The Thursday Three: December 13th

Yay, it’s Thursday at last! Aren’t you all happy it’s finally Thursday? Thursday, woohoo! *is firmly in denial*

We’ve had a turn with the boys (make of that what you will ;)), now it’s time for the ladies to take their respective bows, so: who are the three kdrama actresses you’d watch in just about any project, regardless of its content?

Leave your comments below and if you’d like to contact me, I’m on Twitter and on email (all new information to you guys, I’m sure).

Happy Fri- er, Thursday, all! 😀

7 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: December 13th”

  1. 1. Kim Sun Ah
    2. Lee Soo Kyung
    (I’m going to cheat)
    3. Han Hyo Joo & Moon Chae Won

    These are the women that I didn’t even realize I follow unconditionally. I haven’t seen EVERY drama they’re in but if I see a drama that I’m thinking “Maybe I’ll watch it… OH! She’s in it.. *click*”, I’ll give it a shot. I love watching the different people they become and how they portray them.

  2. I actually haven’t seen that many Korean dramas with this in mind except for Kim Sun-ah, after seeing Kim Sam-soon I watched City Hall just for her even though I’m not a huge political storyline fan. She made it worth it though. The other women I’ve listed I wouldn’t mind looking up more stuff by them because I remebered being impressed by them (last time I saw Park Eun-hye was 2006 and I still remember her being really good.) Oh except Yoon Eun-hye, I saw her first in Coffee Prince and then in Goong and I’m impressed with her range so I wouldn’t mind watching more of her work too.

  3. Hmm, tough one. Here are the ones that I know I have watched everything regardless!

    1. Ha Ji Won. Hated Bali!! I finally said enough was enough!
    2. Hwang Jung Eum. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some (Giant, Little Mom Scandal) and also appalled (Full House 2).
    3. This is a tie. Kim Jung Eun (I’ll have to rewatch I am Legend or Lovers to remove the bad taste of Ohlala Couple) and Moon Geun Young (I’ve love her movies more than the dramas)

  4. I agree with Niema. I would never suffer through a bad drama for any actor or actress. However, if certain actresses are staring in it, I will definitely check it out to see how it goes. In other words, I might be more attracted or interested in some projects because a particular actress is staring in it. Let’s see who they are:

    1- Ha Ji Won: now that I think about it, I’ve probably see more projects of hers than any other actors or actresses. I didn’t love all of the movies or dramas, nor had I seen them all, but there’s something about her that really draws me to her projects.

    2- Moon Chae Won seems to choose really good project lately. I’m not an avid fan, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on her

    3- Son Ye Jin

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