stiff he was having cramps!

    Hmmm I’m bot sure about 3rd… Considering that crying is basically 1/4 of a k-actor/actress’s job, it’s a good thing they are mostly good cryers?

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