The Thursday Three: July 19th

I had a discussion recently with someone on why we form an emotional attachment to certain dramas and why there are some we like, sure, but just don’t love.

For me, in order to connect to a drama, I need to have a connection to the heroine; she’s (usually) the one whose journey I’m watching, the one I root for and cry for and laugh with – she’s my best friend and my sister and me and I want for her to be happy.

So, because of that discussion and in honour of our own Snoopy’s Twinkie, whose birthday is coming up this weekend, the question for this Thursday Three is: who are your top 3 kdrama heroines?

(note: the women themselves, not as part of a pairing.)

Post your comments below and if you’ve a question or image you’d like to suggest, please feel free email me or contact me on Twitter. 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: July 19th”

  1. This is not an easy one! Sometimes you like the character more than the drama:

    1. Se Ryeong in The Princess’s Man- lets just say this was a rare occurrence for a female lead in a saguek to have a strong role as a female; not a wilting flower or damsel in distress

    2. Loved Hang Ah in King 2Hearts – a kickass character to keep her man in check! Loved it!

    3. Gil Ra Im- I just like most of Ha Ji Won’s characters (exception Bali)

    There are slew if others but these are definitely the top three!

  2. I actually had a tough time with this one. I normally do not think of just one person and had to think on it today. Honestly, thank you. I realize more now how much of a story and the individuals I enjoy watching.

    1. Dan SaRan (New Tales of Gisaeng). She has class, a sense of humor, the ability to admit when she’s wrong and a shrewdness that was needed to deal with her man.

    2. Goo AeJung (The Greatest Love). The amount of determination this woman has amazed me. The unfairness of life that bore down on her and she fought back and didn’t give up.

    3. Seo JungEun (Thorn Birds). I felt a connection to her with how her “friend” treat her. On a personal level, I NEEDED her to pull herself out and become stronger.

    Extra: Park MinSook (A Gentleman’s Dignity). I added an extra only because at the end of this show, she could topple one of my top 3. It’s not done yet so I’m not sure where they will go with this character but I love her shrewdness and how she deals with everything. She’s straight forward and you don’t see that much in dramas.

    1. Hi Niema,

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the questions. 🙂

      Min-sook! She’s definitely climbing my list of kick-ass heroines with every ep of AGD that airs.

      And Ae-jung! I love her so much! She’s so strong and I really love that although she does so much for others, she isn’t a saint: she resents them sometimes, just as anyone would and she wishes that people could see her for who she really is. But she’s still incredibly loyal and determined to not let life (or the netizens out there who’re judging her every move) get her down. <3

  3. You’ve caught me out here. I am truly stuck for this one, because 1) I have watched too few kdramas (is that even possible???) 2) in the dramas I’ve watched, the character/story of the heroine is not as well developed or written as the hero’s 3) I am usually watching the men, anyway (shamelessly shallow!)

    With those caveats in mind, I liked:
    1) Dong Yi (Han Hyo Joo) – in ‘Dong Yi’
    2) Eun-sung (Han Hyo Joo, again) – in ‘Brilliant Legacy’ / ‘Shining Inheritance’
    3) Go Eun-chan (Yoon Eun Hye) – in ‘Coffee Prince’ (although I liked the character, the way YEH portrayed her at times got on my nerves)

    I am so looking forward to what everyone else suggests so I can go check the dramas out!

    1. The only one I know is Eun-chan and she’s definitely on my list, too. 🙂

      I really admired YEH’s gung-ho approach to the character and the way she seemingly discarded all vanity to be real, which few actresses do nowadays. But… I might be biased as YEH is one of my favourite actresses. Hee.

      YMMV, after all. 🙂

  4. 1. Se Ryeong from The Princess Man – NewKdramaAddict has her also, but the Princess Man and its tragic characters have always been on the top of my list. I was really emotionally attached to her, probably because she was just like any other girl in the beginning with her playfulness and experiencing her first love. But then things turned serious, and I was just pulled into her anxiety and sorrow. When she cried, I cried, when she was determined to stay strong and not cry….yeah I balled my eyes out for her hahaha she really matured and changed as the episodes went by and went from “girl” to “woman”. This is a change I hope to experience soon ^^ (though not in her way…I’d prefer to stay out Joseon politics and assasinations, thank ya very much)

    2. Lee Yeon Jae from Scent of a Woman – Cancer. Yeah, I’d be hyperventilating on the floor if my doctor ever told me that. However, this character captured me with her various emotions and how she dealt with them. She expressed her fear with tears and her anger at her dead father, which was a heart wrenching scene to watch. She was just a normal human being and that grave scene showed it, she wasn’t perfect, saying “Oh, I guess this is fate. Better enjoy life while I can. I’m suppose to die. It’ll be okay.” she was angry, scared, and lost, like anyone would be, so something like “Why did you do this to me?! Why?! I don’t want to die!” Her fear of death was so real that I could sympathize with her immediately (no one LIKES dying right?) Furthermore, her “Eff the world! Im gonna do what I want!” attitude was inspiring and made me love her all the more. I wanted to support her and root for her the entire way ^^

    3. Gil Ra Im from Secret Garden – She’s everything I want to be. Strong, dependable, rational, and righteous. She’s a really good person and I saw her as a role model. Also, I liked how she wasn’t head-over-heels immediately and made him beg xD she made Hyun Bin work for her love! Hyun Bin! It was entertaining and she stood her ground. I just fell in love with her I’ll-Do-Things-My-Way attitude and didn’t follow his pace, but her own. She knew her priorities, very level-headed. She had confidence in herself and I really admired that. I also liked how I could relate to how she gradually changed and softened up due to love 🙂 I think every girl has been changed by a special boy in some way or another. But what’s different about her and those other girls, is that she didn’t change dramatically and lose herself. She just softened her personality and became more feminine, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I loved how she refused to be The Little Mermaid and to disappear like bubbles, no matter how much you like a guy: don’t discard pride so easily. So all in all, I really love Gil Ra Im’s strong personality and her feminine charms. She believes in herself and is beautiful inside and out 🙂

    I always say how much I despise tragedies and avoid watching them but those two heroines sound like they belonggo a tragedy lol

    1. *belong in a tragedy
      It’s 5 am and I’m tired so I can’t type properly. Sorry.

      Anyways, I really don’t watch tragedy. Those heroines are not part of tragedies, I promise.

    2. Great choice of Lee Yeon Jae! Loved Scent of a Woman! And understood how she felt and the emotions! I guess I did not think of her because when you have been in the same situation, it seems secondary. But great choice!

    3. Wow, Wol, love your detailed reasoning! I’ve not watched The Princess’ Man or Scent of a Woman, though both are on my list of dramas to watch – I might have to bump them up a few places now, after reading this. 🙂

  5. Aw…thanks for the honor. 🙂 Hmm…my top three female characters?
    So many to choose from, but I’ve narrowed the list to ONLY three…in no particular order:
    1. Na Yeo Kyoung (Capital Scandal)
    2. Kim Yoon Hee (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
    3. Kim Sam Soon (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon)

    1. Ahh, Yoon-hee and Sam-soon are definitely two of my top heroines, too! They’re both strong and intelligent and have a sort of integral honesty and integrity that I really admire (I know, I’m saying that Yoon-hee – a character who lied to everyone in SKK – is honest, but I really feel she is; she’s honest to herself, to who she is and what she believes in, and that’s a deeper kind of honesty, imo.).

  6. You know, every week I think Oh, this’ll be an easy one to answer and every week… I’m wrong. *g*

    Okay, my top 3 heroines are:

    1) Song Chun-hyang (Delightful Girl Chun-hyang)
    2) Go Hye-mi (Dream High)
    3) Mi-ho (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

    All three of the ladies I’ve chosen are strong, bold, brave young women who grow and change throughout the course of their respective dramas. They’re all loyal to those they love, compassionate, tough and determined.

    Chun-hyang starts DGCH as an incredibly smart, independent young woman and by the end of the drama, she’s still as smart, still as independent – but she’s learned to compromise.

    In Dream High, Hye-mi is, quite frankly, a bitch, but her experiences change her and she evolves into the sort of person who’d do just about anything for her friends.

    Mi-ho, in MGIAG, is an old soul but delightfully naive in the ways of the world who learns that although there might always be obstacles, loving and trusting in someone can be enough to overcome almost anything – even the laws of the universe itself.

    I love that not only do these awesome women themselves mature within their series’, they also cause those around them to mature, too – into stronger people who’re willing to fight for what they want and for those they care about.

    *insert sparkly hearts here*

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