The Thursday Three: December 27th


As 2012 nears its end, it’s time to reflect once again on the many (many, many) dramas we’ve viewed this year. To reflect, and to ask ourselves which dramas we enjoyed, which ones we hated, and which ones we promptly forgot the moment they were no longer on screen.

I thought it would be fitting for the final Thursday Three question of 2012 to be: which three of the kdramas that have aired (or are currently airing) in 2012 were/are your favourites?

Leave your comments below and, if you’d like to contact me, as usual you can find me on Twitter here, or email here. Happy last Thursday (Three) of 2012, folks! 😀

13 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: December 27th”

  1. My list consists of the The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

    Gakistal-what a fantastic ride, I could have probably did without the romance though as it was not a strong one
    Queen Inhyun’s Man-where all else failed in the romance department, this drama did it in spades! And a damn good story too.
    Glass Mask-leading as my first daily, this revenge drama has to be the first drama that I wait everyday to watch whethere it’s subbed or not! 1/2 done and I never want it to end!

    Big-what a disappointment! Was so looking forward to Gong Yoo’s return and this, well, this was minutes from the ugly list!
    Dr. Jin-I think the only reason this is not on the ugly list was because it was so damn funny! Thanks viki commenters for making my drama experience hysterical!
    I Do I Do-I just did not like it! Once I watched I Love Lee Tae Ri, my disappointment was tenfold!

    Fashion King-I admit to watching this drivel! enuf said.
    Ohlala Couple

    1. Sorry, did not finish.
      Ohlala Couple-what possess the writers after making us hate the ex husband with a thousand passions and making the old love one of sweetest men in e world, why did they think we would be okay with the ex again?
      ATK-even though I hated this drama totally (the last 25 ep), if it was not for it, I would have neve found this website! So there is a silver lining for this one!

  2. Sweet and short!
    1. The King 2 hearts;
    2. Rich man poor woman;
    3. Queen Inhyun’s man, Reply 1997, King of dramas.
    Long post:
    I’ll go your path…
    A Thousand Kisses:My, my… I stayed for 25 eps, and nothing really happened…poor writing.
    Color of Woman: It really could’ve been better, never managed to finish..,friend always was better and sweeter option. Dropped it in the half.
    Dream High (Season 2): Go in hiding.., I know I watched it (didn’t have nothing else to do), don’t have clue how it ended, know s’one was hit by a car…ahhhh, passing like headache.
    Full House Take 2: You know hairdo was too much for me…wanna save NMW pic from MGIAG forever.
    Haeundae Lovers, Immortal Classic (even I like main actor in DHesitate), I Do, I Do.., didn’t bother to watch.
    Take Care of Us, Captain.., you know why I forgot about this drama, didn’t exist for me.
    The Strongest K-POP Survival: I put blanket over my head…I pretend like I never saw this.
    The Wedding Scheme: Watched, nothing special really, if you don’t have nothing better to watch…
    To the Beautiful You: Ahhh, idols…I always say s’thing about their acting, but always ended up watching…, nothing to see. But s’times, rare I get gold.
    Wild romance: Stalker ahjumma…don’t know why, when or because all that was…ohhh, writers. Robot couple was the highlight of drama.

    Faith: LMHyou really didn’t need it. King and Queen were reason for me to watch drama…Dr Han…uhuhuhu. Let’s say I had more Faith in Great Doctor, if you follow.
    Fashon King: Never opened…wuhuhuhu.
    Five fingers:In Ha my dear, still wishing DM ended up with him…end, e’one had blackout and I rave.
    Time Slip Dr. Jin: SSH oppa…made me lough so many times.., before I dropped it around ep 5. Omo, that drama is for the book, BE SCARED THE ONE YOU ARE ENTERING.
    Arang and the Magistrate: This was fine drama, LJK and SMA, do you wanna anything better. I wasn’t so much in all that mystic but they played it very well, action scenes and camera filming was good.
    Ghost: Just this EOM KIM JOON…Aaaa, I got scared of my lappy few times…
    I Love Lee Tae Ri: So much better executed then Big, end really had sense.
    Panda and Hedgehog: Idol…and it’s gold. So cute drama, really Panda is little to be compared to this…gson&gdad, my,my…those hugs leaves you melted.., and cakes with thought I’m gonna rob that store, eat all cookies and wait for police happy.
    Twelve Men in a Year: So and so.
    Vampire Prosecutor season 2: Took my heart with trailers but when it came, I wished for seson 1 back. It was really good, but not awesome as season 1. Oppa with guyliner is always a good sight.
    A Gentleman’s Dignity: If I skipped it, I would regret it later. Sooo good, never seen intros in every ep. This drama is far of being perfect but it was perfectly real. Bromance…
    Can Love Become Money?: You have money and it’s all you have.., nope, you have a dog…this was example of money war-family taking over. Loved it, oppa never became all that softy and I loved it.
    Fermentation Family: Still have OST on the phone…fantastic drama…s’thing different.
    Hungry! Adored it. Guys who don’t have clue after music ending, rent old storehouse and start making fantastic meals…Helping to others with cooking was too cute.
    Queen Inhyun’s Man: Loved,loved, loved! E’thing you didn’t see in romcom you had it here.
    Rich Man, Poor Woman:2nd drama of this year for me. Enough to say Shun oppa…Loved every piece of this drama, so wit, well acted, innovative, good directed…Fusion of Jdoramas and Kdramas.
    History of a Salaryman: When all weird on poster and trailer becomes awesome in drama.
    Shut Up Flower Boy Band:E’thing you see and more. To well combined drama, one of my favorites.
    Special Affairs Team TEN: Cross fingers for season 2.
    What’s Up? This you got when you have right crew and super good cast of actors. E’thing was good, story, acting, singing, music, ending…and glimpse of hope she’ll make him happy, he’ll let her be with him.
    Big: Was…really Bad!
    Ouran High School Host Club: It is silly and funny, and childish…but I need to see the movie!
    Switch Girl! Late subs, but I have bookmark it, will watch these days.
    The King 2 hearts: 1st drama of the year. Loved e’thing and more. Gi excellent, raw emotions, right timing, funny, wit, cute, hadsome…HJW, woman is a Queen of drama land…Story, plot, directing, costumes, editing, music…all 10+.
    The Thousandth Man: My first Friday drama, was OK.
    Adding…Rooftop prince…Never watched last ep…was good to watch, funny, sunny but nothing tooo good.
    And Equator man: Uhm TW.., e’thing he does is a gold for me. Super, awesome drama.
    Nice guy: Loved more execution then plot of drama. SJKi oppa perfection, pretty much like Gi.
    I hope that’s all!
    (copied from my comment on Myst’s blog)

  3. Top 3 : A Gentleman’s Dignity, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Queen In-Hyun’s Man

    Honourable Mention: King 2 Heart, Faith, Nice Guy

    Last 3: Fashion King, Fashion King, Fashion King. AAARGH!!! I still can’t get over the fact that I watched it till the end.

  4. 1- Gaksital: epic story of a masked crusader. I’m a sucker for those kind of stories and I loved that it was set in a period of history that has not been explored often. It was such an epic ride, albeit a bit too long for my taste.

    2- Answer me 1997: Such a sweet and heart-warming drama about family and friendship. It made me nostalgic for the 90’s. I was not a teen back then, but I was old enough to remember VHS tapes, had a Tamagotchi (and maybe 4 different variations of it, Digivice anyone?) and I still have a box of unused Floppy disk in my room xD

    3- I saved the best for the last, but the drama that truly own my heart this year was none other than The King 2 Hearts. It was by no mean perfect, but it worked for me. I’ve never been as crazy and passionate for a drama. I laughed and I cried, I rewatched it (again and again) and did so many crazy things for it. 7 months after the end of its run, it is still the drama that I hold dear to my heart 🙂

    An honorable mention goes to Queen In Hyun’s Man. It was such a good drama and I’ve hesitated to bump either Gaksital or AM1997 for it to go in my top 3. I pretty much loved everything about it, but the ending did leave a bitter after taste in my mouth. I’ve made peace with it now and I’ll have fond memories of that time-traveling drama done right and that sweeping romance that warms my heart.

    All in all, 2012 has been a pretty awesome year for me. I’ve watched more dramas and developed my own taste for them. I don’t gulp down trendies just for the sake of popularity anymore and It seems that I’ve found my identity as a watcher haha. To this, I bid farewell to 2012. Bring it own 2013 dramas, Mawiie is ready to face you!

  5. Good:

    1. Nice Guy: It may have had its fair share of flaws, but it’s definitely one of those dramas that got me hooked til the end. The actor’s brilliant acting deserves the credit.

    2. Queen In Hyun’s Man: With the impeccably strong chemistry between the leads, who would dare miss this? One of the most romantic dramas EVER.

    3. Answer Me, 1997: This one is EPIC. It’s indisputably one of the best coming-of-age dramas I’ve ever seen.


    1. Fashion King: What the heck was that? All I can see is 20 hours’ worth of time going down the drain. If only I could turn back time…

    2. Big: I don’t know what went wrong and I swear to God, I tried really hard to like this one, I really did, but no amount of willpower can ever outweigh my aversion and disappointment.

    3. ATK: I hated everything about this drama. Don’t wanna go any further.

  6. My three favourites, without hesitation (actually, kinda hesitate) are:

    1- Reply 1997 : unique, outsider, fresh drama. It is different from all the plot we are used to even if it’s still a romance story. Every character is unique, funny and we get attached to them. Nothing was wrong in this drama. I was looking forward each episode. I didn’t even skip one minute. Love the Busan accent.

    2- Unexpected You: Family dramas never disappointed me. Most of people don’t like it because too long (58 episodes for this one) but honestly, it worths it. Funny, touching and so on…

    3- Faith: Because of Lee Min Ho! Joking. Because of the chemistry between the 2 main actors. Because of the royal family and the interesting story behind it. And also, because of the costumes! Love it!

    Well, thing is, i didn’t finish yet Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll! And i didn’t finish King 2 Hearts cause i think these dramas are kinda heavy to watch.

    There are lot of good dramas like Gentleman’s Dignity, Innocent Man…

      1. Really? You should watch it! very fresh and not a heavy drama at all. a little long. It’s more interesting watching family dramas while it is on air =)

  7. Good:
    1. King 2 Hearts
    2. Arang and the Magistrate
    3. High Kick 3 (it makes the list since it ended in 2012 Ha!)

    1. A Thousand Kisses (it makes the list since it ended in 2012, too! LOL
    2. ?
    3. ?

    Why the question marks? I honestly don’t watch enough dramas to have bad ones…I can’t afford the time to watch bad ones. LOL

    But seriously, I was looking over my blog posts, and I’ve seen such a SMALL number of series this year. 🙁

  8. My favorites are…
    1. Reply 1997 – this drama is well thought out, from the start they already knew how they want to end it, every mystery has an answer. I think the main actors gave the BEST KISS for 2012 kdrama, passionate but not over the top. I really can relate to this drama.
    2. King 2 Hearts – did this drama win any awards? I loved how this drama played with my emotions. It made me laugh, cry, hate and love all throughout the series. I feel that this drama is underrated.
    3. Queen In Hyun’s Man – the story is solid and cute. The main actors has chemistry and looks good together.

    runner ups
    I need romance 2012; A Gentleman’s Dignity; Arang & the magistrate; thousandth man, A gentlemans dignity.

    Did not watch Gaksital and Nice Guys since its to heavy for my taste.

    My major disappointments are
    1. Dr. Jin – fetus tumor??? please!!!
    2. Big – talk about dead end.

    Looking forward for a more fulfilling year this 2013. I’m all set for another dose of my kdrama.

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