The Thursday Three: January 10th


So, I know it’s not exactly still Thursday (OR IS IT?), but here, have a question, anyway:

Of all the proposals in all the (kdrama)land, which 3 would you consider to be the best?

Apologies for the lateness (this time yesterday, I was several thousand feet in the air – er, and on a plane, I should add), and many thanks to the lovely NewKDramaAddict for suggesting this week’s question.

If you have a suggestion you’d like to make, you can contact me on Twitter, or email. Hope you’re all having a fantastic Thu- uh… week. 😉

8 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: January 10th”

  1. 1. Gentleman’s Dignity – OTP & secondary OTP proposal
    2. BOF – silly, but cute
    3. Haeundae Lovers – simple yet sincere
    4. King2Hearts – when OTP decides to marry at the border

  2. The first two came easy for me as they are the most memorable:

    1. King2Hearts-I don’t think anyone will ever forget that under the cherry blossoms!

    2. The Princess’s Man-PSH just knows how to tug those heart strings with scenes like this.

    3. Family Honor-Again, PSH!! He just makes you want to jump into the scene!!

    (One that is not a Korean drama that sticks with me is Mars-two hurt people, promising to make a home and have all of the things together they never had before *tears*)

  3. Agree with NewKDramaAddict on the first two! It’s funny now that I’m thinking about it, proposal scenes are actually kinda rare in k-drama land! In the usual drama, the couple don’t really get together until the last 10 min so seeing them getting married is really a bonus for us 😛

    1- Definitely the Princess’s Man for my first spot. I still remember that proposal scene really vividly: no fanfare or big declarations, only a simple token and a marriage of true mind. Simple yet so beautiful.

    2- The proposal under the cherry blossoms in King 2 Hearts. Jae Ha’s declaration was utterly cheesy, but it was the culmination of what they’ve been through to get to that moment that really gets you. Technically, they were supposed to get engaged anyway, but that proposal was his apology to her and his promise of a lifetime of love and devotion from his former playboy self. And that proposal was followed by a out of a fairy tale engagement ceremony and a really symbolic wedding at the DMZ, it’s just…wow. Ok I’m getting wordy so I’ll stop LOL

    3- Hmmm I’m having a hard time to think about a 3rd one… Maybe the proposal at the end in Goong. Once again, they were already married, but this time he was asking her as a man to a woman, and not as a Prince who needs a political marriage. And the way that she actually answered him? Super cute! (She didn’t accept at first, but the next day she was wearing the rings as a necklace and asked him to help her untie her scarf so he could “discover” the answer :P)

  4. 1. Haeundae Lovers- Funny and matches the couple completely.

    2. Smile, Donghae- She was so close to her perfection but it became much better! Loved it.

    3. Family’s Honor- All three “main” couples. Each had their own way and it was awesome for them. =)

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