The Thursday Three: July 5th

It’s Thursday once again and you know what that means!

… yes, that tomorrow is Friday, but also that it’s now time for our Thursday Three.

Given the discussions on this site over recent weeks about a certain show’s finale, I thought that a suitable question for this week would be: What are your three least favourite kdrama finales?

Leave your answers in the comment section below, and if you have a kdrama you’d like to see as the featured picture (or have a specific kdrama pic in mind), email me on catchthatkdrama at gmail dot com. 🙂

*Picture in no way related to question.

39 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: July 5th”

  1. There were some WTF endings that I have experienced over the years.

    1) Lovers in Paris- omgosh, don’t even get me started on the ending…

    2) What Happened in Bali- trajic trajic ending….:(

    3) I Need Romance- hated the ending, very bad message for women out there

    1. Ah, I’m watching I Need Romance right now – thankfully, I know how it ends (I read the back page of a book first, too), or I’d be completely gutted, but… I can’t believe her choice. After everything that’s happened, why would she…? Ugh. 🙁

      1. That’s the reason I am not watching the second installment. Hated the first, can’t imagine the second is any better INR2

        1. Did you hate the whole thing, or just the ending?

          I’m really enjoying the friendship between the three women, but as for the romance between In-young and Sung-soo… yeah, not so much. I mean, I get that there’s history, but when you consider all he’s done to her and the way he still treats her… it makes no sense to me.

          I’d probably watch INR2 because I like all three of the leads, but I’m afraid it’ll end being much of the same. Still, I might give it a go if I can find subs for it, because you never know; it could subvert my (loooow) expectations and be awesome. *g*

          1. I just did not like it. After several dramas I came to the realization, I like certain types and should avoid others. INR started out okay but spiraled down the abyss of “Why am I watching this?”

          2. I’m going to have to say this and get rocks thrown at me =(

            I liked the ending. Nothing I say to defend it will really make sense to those that disliked it. You are very much entitled to that opinion and I respect that but I don’t see what you see.

            *ducks for cover*

      2. Sorry, just got to pick up on the ‘I read the last page of a book first’ comment – I do too! Well, to be honest, I read about a third of the novel, then I get impatient, and read the end. Then the middle section gets its turn 🙂

        1. Hee, I do both – sometimes I try really, really hard to be good, but after I’ve read a bit I realise that I’d really rather be bad (in this particular scenario, that is) and flip to the end.

          Glad to know there’s someone else out there who does the same thing! 🙂

  2. Top of my list:
    1. Bad Guy- okay I know they were running out of time but that ending totally blowed
    2. Fashion King- the drama was already messed up with the merry go round relationship and the absolutely ridiculous ending ruined it
    3. This was a hard choice, to choose between a drama I hated and one that I actually liked (except for the ending…Sorry I Love You wins out. Never expected a happy ending but what transpired is too weird to mention!

  3. Oh man… I tend to forget the dramas I disliked so now I have to think, lol.

    1. Stars Falling From the Sky (after EVERYTHING that happened I got a slow and uneventful ending like that? ugh!)

    2. Man of Equator (now let me explain! I was left with a very important question that I had to read another blog to make sure of the answer. So the show was awesome but if I’m left with a huge question like that, it goes in bad ending for me.)

    3. This spot is for those people who decide to stop a drama one or two episodes short of it’s stated number (ie Me Too, Flower. Kpop Extreme Survival, etc). You ruined a show I personally enjoyed by ONE or TWO episodes?! WHY?! Just finish it! UGH! NIEMA SMASH!

    *breathes*.. I’m good.. I’m okay.

    1. Man I so agree with KPop! I found it more interesting than Dream High but the ending was truly a crash and burn ending. Man of Equator? Shocked! But I guess because I was never vested in the romance but the relationship of the two male leads.

    2. NO! My list has changed!

      1. A Thousand Kisses

      2. A Thousand Kisses

      2.5 This spot is for those people who decide to stop a drama one or two episodes short of it’s stated number (ie Me Too, Flower. Kpop Extreme Survival, etc). You ruined a show I personally enjoyed by ONE or TWO episodes?! WHY?! Just finish it! UGH! NIEMA SMASH!

      3.-200. A Thousand Kisses *snarls*

      1. But wasn’t the problem with ATK the middle, when Woo-bin inexplicably caved to pressure and the relational issues went haywire? I guess that would definitely have influenced the ending though 🙂

        1. Yeah the story changed and became barely watchable. I thank Snoopy because her recaps were the only reason I watched because I could not believe what happened and how they ruined a perfectly decent story.

        2. Honestly, I would understand a bit of the middle due to what happened with the censors beating down the writer and directors necks. I could forgive that. What I cannot forgive is how long that …. *looks for a nice word to say*… how long that WOMAN was in the story. They wanted me to feel pity or something for her and I did not. Also, I would have been okay with the middle if the ending wasn’t what it was. Again, sorry! This is a sore spot in my drama life.

          1. Oh no, totally agree. I so liked Ji Hyun but until Queen In Hyun’s Man, his choice of dramas have been sub par! And that woman, did not deserve even 1 episode of happiness! It grated on my nerves!

          2. Oh I have to agree with you there. THAT WOMAN was just annoying from the get-go. As was his mother.

            At least it ended with his lovely smile . . .

      2. ATK????? tbh, i gave up half the way…Its a pity because i kind of like the ealier episode.. untill… you know what i mean….

    3. 1) Is this another name for Wish upon a Star? It’s interesting that you should mention this one as just yesterday I defended the ending to someone else who didn’t like it – well, no, not ‘defended’, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just explained why I thought her constant refusals made sense to me, given who she had been when the show began and how much she’d changed. (if you’re talking about the kidnappings… yeah, I got nothing. *g*)

      2) Equator Man! I liked this one so much (Uhm Tae-woong!), but agree that the ending just didn’t do it for me. (what happened to how bad*ss it was in previous episodes? and why did Jang-il suddenly do an about-face? that made no sense to me as it wasn’t supported in the narrative at all.)

      3) Kpop Extreme Survival was an actual show? I thought it was variety… (and why did they not finish it?)

      1. 1. I think it’s the same show. I did like the drama, truly. I just had issues with it building up to something then we get this kind of lackluster ending.

        2. … this show and I aren’t on best of terms because of the ending. I am so upset that I was left with questions on a 20 episode drama.

        3. I thought it was too, lol! A friend made an mv on it and I went to watch. It’s honestly a mix of Coffee Prince and You’re Beautiful. It’s silly but was fun to watch.. till the end. I get why it’s like that and I can forgive them but not Channel A.

        4. A Thousand Kisses will forever be a thorn in my side. It started so GOOD. Why?! Why did “you” do this to my show?!

  4. Hmmm. Ok, coming from a very low base here as I haven’t watched that many dramas (does reading recaps count?). And I don’t hate/ dislike the following finales; they simply left me a with a niggling uneasiness. Not ‘What! Why? Writer should be shot!’ but more ‘Huh?’.

    1) Queen Seon-deok – could not buy the sudden ‘Deok-man can’t do without Bi-dam’ story. I know from reading other websites that this ending was majorly changed due to Kim Nam-gil love, and while I think he was great in the show, the revised ending just didn’t work. For me.

    2) King 2 Hearts – I thought the pace slowed down too much in the last 1 1/2 episodes. So, while the ending was appropriate and in line with character development, it kinda went out with a whimper rather than a bang. Maybe it was just poor editing?

    3) Queen In-hyun’s Man – should I take cover? Don’t get me wrong, I love this drama and have been recommending it to everyone I know! But the last 15 minutes . . . Well, it took me a week to come to terms with it, and I’m ok with it now – yes, it makes sense, I see how it was developed, I understand the connection – but I don’t think I’ll ever lose that initial reaction (i actually said ‘huh? What? What?’ out loud to my 3 year old, who couldn’t see why mummy was getting so worked up over a show) and that’s why it is here. I like the ending, but it’s how the show got to that stage that’s the thorn in my side here. But it’s ok! Love this show!

    Side point – drama finales which I didn’t mind, which a lot of people seem to have hated – Thousand Day Promise, 49 Days.

    Ok, ducking for cover now!

    1. Um, going to add a new one . . . just read all the recaps for Coffee Prince (because it ranked so highly on the last Thursday Three) and caught a few episodes; I’m enjoying it! I haven’t watched this scene yet, but near the last episode, Eun-chan sleeps with Han-kyul, not because she herself really wants too (she equates living together with marriage, right?), but because she can see he would really like to and she’ll be flying off to Italy soon (did I get that right?). Er, don’t like that at all even if it does complete their happiness as the OTP before the time skip and happy ever after 2 years later.

  5. When I first started watching dramas I started on the long ep ones. Her’s some I remember.

    You Are My Destiny – Ending not to bad
    A Good Day for the Wind to Blow – Ending sucked
    Daring Woman – Turned into second leads story. Leads faded into the background. Ending all about the second lead.
    I Love You Don’t Cry – Worst ending I’ve ever seen.

    49 Day – Ending sucked. Left me wanting more.
    A Thousand Kisses. This drama made a turn for the worst and never recovered. Ending was very disappointing.

    1. I totally forgot about ATK! How did that not make my list!?? Ji Hyun redeemed himself in Queen In-Hyun’s Man!

  6. Snow Queen – Tragedy. End of story.

    Rooftop Prince – Honestly love the romcom aspect of this show to death but…do I really have to explain why I was disappointed?

    I haven’t really been too disappointed with kdrama endings, since I do my research. These two caught me
    off guard. lol

    But there was a movie with Hyun Bin, A Millionaire’s First Love. TRAGEDY.

  7. This is a tough one since I am usually very picky about the dramas I watch. For instance, I suspected Fashion King would be an awful one and just stayed away.
    Hmmm…In no particular order:
    1. A Thousand Kisses (but the ending wasn’t the worst thing about that drama)
    2. Paris Lover (the ending ruined what would have been an otherwise great drama)
    3. High Kick Season 2

    1. High Kick Season 2! I’m so glad I didn’t watch that one, because if I had, the ending would’ve gutted me. Just… how in the world can you think ending a fairly light family drama that way is a good idea? *shakes head*

  8. After reading all the comment, i suddenly realised that the drama mentioned here were not watched by me… at least some of it 🙂

    I agree with Niema: “This spot is for those people who decide to stop a drama one or two episodes short of it’s stated number (ie Kpop Extreme Survival, etc). You ruined a show I personally enjoyed by ONE or TWO episodes?! WHY?!”
    … I was enjoying the drama and…. really pissed off at the ending. On the whole the show was quite cute… but… WTH 🙁

    49 Days. I was really… urghhhh….. i personally hated sad ending. I watched drama to relieve me from day-to-day stress… and what did i get? more stressed.. so basically sad ending a no-no for me..that would include a few drama on the list…. Autumn Tale, Stairway to Heaven

    Ripley. To be honest i wouldnt watch the drama with this kind of story line. Its only because of 16 hours of Yoochun that i watched, but still cant make me like the drama 🙁 . I know we are talking about the ending right, but…. urgggghh…

    1. 49 Days was sad but not the worse I’ve seen. Totally agree about KPop, I actually liked it but the ending? That was definitely a WTH moment.

  9. There are a lot of annoying Kdrama endings out there, but the one that really drove me crazy was Summer Scent. The show’s heroine let her soulmate believe she was dead for *years,* and then when they run into each other at random we’re expected to assume they start over, rather than him freaking out and hating her forever? Please.

    1. Boy, you ladies are just having me revisit nightmare dramas left and right 😀 That whole season series of dramas were the worse (Spring Waltz is at least somewhat decent!) *shudders* I realized by ep 6 of Love Rain why I did not like it!

      1. I only saw Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz, and the condensed version of Autumn Fairytale, but I thought that Spring Waltz was the weakest. LOL

        1. Summer Scent was the worse. I tolerated Spring Waltz. It was the least depressing of the three I saw. Have not made any attempt to watch Winter Sonata

  10. 1) 49 Days. It broke my heart and it’s the one finale I don’t think I’ll ever get over. The ending was the complete antithesis of the message the drama had been promoting (IMO). And I ‘shipped Ji-hyun/Kang so hard that the ending… ugh, I can’t even talk about it. (or, okay, I could totally talk about it, but it would be a very lengthy and probably ranty talk. *g*)
    It’s the only drama for which I created an entirely new finale in my mind – and an AU, in which Kang came back to Korea before Min-ho.

    2) A Thousand Kisses. Though, to be fair, it wasn’t so much the finale as the entire second half of the drama. For me, it starting going downhill after Woo-jin and Joo-mi’s marriage and then, even after it hit rock bottom, continued to fall. (prior to ATK, I hadn’t even thought that was possible. but it is. ohhh, it is.)

    3) Sungkyunkwan Scandal. For me, this one hurts a lot precisely because I love the drama so much; I really, really, really wanted to love the finale, but I just couldn’t. What they did (or rather, failed to do) for both Yoon-hee and, to a lesser extent, Yong-ha, is so disappointing. The ending doesn’t diminish my love of the drama, but it does keep me from placing it in my top 5.

  11. 1 Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011).
    The story was low: I couldn’t believe it, the comedy was good but not connected with reality. The music it didn’t fit with the story. Which mother would leave her child and her loved husband and leave with the rich man. Ok let’s say it is but she give birth to another child and she abandon this child also when she get sick and return to her first husband. It doesn’t make sense to me. This is the background story, but still. I have seen all 16 episode, because I give it a opportunity. Bad choice.

    2. Prince’s First Love
    I loved the places and the landscapes where it was shoot. Acting was low. Cast was young beautiful and unexperienced. The story end in a way that it doesn’t fits with the title: Prince’s first love means that he will grow up because of this love story, but in the end he learns nothing.

    3. Stars Falling From the Sky. The thing that I liked about this drama was comedy and i liked the kids. This drama I watched until the end just for way that kid’s scenes.

    1. I know, I can’t help but comment when I see dramas that I too could not like as much as I tried. FBRS and Prince’s First Love. I tried! I tried! I tried! I gave up! Stars Falling, it was all about the kids and they were the reason why I liked it. Removed the kids, I would never have finished the drama!

  12. My three least favorite kdrama finales:

    High Kick Through the Roof: Forever will be number one where I ask WHY? I will never get closure of Ji Hoon (Daniel Choi) and Hwang Jung Eum.

    A Thousand Kisses: pretty much enough said

    49 Days: I spent 19 episodes thinking she will live and then she dies… Heck I was even hopeful to the half hour thinking there will be a miracle.

  13. For me there are just some dramas that even if you payed me, I still wouldn’t watch ( wish someone had warned me about Stairway to Heaven, ahhh I cried and wanted to hit someone at the same time).
    I personally watch dramas to escape from the harsh realities of life not be to reminded of them ex: 49days, Stairway to Heaven, and all those other melodramas that try to suck out all your tears.

    1. Oh course Stairway to Heaven is my number one disliked drama because after going through all that craziness, the writers decided to give the fated couple another shocker and made sure that they never got their happy ending.

    2. Fashion King/ KPop Survivor Challenge/ anything that sounds crazy from the description: for most part my crazy radar is on point because some of the crazy shows I tend to know in advance that’s it’s a no go with the exception of Operation Proposal, still upset about that mess so even after i switched to recaps, it still was crazy and so made me want to hurt someone SMH

    3. AThousand Kisses: oh the show that started my love for my Twinkling community and my hate for shows that have episodes past the number twenty. I mean this show should have been good. Why, you ask; let’s see; a crazy storyline,lovely/ attractive and talented actors, good story development and a hot leading man with the cutiest smile Ever but instead we got crazy inlaws, ex stalkery girlfriends,characters with no backbones, random side stories. Let me tell y’all something if I had had a hand in the storyline, this show would’ve been winning some awards for it’s awesome storyline and amazing visuals but no that was not the way the cookie crumbled.

    For those who are newbies to the Kdrama scene: Recaps are your Friends. It can truly help you separate the crazy but believable from insane from ‘ I give up’ story lines.

    I am so happy to have found kdramas and even with some of the craziness/hot mess/madness of shows, I wouldnt trade it for what the US has to offer. Kdrama Addict for life and never going back!!!

    1. Here! Here! Someone warned me about Stairway so I’ve never watched but then I was warned about Sorry I Love but, I had to watch So Ji Sib! ATK will always be my WTH drama!

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