The Thursday Three: December 20th

Dinner and a movie may be the standard for many a date, but in a kdrama, the script tends to take things in a slightly different direction.

Kdrama dates can be extravagant, quirky, or extremely simple, but one thing they rarely are is: boring. From Namsan Tower, to the sauna, or perhaps to a private restaurant for two, our couples eat, flirt, pout and banter – and, hopefully, become just that little bit closer. So, today’s question is:  in your opinion, which are the three most romantic kdrama dates?

Leave your comments below and, if you’d like to get hold of me, I’m on Twitter and on email. Hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday! (Because it is Thursday. I checked. Twice.)

3 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: December 20th”

  1. OK, some just popped;
    Every date in TK2H was special.., AGD had some awesome dates, LTM as well.
    The coolest dates were when other side didn’t think of it as a date.., funny moments!

  2. Hehehe A Thurdsay Tree on Thursday!

    1- The “last” date in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. On the 100th day Dae Woong and Mi Ho went on a last date because she was set to dissapear forever on that day. It was such a sweet yet sad date, because everything they wanted to see was not avaible until tomorrow, and they were both aware that there was no more tomorrow for them. I was bawling like a baby D:

    2- Every date ever in Queen In Hyun’s man. They once went to the countryside (I think?) and it was just a super duper cute montage of dating scene (biking together, walking hand in hand, etc.)

    3- And me being Mawiie, you can’t expect me to leave out the amusement park date from King 2 Hearts, didn’t you? LOL I’d like to have a king shut down a whole amusement park for me just so we walk around hands in hands like normal couples xD And I’ll add an imaginary date scene here: I’m pretty sure that somewhere off screen in the universe, the royal couple likes to go back to North Korea just so they can have more privacy to date LOL

  3. Have to go by recently watched dramas as my list of dramas watched is TOO LONG:

    1. Amusement Park date of Hang Ah and Jae Ha (Honorable Mention to Jae Shin and Si Kyung in the park)-C’mon, don’t we all wish we had someone who could rent out an entire Park! Restaurants are so yesterday

    2. Restaurant date of of Boong Do and Hee Jin ala the Disney movie that escapes my mind (I should know this)! (Honorable Mention for the Bicycle Ride-it was so fun to watch and extremely romantic.)

    3. Sand castle building on the beach of Chen Ling and Qi Luo-it was just adorable!

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