The Thursday Three: July 12th

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week but if not, well, at least tomorrow is Friday (and you have the Thursday Three – and your fellow kdrama fans – to help you through).

I chose today’s question because although olfaction is supposed to be the strongest and swiftest tie to our memories, for me, it’s audition or – more specifically – music; and nothing recalls a stronger memory of how I felt about a certain kdrama than a song from that drama.

So I’d like to know: What are your top three songs from a kdrama (or kdramas)?

Leave your answers in the comments section below and, if you have a question you’d like to suggest for a future Thursday Three, email me. 🙂

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  1. Three of my favourite songs, in no particular order:
    1. Kkot Boda Namja from Boys over Flowers
    2. Scar (상처만) from Secret Garden
    3. Jaywalking from Shut Up Flower BOy Band 😀

    i have a thousand others, but these three definitely some of my top faves! 🙂
    – Simika

  2. 1. Back in Time from The Moon That Embraces the Sun
    2. Fox Rain from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    3. Vola from The Princess Man

    I also like a thousand of other songs but these had amazing lyrics and I was obsessed with them for awhile….

    Just because I can I’m adding a fourth xD lol
    4. Pit-A-Pat from The Greatest Love (this song is addicting! A Korean exchange student friend of mine said her friend even had it as her door bell! LOL)

  3. Hmmm…I am incredibly bad with songs and song titles as some of you have noticed whenever you ask me for song titles. 🙁 However, I do have a few that I remember, so here’s a list of three that I remember…and if I remember them, they must be memorable, right? 😉

    1. I Didn’t Know that I Would Love You (translation of the Korean title) – V.O.S. from Creating Destiny OST
    2. Promise – A.N. Jell from You’re Beautiful OST
    3. Theme song from Spring Day OST…so hauntingly beautiful

    There are more, but I’ll leave it at just these three…even though I want to add the Goong OST songs. 🙂 (heh heh…snuck in a mention, though)

  4. What a lovely question! I’m always enthralled by kdrama OSTs. The music (instrumentals as well as songs) always enhance the experience. Whatever I’m currently watching is my favourite, but I’ll give it a shot:

    (no order of preference)

    1. Balbam balbam – Great Queen Seon-deok. The orchestration was great. Whoever sang it had a VOICE. And the lyrics were depressing, but that was the point!
    2. Tears are Falling – 49 Days. Still tear slightly whenever I listen to this.
    3. Monodrama – Old Miss Diaries. I found this on YouTube in a recent Ji Hyun-woo craze and I thought the song was so appropriate for the relationship between the OTP.

  5. Oh boy, this is tricky. In the fast, i have never bother about OST. To me its just dressing window. 🙂 Hey, dont blame me. K-Pop is not my cup of tea, but k-drama is. Until SKKS, when i fall in love with OST. LOL. Bias, am I? So here is my list…

    1)Too Love – SKKS

    2)For You It’s Goodbye, For Me Its Waiting

    3)Hurt – Rooftop Prince. (Is she real? Gosh… her voice is really amazing)

    There’s another song that i like from Secret Garden: You Are My Spring (Secret Garden OST Part 4)

  6. I love music (I was a band nerd in High School, don’t judge! =P) If the music fails me, then I really cannot enjoy a show.

    My three:

    1. Same Skies, Different Times by Joo Hee from 8eight OST is Queen In-Hyun’s Man

    2. 연정가 by Kim Shin-Ah OST is New Tales of Gisaeng

    3. 네가 있으면 좋겠다 by Taru OST is Me Too, Flower

    I’m kind of a ballad girl but I also love instrumental. I am loving the OST from Sun Embracing the Moon.

  7. LOL. I end up “you tubing” all the songs. Just wanna hear others choices.Some, of course i have heard before as i watched the drama, but some i never heard of.

    Can you share the link of BOF’s song that you like? Hehehee, when i try to search the Kkot Boda Namja from Boys over Flowers, it only gives me ep of BOF, no song at all. I could misunderstand you 🙂
    I think i am going to end up watching Old Miss Diary, Creating Destiny, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Me Too Flower, Spring Day.. emm.. quite a list

    1. Hi wanzhaf! I’m at work and have no YouTube access at the moment, but there’s a song called Kkotboda Namja (꽃보다 남자) by Kim Yeon-woo – that might be the one to which SimSimani is referring. 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot Jules. As I said every time i time the word, i can only see the drama, not the song. I must rewatch BOF as i cant recall i ever heard the song before.There’s this funny story about BOF. At that time, i was watching BOF at KBS2. The last two final episode, i couldnt watch as i had to be away with my husband. I forced my son to watch it for me so that he could tell me what happened. As i expected, i couldnt understand him. Hahahha, to ask a teenage boy who has no interest in k-drama to watch is no joke. Lastly i asked my niece to find the dvd for me… and she told me that i could watch it at you tube!! That was my first time watching k-drama at you tube. Heheheh

        Among all the BOF OST. one song struck me till now, but dont be a surprised, its an instrumental… So Sad. I love it very much and became my ringtone.. until my husband complained that i so slow… that i never hear it ringging. 🙂

    2. Hi wanzhaf, you *must* watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band! It’s the only Kdrama I’ve watched where I enjoyed every single episode, and the music was an integral part of the story. I actually bought the OST as soon as it was out.

      About Old Miss Diary – there aren’t any subbed episodes on YouTube (just extracts), although there are some without subs, and I have not seen it available online. if you do find a source, please let me know! I looked for it mainly because it was Ji Hyun-woo’s breakout role, but quickly came to realise his co-star, Ye Ji-won, is great! And it’s a sweet story.

      1. Thanks shl. Will try to watch it as soon as possible. I can see Kimchi Drama has the drama listed.

        @Jules, Lee Min Ho is a singer? I thought he is a model. Hahah, it shows how clueless i am. But i think my k-pop stop here… only with drama …

  8. Its so difficult to choose but here is my TOP 3:

    1. Because I Miss You by Yonghwa from Heartstrings OST
    2. What Should I Do by Jisun from BOF OST
    3. I’m Going to Meet You Right Now by Deok Hwan from Queen In-Hyun’s Man OST

    A special mention for the Coffee Price,Shut Up Flower Boy Band and You’re Beatiful OST…I love all songs!!!

  9. Excellent question, Jules! Here’s my top three:
    1. The main theme song from Bad Guy. I have no idea who sings it. It was the first of many songs that I have downloaded and added to my KDrama playlist. If anyone knows. Let me know!
    2. Dream from A Love to Kill- love, love this song!
    3. Toss up! Just pick any song from I am Legend drama! Rock on!

    1. Not sure if this is the one from Bad Guy your talking about but this one is one of my favorites.
      Thorn Flower by Jung Yeop

  10. I have lots but I don’t remember them all. However they do change time, but currently:

    1. Lie to Me: Anything by JUST
    2. Lie to Me: This is Really Goodbye by M to M
    3. Secret Garden: That Woman by Baek Ji Young

    You can notice I really like ballads or mid tempo songs. =)

  11. Ugh, why in the world did I think that this was a good question? It’s too hard! Too hard!

    Okay, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I’ve ruthlessly cut my list down to three:

    1) Sunset by Every Single Day (from the My Princess OST) – this is my current obsession (the song, not the drama); I listen to it constantly and it’s still not enough.

    2) Haeng Bok Ha Gil Ba Rae (I Hope You’ll Be Happy) by Lim Hyung-joo (from Delightful Girl Chun-hyang) – guh. This song has the power to move me, to get me choked up and, yes, make me cry every. single. time. I love it so much. *wipes tear*

    3) It’s Not Goodbye by Kim Ji-won and Jo Jung-suk (from What’s Up) – it’s such an emotive song and the juxtaposition of her voice (sweet and pure) with his (soaring and powerful) turns what would already have been a lovely song into something almost hauntingly beautiful.

    And because I can’t just leave it at that… honourable mentions to the fantastic City Hunter soundtrack (Sad Run is still my ringtone and Suddenly by Kim Bo-kyung was another song I listened to on repeat for… longer than I care to admit. *g*) and of course, the brilliant Coffee Prince OST (I’d have to link to every single song, so… I won’t, but check out Adult Child; they’re amazing.) and finally: Fox Rain by Lee Sun-hee (and that gorgeous instrumental version – the one playing in the final scene of the first episode? you know the one. – which does not seem to be available anywhere. *shakes fist*).

    Right, then. I think I’ve cheated enough for one day, so I’m going to leave it at that. *g*

    1. I have heard so much about the coffee prince ost! Is that the original one, or the version with dialogue? I’m watching CP now and liking it; the temptation is always to rush out and buy the ost of any drama i enjoy!

  12. Hello,

    I have different taste in music so it took me so time to decide if I would answer to this question or not.

    1. SHINee – Fly High – Prosecutor Princess (great drama)
    If would like to see scenes from drama listen to this video: (my favorite part at 0:42)

    2. Jang Geun Suk – Hello, Hello – Mary Staid Out All Night

    3. Loving Icecream – Kang Ji Hwan – Lie to me

    Beside this songs I love all music from: You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings.

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